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   Chapter 10 Being Jealous

Lady Killer: Devil's Only Lover By Li Xiamo Characters: 3080

Updated: 2020-05-30 00:03

With the sound of the broadcast on the playground, the freshmen of MJN University began their training again. They stood in military posture, ran on the playground, and did sit-ups.

"Zack, are you tired? I bought you a drink." As soon as the military training was over, a girl with disheveled hair stood in front of Zack and said coquettishly with a drink in her hands.

"I'm not thirsty," as expected, Zack said coldly.

When Zack was about to leave, the girl darted to him and took out the prepared love letter. "I like you, Zack. Can you be my boyfriend?"

"Zack, I'm hungry. Let's go to have dinner," Sheryl held Zack's arm and pulled him walking towards the canteen, regardless of his unwillingness.

Left the girl stood there in a daze, looking very embarrassed.

Sheryl was jealous. She knew that there would be other girls falling for Zack when he came to this University, so Sheryl followed him wherever he went, except for the boys' bathroom and the boys' dormitory. But she didn't expect that it would happen so soon. It seemed that she had to be more vigilant.

"Zack, I just helped you get rid of that girl. How are you going to thank me?" Sheryl blinked her charming big eyes, hoping that Zack could say thanks or give her a big hug.

"Did I ask you to help me? Mind your own business." Zack got rid of Sheryl's hand and walked to the canteen.

Sheryl had known Zack since she was a child, and she had only seen him smile for three times. Back in the kindergarten, Sheryl ran to him and saw him burst into

laughter. She was happy. Later Sheryl knew that it was because she put on the wrong shoes. It was the only time that he laughed because of her.

Sheryl pouted her lips. Zack had shaken off her hands many times and he was always indifferent to her, so she was used to it now. When he shook off her hands and treated her indifferently, she would still catch up with him with a smile like a fool, she felt happy to be with him.

In the Max Restaurant.

Every time Selina came to this crystal like restaurant, she felt that the food here was too expensive. But today, for the first time, Selina had ordered three dishes, including meat and three bowls of rice.

"Selina, are you ordering for someone else too?" Seeing that Selina was holding three bowls of rice, Monica said in surprise.

"Oh, no. they are all for myself," said Selina.

Because of too much exercise during the training, the foods Selina had eaten in the morning, including the two eggs, a big cake, a bowl of soy milk and three steamed stuffed buns, were all digested a long time ago. So as soon as the training was over, Selina rushed to the canteen with Monica. She used to eat two big bowls when she didn't exercise, but today she ate three big bowls.

"Ah! All for yourself?" Monica was shocked to see a girl who ate so much.

"Yeah, I'm waiting for you at the table by the window," Selina couldn't wait to enjoy the delicious food in front of her. During the military training, her poor stomach had screamed many times.

"Sure," answered Monica.

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