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   Chapter 128 Mountain Resort

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"Elliot, your taste is quite unique. Chinese food and foreign wine." Theo sat at the table and looked at the dishes on it.

"My grandfather used to like this kind of food. Like him, I don't like foreign food, but I can drink red wine." Elliot picked up the corkscrew and pulled it out with a bang.

"All right. Where is Sherri? " Theo asked.

"Sherri went to the kitchen to help Kate with the bowls and chopsticks. She'll be back soon." Elliot stood up and poured the blood like red wine into the goblets, putting them respectively in front of the tables of each seat.

"Theo, now you are my sister's boyfriend. Can you tell me what you are going to do now?" Elliot poured a glass of wine and handed it to Theo.

Theo took the glass and put it on the table. He took a deep breath and said, "I'm going to be with Alina with my heart, because I love her very much."

After putting the wine bottle on the table and sitting opposite to Theo, Elliot said, "well, that's enough. Don't let me down. I don't want to see Nana be wronged. You are my brother, and I believe you will do it, right?" Elliot looked into Theo's eyes as if he was giving an order.

"Don't worry. You are my brother. I won't let your sister down because of our friendship. I will make Alina happy." Theo said firmly. Elliot nodded.

"By the way, Mr. Gu, how is everything going in your hospital recently?" Asked Elliot.

"Not bad. I'm in a stable state all the time." Theo replied.

"What are you going to do next?" Elliot took a sip of wine and asked.

"I'm going to expand the scale of the hospital and open a branch in another city." Said Theo.

"Oh? It's risky. Are you sure? " Said Elliot.

"I'm sure that life needs to be gambled. If I don't gamble, how can I gain anything? It doesn't matter even if I fail. At least, I learnt something." Theo looked into Elliot's eyes and said word by word.

"To be honest, you are an idiot in love, but in business, I have to admire you." Elliot said to Theo.

At this time, Sherri and Kate walked into the dining room with some bowls and chopsticks. "Sir, the dishes are ready. When shall the dishes be served, sir? " Kate put the bowls and chopsticks in front of each chair, retreated to the side of Elliot and bent down.

"No hurry. Wait for my order." Said Elliot.

"Yes, sir." Kate said and stepped aside. Kate is the nanny of the house, so she couldn't have lunch with masters. She had to stand aside and wait for her master to finish lunch before going back to the kitchen. At this time, Alina also took out the tissue.

"Well, the whole family is here. Kate, tell the cook to serve the dishes." Said Aaron. The table was big, with eight dishes and two soups.

"Yes, sir. I'll ask the cook to serve the dishes now." Kate said with a smile. They were indeed a family. Kate turned around and walked

elerator, he found that Alina didn't fasten her seat belt.

"Sit still." Said Theo.

"What? Okay. " Alina was confused about what Theo was going to do, but in order not to embarrass the atmosphere again, she had to sit still obediently.

But then Alina regretted. Seeing that Theo was getting closer and closer to her, she could smell the scent of him and her breath became clearer and clearer.

"Is it really coming? Should I refuse? Will he be angry? " Alina closed her eyes, like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. Alina trembled all over. She could feel that Theo was getting closer and closer to her. When his face touched the tip of her nose, she suddenly let out a whine.

Theo was confused by what Alina said. He just fastened the seat belt. Did she get hurt?

Theo hurriedly asked, "what's wrong? Are you okay? "

It was not until then that Alina realized that she had made a sound out of nervousness. She waved her hand and said, "nothing. I'm fine."

Theo scratched on his head and said, "I just fastened the seat belt for you. Did it hurt you?"

After hearing Theo's explanation, Alina finally understood. It turned out that she misunderstood Theo. Alina touched the seat belt on her waist and looked at Theo with some complaints. "Then why didn't you tell me to let me do it myself?"

Theo laughed and said nothing.

Looking at Theo's side face, Alina was gradually fascinated. It was this man in front of her that made her obsessed with him, and her mind was full of his shadow all day long. If he really wanted to kiss her just now, Alina was very conflicted about whether she should accept it or refuse him.

The car soon arrived at the seaside of city A. The coastline of this place looked like a sharp dagger from afar. Groups of seagulls were flying on the sea. A huge rope bridge led straight to the island in the distance, which was the Mountain Resort.

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