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   Chapter 9 Military Training 2

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"Channing? Isn't that Channing? He's coming over. He's actually walking towards us. Wow, Steve and Dean are also here. The three of them are so handsome. When they walking together, their aura was not inferior to that of the idol group in South Korea." The girl next to Selina was completely immersed herself in staring at the four school hunks.

"Why are they stop in front of Selina? Does Selina know them?"

"Oh my God! I just met Channing twice. I don't know him!" Hearing the scream of the girls, Selina was speechless.

Instead of looking at Channing who was standing in front of her, Selina was staring at Dean, who was standing behind Channing. It turned out that Dean and Channing knew each other. Since they were friends why there was so much difference between them. One of them was an angel, and the other was just a devil. Selina confused.

Dean nodded and smiled at Selina, which completely eliminated Selina's exhaustion.

Dean was so handsome when he smiled. Any woman would be attracted by his smile, and of course, Selina was no exception.

"Hey, meddlesome girl, we meet again," Steve said.

"What? Meddlesome girl?" All of a sudden, Selina was flung back to reality. She never wanted to meddle in other people's business. Besides, she didn't want to see them again, except for Dean.

"How's my school uniform?" looking at the sweating girl in front of him, Channing frowned and asked straightforwardly.

"Don't worry. I've already washed it. I'll give it back to you when it's dry," said Selina angrily. She felt that washing dresses was very harmful to her hands. Although she was not a pampered rich girl, it was really not worth washing clothes for such jerk.

"Channing, Selina is the girl who helps you wash your clothe

s?" Dean walked up and put his hand on the shoulder of Channing.

"So your name is Selina? I heard that you won the first place in the one hundred and fiftieth entrance exam." A sly smile appeared at the corners of Channing's lips.

"Yes. So what?" Selina had been a little dizzy, but when she saw this guy, she somehow became energetic. Perhaps she felt that it was not a good thing to meet this guy, so she unconsciously became nervous.

"Then I'll wait for you to bring me the clothes, Selina," with his hands in his pockets, Channing bent over and whispered in Selina's ear before he left.

Selina felt a chill coming from behind.

"Bye, girl." Steve put his hands behind his head and whistled when he left.

"It's a hard training. Take care of yourself," Dean touched Selina's head and said with a smile. The sunshine passed through his thin hair and projected shadows on his face.

His voice warmed up the originally gloomy mood of Selina. "I will," said Selina happily.

In the evening, after washing off her tiredness, Selina lay on the bed, thinking that after returning the clothes to Channing tomorrow, there would be no connection between them ever again.

"Selina, I heard that Channing came to you again today. Did he cause you any trouble?" As Monica was applying the facial mask, she asked.

"It was nothing. He just came to ask about his school uniform. I'll return it to him tomorrow, and then Channing will accept your apology." Selina was very happy as if she was going to finish a big work.

"Oh, really? Thank you, Selina." Monica turned around and looked dejected.

"You've thanked me twice, Monica. Don't mention it again. We're friends and roommates," Selina jumped up from the bed and said happily.


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