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   Chapter 54 Sudden Return

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The clattering sound pulled back Mark Ning's thoughts. It suddenly began to rain outside. It was a rare thing to rain in Paris in late autumn, just as he met Sherri today, which was unbelievable. Until now, he was still confused. Was the woman he saw today her? He would never forget her voice, face and her smile all his life.

Mark stood up straight from the bed, looking out of the window at the small rain drops flying in, which gradually wet a corner of his room. He frowned slightly and closed the blinds. He looked a little irritable, and then quickly fell back on the bed motionlessly.

He had never felt so tired like today. Even if he had been in the library for three days and nights in a row, he was not so tired. He clearly did nothing today, and even if he was so tired, he could not sleep at all. If it was before, he would have fallen asleep.

On the other side, on the Mandy Road, Elliot Mo and Sherri Leng returned with fruitful results. Although Sherri had refused many commodities, she didn't expect that most of them were ordered by Elliot before, so she had to pack them and take them home.

Today, they didn't take others out. It was just a private time for the two of them. Elliot was also a gentleman. Almost all the bags were in his hands. Looking at the colorful shopping bags, Sherri couldn't help but think that if she hadn't returned a few today, she really didn't know how the two of them would bring so many things back to the manor. Although they were thinking about it, the two of them still brought back all the shopping things they got today.

After returning to the manor, Elliot put down the shopping bags and went to the bathroom. When he came out, he actually carried a small wooden basin in his hand. "Do your feet hurt after walking for a whole day?" He said to Sherri.

Sherri looked at the wooden basin in surprise. It was simple but as big as her two palms. One was made of solid wood, and the other was inlaid with gold edge. It looked luxurious in a low-key way. The swaying water in the basin was oozing white steam, and several bright rose petals floated on the warm water. It was almost winter now, but the rose petals looked very fresh. Pinching them seemed to be able to seep bright red juice. It must take a lot of effort to get these petals.

"I'm fine. It doesn't hurt much." What Sherri said was true. She wore a pair of flat shoes today, and the soles of her shoes were very soft and easy to walk with. Most of the shops that Elliot took her to were covered with soft and fluffy carpets, and the soles of her feet were relaxed. She didn't feel too much today.

"Still, you need a foot bath." Without waiting for her answer, Elliot put the wooden basin in front of Sherri's feet and said, "bath your feet before you go to bed. You won't feel any pain even when you wake up tomorrow morning."

"Are we going to meet our partner tomorrow?" Knowing that Sherri could never refuse Elliot, and it was good for her to soak her

ad? Or was he feeling sad for someone.

"Go back now? What's going on? Aren't we going to meet the partner here? " Sherri kept chasing after him. She always felt that Elliot had hidden something from her.

Unexpectedly, Elliot stretched out his long arms and hugged her. Due to the difference in height, Sherri's face clung to Elliot's chest. She heard his strong heartbeat and his rapid heartbeat this morning. Was there anything wrong? "Elliot." Sherri called his name softly.

"Sherri, do you believe me?" Elliot's voice came from above Sherri's head. She didn't know why he suddenly asked this question, but she knew that she unconditionally believed this man who always thought for her. She nodded slightly and said, "of course."

"Okay, Sherri. No matter what happens, I will help you solve it together with you. You must believe me."

In the embrace of Elliot, Sherri felt a burst of warmth, and this chest helped her resist the slight coldness in the morning. It didn't matter where she would go, but whom she would go with. Sherri didn't ask any more questions. Since Elliot didn't tell her the reason, there must be a reason for him. "Then I'll pack it with you. We'll go back." Unconsciously, Sherri put her arms around Elliot's waist and repeated, "I believe in you, Elliot."

Noticing that Elliot was still worried, Sherri said in a relaxed tone, "we'll return to Paris later. Don't forget that you haven't taken your suit. It's half of my design! I want to see with my own eyes what you look like in those clothes. "

As expected, Elliot was amused by her words. Although he just smiled, Sherri knew that he was not as nervous and stressed as before.

On this day, some people were happy, while some were worried. Although when she woke up Elliot looked indifferent, but she had a very sweet sleep last night. She didn't know if it was because she had taken a foot bath with rose petals the night before. But Mark was different. He didn't sleep last night at all.

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