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   Chapter 62 Cancel The Plan

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But even if the plan was cancelled, the most important thing was how to rescue Alina Leng as soon as possible.

When Elliot Mo was thinking about this matter, Sherri Leng called him unexpectedly.

How could she know it so soon?

Elliot answered the phone before hei could figure out how to persuade Sherri.

"Hey? Sherri. " Looking out of the window, Elliot tried to calm himself down and asked, "what's wrong? Why are you calling me at this moment in time? "

"Nothing important. I just want to ask if you are in the company or not? I think we've been back for so many days. I miss my sister, Alina, a little. Come with me to see Alina! Yes? " Said Sherri.

"I might be a little busy today..." Before Elliot could finish his words, the people sent by Elliot to investigate the matter rushed back. They saw that he was on the phone, so they had to wait aside.

"Umm, alright, I'll go by myself. No worries. " When Sherri was about to hang up the phone, she was stopped by Elliot.

Anyway, he had to tell her about it, hadn't he?

Alina is so important to Sherri. If she knew that he had concealed such an important fact, then...

After telling the news that Alina is not in the hospital to Sherri, Elliot specially ordered, "come to me first. I have something to discuss with you. Remember, come here quickly!"

On the other side of the phone, it was obvious that Sherri did not expect such a situation to happen. After tidying up, she quickly rushed to the office of Elliot.

The man who is investigating for Elliot looked at him and said, "this is some information we have found so far. This man is called Liam. He does some small business in the underground passage. A ordinary person, don't have any background. He can be regarded as a gangster! "

"Why did he kidnap Alina? Is there any connection with the Leng family? " Asked Elliot.

"At present, we haven't found out anything wrong with this person. Maybe she kidnapped Alina mainly for money or something else? We don't know yet. If you were really kidnapped because of something else, in my experience, someone would definitely contact you later. "

As soon as the man on the other side of the phone told her what had happened, ximena rushed to her office.

Looking at Elliot and the people from the detective agency, Sherri could not help but feel a little nervous. She looked at Sherri in a very complicated mood.

He knew that Sherri would definitely not accept it. Alina is almost her life!

"You can leave now!" Said Elliot.

"Yes, sir." The detective went out and quickly went for other information. After all, this matter was of great importance. If it was someone else, the other party might not have kidnapped a weak girl. The key point is that Alina had something to do with Sherri.

Elliot walked up to her, held Sherri in his arms and said, "Sherri, trust me."

"Where is my sister? What happened to her? Why is she not in the ward? " Sherri gently pushed Elliot

r life. For her sister, even if she could do anything to deal with those bad guys, but Nana will always be the most intimate, as if she is her sister's weakness.

Sometimes, Alina really didn't want to make trouble for others.

Thinking of this, Alina shed a tear and tried to stop herself from crying but laughing! Smile!

"Why don't you do me a favor?" Alina raised her head and looked at the man in front of her. "I can only bring a lot of trouble to my sister. Please help me!"

Liam spat out the instant noodles he just ate.

"Damn it! How would someone say that! Little sister, we can't do this. We should have vitality and energy to live on. I have told you that I will let you go back after they reach an agreement. Okay? " Liam sighed and began to nag, "it's okay to kidnap her, but no one told me that she'll act in such a way! What a bad luck! "

As the saying goes, it's not good to be greedy for beauty. That's exactly true!

Thinking about it carefully, if it weren't for the previous relationship, Liam wouldn't even take this job! Humph!

At the same time, at the police station.

The police quickly found the related monitoring video of this person, and also found some witnesses, and sent some policemen to record statements.

Although Liam had indeed done many dirty things, but he was not a professional criminal and many things were not done perfectly.

There were indeed some metal devices in the leather factory. These metal devices could perfectly block the signal of the phone, but the place where Liam was located could receive signals. Although the signal is weak, but it could be received.

"No! We can't go on like this! " Liam was really suffering, so he called Claire again.

At first, no one answered the call even after several tries. Liam was a little annoyed.

On the other side, within the police station the police quickly located the location of Liam and began to send police forces to surround them and arrest him.

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