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   Chapter 7 Met An Angel

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When Selina was walking, she didn't hear any noise around. It was not until then that she realized that she had walked for a long time and had reached the end of the river. Selina looked around and suddenly saw a white pavilion behind a thick Platanus. Out of curiosity, she walked over and saw a boy sitting on the right side of the pavilion. He had golden hair and was staring at the distance. It seemed that he was thinking about something. His perfect side face made Selina involuntarily approach him.

"Ah!" All of a sudden, Selina leaned forward. It turned out that she was so fascinated by the boy that she tripped over a stone on the ground. She covered her eyes in fear, hoping that she wouldn't look too ugly. When Selina thought she had fallen down to the ground, she didn't feel any pain on her body. She only felt that she was held by a soft embrace, and it smelled like mint.

"Are you okay?" A gentle voice came to her ears.

Dean Cui looked at the girl with red cheeks and twinkling eyes. The girl was staring at him. Her eyes were pure like a child's, which made him feel very comfortable. For a moment, Dean Cui was distracted.

He was just like an angel, appearing more mysterious in the moonlight. His long eyelashes made his eyes gentler, and even in the dark night, Selina could see that his skin was whiter than girls'. For a moment, Selina felt that she was dreaming.

"Are you okay?" Dean Cui asked again when he saw that Selina didn't answer.

"Oh, I, I'm fine." It was not until then that Selina realized that she had been staring at him impolitely for a long time.

Dean Cui helped Selina up.

"Thank you for what you did just now. If it weren't for you, I would have fallen to the ground," said Sel

ina shyly.

"You're welcome. What's your name? Why are you here alone?" Dean Cui asked with a smile.

"I'm Selina. I'm a freshman. I was bored, so I just walked around casually. And then I came here. Did I disturb you?" Selina replied with embarrassment.

"No," Dean Cui said with a smile.

The air was filled with embarrassment.

"It's so late. I have to go back." Selina took a glance at her watch. It was already ten o'clock.

"Yes, it's late. Can I give you a lift back?" Dean Cui didn't know why he said so. Maybe the girl in front of him really attracted him.


With a handsome boy by her side, Selina felt that time passed quickly. It was more than an hour's journey, but now she felt that it was only a ten minutes' drive.

"Here I am. Thank you for driving me back."

"My pleasure. I have to go now."

"Wait, what's your name?" asked Selina anxiously.

"Dean." Smiled, Dean Cui turned around and left.

He was one of the four school hunks, Dean Cui.

The next day.

Early in the morning, there was a broadcast sounded in the air. "Attention please! All freshmen please come to the playground immediately for military training..."

Maybe it was because Selina had never left home before, she was not used to staying at school. Rubbing her sleepy eyes and yawning, Selina stood in the team of Class 2. She didn't even notice that Sheryl was greeting her in the next team until Monica told her.

"Selina, didn't you sleep well?" Sheryl asked with concern.

"No, I'm not used to sleeping in the bed at school," said Selina in a daze.

"It is not because of the bed. It is because you are just a pig. You can't get enough sleep even at home," said Zack coldly, casting a glance at Selina.

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