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   Chapter 127 Being Together

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After being enlightened by Elliot, Theo decided not to hesitate anymore. He should be bold in love, so he finally plucked up the courage to say the first word to Alina.

"Nana, sit here."

Alina nodded and sat next to Theo. Of course, there was still no time to ease the embarrassing atmosphere. The two of them kept silent for a long time.

"Actually..." Theo and Alina said at the same time.

It has now become interesting, how would you describe this thing? With the wings of the butterflies, they knew each other very well. It would be a pity if they didn't become a couple.

"You first..." Theo and Alina said at the same time again.

If it went on like this, Alina and Theo would be suffocated to death.

"I like you!" They said in one voice again. They had to admire the tacit understanding between the two of them.

At last, they looked at each other, but neither of them broke the peaceful atmosphere.

After a long time, Theo felt that there was no need to be so silent. Love needed to be active. If he kept silent, there would be no result. Since he had decided to be with her, he had to be brave. Flinching was a sign of cowardice.

"Are... Are you free this afternoon? " Theo asked.

After a pause, Alina said, "I... I'm free this afternoon. What's wrong? "

Theo cleared his throat and sat up straight, "well... Can you come out this afternoon? Let's go out for a walk. "

Alina blushed and said shyly, "Okay, let's go out for a walk."

The two sat side by side and talked about things unimportant. This was how love was at the beginning. There is no relationship that is passionate at the beginning. Love needed to be accumulated step by step, and in the end, they could get the most beautiful love crystals.

In the room, Elliot and Sherri were holding their two babies.

The two babies no longer cried and fell asleep peacefully. The newly born babies were like sleeping beauties, as if they would sleep for a lifetime.

Elliot carefully put the sleeping babies on the crib and tucked them in.

"Honey, do you think... Nana is suitable with him? " Sherri asked Elliot while taking off her slippers and sat on the bed.

"I don't know. It depends on what Nana will do. Anyway, I'm 100% sure about Theo, because I know him well. And I can hear from his tone that he loves Nana very much. Well, we can't meddle in the matter between the two of them. Since Nana has grown up, we don't need to worry about her. " Elliot came over, sat on the bed and hugged Sherri.

"Alas... I have talked with Nana just now. I can tell that she also likes Theo. Then let her do it. " Sherri leaned against Elliot's chest.

"Well, as long as two people like each other, it will only take a little time to cultivate their relationship." Elliot smoothed Sherri's hair.

At this time, the door of the bedroom opened and Alina cam

I'll go with your brother-in-law first. If you have anything else to say, you can talk first. We'll wait for you." She looked at Theo, who was standing next to Alina. Theo responded with his eyes, and Sherri nodded.

After saying that, Sherri turned around and left the living room with Elliot.

"Your sister is a good girl. I really envy that you, Elliot, have such a considerate wife." Said Theo.

"Of course, my sister is the best sister in the world." Alina said proudly and winked at Theo. Then she realized and blushed again.

Theo looked at Alina with gentle eyes.

Alina raised her head slightly and saw that Theo was looking at her with an ambiguous look. She wanted to find a hole in the ground to hide, so she quickly said, "let's... go have... lunch. "

Alina stammered as she stood up from the sofa. She was afraid that her face would be red if Theo looked at her like this again.

Theo knew that he looked at Alina with shyness just now. He smiled and stood up from the sofa. "Okay, let's go to have lunch."

Alina left the living room with Theo. In the dining room, Kate had prepared all the dishes and ordered several cooks to cook more. The lunch was very rich, with eight dishes and two soups. This was the life of the rich.

Elliot took out a bottle of French red wine from the cellar of the villa's basement. Sherri took out bowls, chopsticks and dishes from the kitchen with Kate.

The cook of the Mo family was a typical Chinese cook, and the dishes they cooked were also Chinese dishes, very rich. Perhaps it was because that the Mo family preferred Chinese food.

"Why are you standing there? Don't you want to sit down? " Sitting at the table, Elliot looked at Alina and Theo who were standing still.

Alina looked at Theo and said, "have a seat. I'll get some tissue."

Noticing that there was no tissue on the table, Alina ran to the bedroom to get it.

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