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   Chapter 6 Get Into Trouble

Lady Killer: Devil's Only Lover By Li Xiamo Characters: 3431

Updated: 2020-05-26 00:23

"You! You are a boy!

Why didn't you help pick her up when she fell to the ground? Monica already said that she's sorry. Aren't you a little bit rude?" said Selina, pointing at Channing angrily.

"It's none of your business," said Steve, taking off the hand of Selina that pointing at Channing.

"Selina, stop it. Let's go. There are so many people watching us." Sheryl was a little scared when she saw this scene, so she pulled Selina and wanted to take her away.

But Selina didn't listen to her at all and broke away from her hand.

"Isn't she sorry enough to help you wash your clothes? You look very handsome. Why are you so unreasonable?" Selina continued to defend Monica.

"Really?" As Channing spoke, he approached Selina step by step, which made Selina step back under great pressure until there was no way back. When he approached Selina, it seemed that he was flirting with her, because his face was only three centimeters away from Selina's. With such a close look, Selina could see that the boy in front of her was really good-looking. His skin was more delicate than girls'. There was a faint lemon fragrance on his body, although mixed with this smell of lettuce leaves.

"You look familiar. By the way, are you the girl who stared at me at the school gate this morning?" Channing asked flatteringly.

"What… No. I'm not." Selina was speechless.

"Since you are so righteous, you can wash my dirty clothes, right?" said Channing with a snicker.

"Me?" Selina pointed at herself and asked.

"Yes," Channing answered decisively.

"I… I will wash your clothes, but you have to accept the apology from Monica. Is that okay?" Perhaps it was because they were too close that Selin

a stammered.

"Sure." As Channing spoke, he stepped backward to keep distance from Selina. He took off his school uniform and threw it to Selina. "My request is to wash it very clean." Then he walked away.

"Thank you, girl." Steve said to Selina with a smile.

"Channing is so handsome. I also want to help him wash his clothes."

"He looks so manly when he took off his clothes, and his voice is so pleasant to hear."

"Selina is so lucky that she can wash Channing's clothes..." The anthomaniac girls began to shout again.

What brainless girls! He was just a boy who was unreasonable and impolite. These girls were really crazy. Selina shook her head.

"Thank you, Selina," walking to Selina, Monica said.

"It's okay. We are friends." Grinning, Selina revealed her white teeth.

"Selina, you were too impulsive. I was really scared to death just now. I didn't know what to do when Zack wasn't here to help." Sheryl almost burst into tears.

"I'm fine. I just need to wash some clothes," Selina shook Channing's school uniform and said with a bitter smile.

The night wind was blowing tenderly, and the stars were shining.

At first, Selina wanted to go for a walk with Sheryl in the campus, but Sheryl said that she hadn't seen Zack for the whole afternoon and was almost lovesick, so she went to see Zack. Sheryl knew that Selina would understand and would not blame her. Selina had got used to it, so she took a walk by the river alone, thinking of what had happened today.

At nine o'clock in the evening, the campus was still very lively. Many couples were trysting secretly, but Selina was not surprised. She had never been in love, but she had been around and seen it all.

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