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   Chapter 8 Military Training

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"Don't be mean, Zack," Sheryl said.

"It's none of your business," Zack said with his hands in his pockets. He didn't even look at Sheryl when he said that.

Sheryl became silent and lowered her head sadly.

"Hey, how could you talk to Sheryl like that? You've got to be nice to her and take care of her, okay?" Selina was so angry that she walked up to Zack.

"As long as she mind her own business, I can consider that," said Zack in a disdainful tone.

"Selina, stop it. I'm fine." Sheryl was afraid that Zack would be angry, so she tried to stop Selina who was about to hit Zack.

"Sheryl, don't be afraid. If Zack dares to bully you, just tell me. I will help you teach him a lesson." Selina said indignantly.

"Hey, which class are you in?" A serious male voice came from behind Selina.

A pair of big hands patted Selina's shoulder. When Selina turned around, she saw a man in neat uniform with a serious expression on his face. Needless to think, it was the military training instructor.

"I'm in Class 2," Selina replied respectfully.

"Please go back to the team of Class 2." The instructor pointed to the team beside.


"Wow, look, isn't that Lewis from the student union? He is so handsome and mature... " When Selina returned to the team of Class 2, she heard a commotion around her.

A handsome boy in school uniform walked towards the flag raising platform.

His brown hair danced in the wind, but it did not affect his handsome face at all. The weather in September was not cool, but he gave people a very refreshing feeling. The boy looked fa

miliar to Selina.

"Hello, everyone. Welcome to MJN University. Today is your second day here and it is also the first day of your military training. I hope you can do your best during the training," Lewis said slowly.

"Okay!" The audience burst into cheers and applause.

The military training began.

"Attention! Dress to the right... "

"Turn left and turn back..."

The sonorous and powerful voice of the instructors came out from MJN University.

"Okay, let's have a rest for ten minutes."

"Oh, yeah. Finally."

"Selina, are you okay? You don't look good," Seeing the pale sweating face of Selina, Monica walked up to her and asked.

"I'm fine, Monica. I just got up late this morning and didn't have breakfast. I'm a little hungry now," said Selina softly.

"You don't look good. Can you keep training?" Monica was worried about Selina.

"Yeah. I'll be fine after a rest," Selina smiled with difficulty.

"Everyone, stand up! Let's go on training! " The instructor shouted.

Selina felt really uncomfortable. Every move the instructor said was very difficult for her to finish, but she told herself to keep on. It was only the first day of the military training. She couldn't fall down. Although Selina was thin and short, she had a higher self-esteem than anyone else.

Time passed so slowly. Selina gritted her teeth every minute and every second.

"Okay, today's military training is over. Let's continue tomorrow. Don't be late." As soon as the instructor finished speaking, Selina felt relieved. She was glad that she could finish the training.

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