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   Chapter 60 Keep Smiling

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Later, the pollution produced became more and more serious, so the government began to reorganize it. As a result, the profit of the leather factory was not as good as before. Liam had scolded himself for not choosing other jobs, but of going to this leather factory which ruined his life!

In the end, the person he cursed the most was not the government, but the owner of the leather factory, who had made him spent all his time here.

Just like all the black capitalist, his boss fled abroad with his little lover and money. Liam and other workers had no choice but to share the rest of the products and take their own path.

Some returned to their hometown in dejection, and some continued to make a living in this small city. Liam failed. He worked as a temporary worker and hawker, and finally came to the underground shopping mall and went into the underworld where he joined the gangs.

Since the boss had ran away, no one had been in charge of the plant, and the government had no interest in it either. It took a lot of money to clean up the environment, and no company was willing to buy this piece of wasted land. Naturally, this place was abandoned and turned into a wasteland that even weeds would stop growing here.

Liam dragged Alina Leng out of the car and carried her to the second floor of the factory. The mouse ran quickly under his feet. This was once an employee's restaurant, but the peeling white wall and the dust had covered all over the placed in which its original appearance could not be seen. However, there was only one stable chair here in the factory.

Liam placed Alina on the dusty chair and said, "if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have come to this place again for the rest of my life!" Liam spat on the ground.

Patting Alina's face gently, Alina still didn't respond. Liam couldn't help complaining, "what a delicate lady! With such a weak body! It's time to wake up. Do you know how poor people like us are? "

Liam looked around and recalled the happiest time he had with his colleagues, which was having dinner and bragging to each other.

It was sparsely populated here. Liam took out the only compressed biscuits and a few bottles of water from the truck. He knew that he would need to stay here for some time so he had to reserve some water and food first.

He took out a hemp rope from the car and tied Alina to the chair. She was like a lamb to be slaughtered.

Although Liam was lecherous, he could still distinguish the priority. If he really had sex with this little girl, she would probably die. Moreover, he had no desire for this thin body. He preferred a plump young woman like Claire Zhao.

During the process of kidnapping Alina, Liam seemed to see her eyelids twitching. He had already felt that she was about to wake up. It seemed that it was time to inform Claire that he had succeeded. Liam took out his phone and said, "sure enough! There is no signal in the bad luck place! " While cursing, she went upstairs to find the signal.

"It hurts..." Alina had just woken up.

Alina opened her eyes in a daze and felt pain all over her body. Her h


But if she told her sister to give up the treatment tomorrow morning, she would be very angry. She put down her dignity and asked the doctor for mercy. She didn't know how to find the sky high medical expense. How could she let Alina give up the treatment so easily? All her hopes were placed on Alina. It was selfish for Sherri to give up the treatment voluntarily.

From this moment on, Alina realized that she was no longer the carefree girl in the past. She was the youngest one loved by everyone in her family. She had to learn to be strong when she grew up and fight against the disease to stop her sister from worrying.

"Nana, do you know what I like most about you?" Alina remembered what her sister once said to her, "I like your smile the most. I can see your dimples and canine teeth when you smiles. You're such a cute girl, Nana! It makes me happy. "

"Then I will keep smiling and make you happy all the time." Alina swore to herself.

When she was a child, Alina had always thought that her sister was a superwoman, and there was nothing she couldn't do. As she grew older, she gradually saw the fragility of Sherri. Now, she was tied up in this abandoned factory, unable to tell the direction. She was only wearing a thin hospital uniform, and the west wind array mercilessly poured into her body, making her tremble.

She didn't know if her sister would come to save her like a superwoman this time. Alina could do nothing but wait. She didn't even know where the kidnappers had gone.

The kidnapper who had Alina tied up, Liam, went upstairs to look for the signal. It was deserted here, and only when he reached the top of the building that he could get a signal. Liam dialed Claire's number, "Hello! Chris, I have done what you asked me to do! " Liam roared in the wind.

It was only at dawn at the time, Claire was still sleeping when her phone rang. She answered the phone in a daze. Unexpectedly, it was a call from Liam, and she woke up in an instant.

"Who is it?" Sam was also woken up. He asked in a long voice with his eyes closed.

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