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   Chapter 61 Frail

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Claire Zhao was frightened by this question and hung up the phone by accident. She held the phone tightly and whispered, "ah! No worries. A few days ago, I asked a friend abroad to bring me a Hermes bag. This is her call. "

"You disturbed my sweet dream in the early morning!" Sam Leng pulled the quilt impatiently to cover half of his head.

"Ah, jet lag!" Claire smiled awkwardly and tucked the silk quilt for Sam. "Honey, I'll go to the balcony. You can continue to sleep."

Sam snorted and went back to sleep. Claire got out of bed slowly and walked to the balcony. She looked back at Sam, who was lying still on the bed. Then she closed the balcony door and called Liam again.

"It's done." Liam said proudly on the other side of the phone. After a pause, he continued, "it's just that this girl's body is really weak. If I hit her harder, she might go to hell."

Claire, who was calling Liam, said in a hurry, "pay attention to your manners. Don't let anything wrong happen with that little girl. You can play as you like but don't break her."

Claire's anxious tone made Liam a little dissatisfied. "I'm not interested in such a young girl. Not a girl like her that will die after making two moves. I'll have to bear a crime of murder!"

Liam licked his tongue and said, "but it will be different if you are in front of me, Chris."

Claire felt sick when she heard what Liam said, but she still knew what she should do first. The most important thing now was to stabilize Liam, and so she replied indifferently, "Damn it. Can you be more serious? After we deal with this matter, we can talk about other things."

Claire didn't refuse him obviously or promise him without hesitation. She just wanted to calm Liam down, but what Liam heard turned out to be another way for Claire on the other side of the phone to agree.

Last time, something unexpected happened while kidnapping Alina Leng. When Claire found him, Liam felt the beauty of Claire. Her plump body brought him such a pleasant feeling. Now when Liam thought of it, he felt that his desire seemed to be lifted. He thought that after that, he would not only get money that he would never worry about for a lifetime, but also get a beauty like Claire, Liam then started grinning with his yellow teeth.

Alina had been kidnapped to the leather factory where he used to work for a long time. He didn't know that this lady could not endure at all the bad conditions.

The wind howled in the morning. Liam pulled out his army coat. Although he didn't think it was a big deal for the wind to blow, he still thought of Alina being in such a situation. After all, when he came here with Alina, she looked very weak.

In order not to let anything happen to Alina, Liam decided to go to the place where Alina was kidnapped to have a look. The little girl on the chair began to turn blue and cold.

Fearing that Alina wou

Yes, it had been several years since he left, but the iron house here was still deserted as in the past.

Looking at Alina who was still sleeping in the passenger seat, Liam felt terrible. If it weren't for her, he wouldn't have come back to this damned place to suffer.

Although the iron house was old and shabby, because he had lived here a few years ago, there were still some essentials that he would have.

First of all, he made the bed. Considering that this little girl would see the king of hell at any time, Liam specially made a few more layers of grass on the bed and rolled out the quilt. Then he went to the front passenger seat and took Alina over. He put her down, went back to the car and turned off the light.

He hadn't been treated like this when he took refuge. If it weren't for her health, Liam would have kicked Alina inside to vent to express his anger.

"I even have to choose a special place to kidnap you! You rich ladies are really hard to please. "

Back in the room, Liam randomly found a corner and squatted down to hold himself for the whole night.

It was the second time for Elliot Mo to receive an e-mail from a stranger in China. He was comforted by some progress, but his mood suddenly dropped to the freezing point as he saw the messages. Alina was the only family member of Alina now. If anything happened to her, Sherri would definitely go crazy. After thinking for a while, he felt that he couldn't tell this to her. He was trying to solve everything himself. It will be the same to tell her about it after he finishes dealing it first.

Elliot had made an appointment with Sean Shen this afternoon to look for new clues, but now it seemed that it was not so realistic. At first, he thought that this time it must be the same as last time, and he should finish it before the kidnapper starts taking action. But now it seemed that the plan this afternoon had to be cancelled.

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