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   Chapter 57 An Unexpected Incident

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"I have never done anything that I can't do." Said Mark Ning. He murmured at the gate of the airport and made an important decision. This decision had changed his life.

Soon, Professor Hathaway received the application for expelling Mark Ning from school.

She didn't expect that a straight-A student like Mark would apply for expelling from school for unknown reasons. Hathaway knew that the Sherri Leng and Mark, the two of them were really a perfect match. Moreover, Hathaway could see that the man beside Sherri was not only outstanding, but also very affectionate to her from her eyes!

Hathaway didn't want to see the top students of the school give up their career for a rare view of love, so she thought she'd better talk to Mark about it.

"Mark, although you didn't tell me why you quit this school, but I can see that. Professor Hathaway's tone surprised Mark. He didn't mention anything, but professor Hathaway seemed to see through him. "You are going to get your master's degree soon. Are you really going to leave like this? Are you really going to give up your bright future? ".

After leaving professor Hathaway's apartment, Mark kept thinking about professor Hathaway's words, wondering whether he should leave or not, and whether he should give up his efforts all these time?

During the time when Sherri and Elliot were having fun in Paris, city A in China was not as peaceful as usual.

The Su family and the Leng family began to make a move because of the appeal of Sherri. After losing two battles with Sherri, the master of the Leng family didn't want to care about will happen to his granddaughter, Michelle Leng, anymore.

After all, as long as a person becomes old, he could do nothing about anything even if he wanted to. Looking at a person sitting in the living room, Jonathon Leng felt that the Leng family had come to an end. Jonathon didn't look at the noisy living room anymore. In his opinion, there was no one in the Leng family who could afford to do anything. Even if it was Sam Leng, his biological son, who had lived for more than half of his life, was just a fool with a gorgeous appearance.

Jonathon coughed heavily and said that he was going upstairs to have a rest. The implication was that he would no longer interfere in all the affairs of Michelle, and he didn't want to interfere in the matter of the Leng family.

Everyone in the Leng family was very confused about the attitude of master Leng. In the past, if anything happened to the Leng family, master Leng must know the cause and effect. This time, the indifference of master Leng made the Leng family panic.

However, after all, the master of the Leng family would be half step into the coffin. No matter how despicable Sam was, he would not drag his father to get involved in the mess that Michelle had made.

Previously, master Leng had been shameless to talk with that little bitch, Sherri, for the sake of Michelle, but there was no progress. That l

amily. Alina was born with congenital heart disease. The cost of this heart disease was bottomless. Claire knew very well that she would have been taken care of by the Mo family now.

Since it was the Mo family taking care of her, Claire thought that it would be a big risk. But for the sake of her dear daughter, Claire decided to do one thing.

She couldn't let anyone in the Leng family know about this. Claire felt that she couldn't get Michelle involved in these dark things.

Claire went back to her room. Sam was going to have fun with his friends outside, so he wouldn't be at home for a long time. During this period, Claire could do a lot of things.

When they got married, it was Claire who played some tricks on Sam. At the beginning, Sam was attracted by Claire's beauty and didn't think much about it. In the following days, when Sam lost interest in Claire, his attitude towards her changed.

Among them, Sam's ban on Claire was the most obvious. Sam had told Claire that since she had married into the Leng family, she would not go to the underground passage with those people in the past.

Claire had never looked for those people again, but this time, it was related to the life and death of her precious daughter, so Claire decided to take the risk.

She sneaked into the underground shopping mall where Claire had been staying all the time. She found Liam, the man she got along with before she got married. Claire didn't expect that she would know Sam and marry a rich man successfully, so she had a relationship with Liam before.

Claire knew that as long as she went to Liam, he would definitely agree. In front of Liam, Claire described the terrible behavior of Sherri. Liam always felt that his Claire was still the same as before. Although she was a little clever, she was clear about the big things, so he naturally decided to help Claire.

The people in the underground mall were dirty, but sometimes they paid great attention to emotions.

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