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   Chapter 51 I'll Take You Shopping

Indulge In CEO's Love By Yue Rujing Characters: 10277

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"What are you looking at, Sherri?" Said Elliot Mo walking towards her.

"What?" Sherri Leng raised her head, tilted her head and hummed. She didn't know how cute this unconscious movement was in the eyes of Elliot.

"Pick a style for me."

"What do you like?" After all, Sherri came here to accompany Elliot to customize a suit. She couldn't be too perfunctory.

"Just pick the one you like. You have a good taste." There was trust in Elliot's eyes.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!" With Elliot's hands in his pockets, he nodded heavily, looking very confident.

Since Elliot was so confident in her, it would not be appropriate to refuse it. Moreover, Sherri told herself in her heart that she was very willing to choose the most suitable suit for him.

She came to the front of the sample clothes, one by one carefully observed and picked it up, and then carefully looked at Elliot. As the saying goes, people rely on clothes and gold, but when their appearance and figure reach a certain extent, they will still be good-looking even if they put on a sack. And it was obvious that Elliot had reached this level. Even the most vulgar red and green match in his figure could still show a high-end sense. Giving up looking at the sample clothes, Sherri carefully recalled the first feeling that Elliot had brought to her.

It was the first time that she saw Elliot in a restaurant that she worked in. She was insulted by that woman because she was deliberately splashed with hot water by Janine Su. At this time, Elliot appeared in front of her like a prince who saved Cinderella. She would never forget the sharp eyes and cold temperament of the Black Ghost, which made people tremble with fear. After that, they got the marriage certificate with each other with their own interests. It was just a red letter. But Elliot was really like a husband. He perfectly integrated into this role and always helped to gave her warm and comfort her. He always held her hand when everyone bullied her. He was so different in treating her compared to others.

"Sir, I've made up my mind." Sherri walked to the tailoring master and said, "I think he is very suitable for the grey single row button suit, with a light blue shirt inside and a sapphire blue printing Satin tie."

"Madam, your idea is very clever. May I ask you a reason for such a match?"

"Of course," replied Sherri with a smile. "Ghost, oh, no, I mean that my husband gives people the feeling of indifference and alienation. Gray is very suitable for his innate coldness, but he is not a heartless person, so I match blue with it. My husband is not as cold as he looks. He is actually very considerate and good at taking care of people, so I intend to match him with patterns Tie. "

"My ladyship, according to your description, the suit I made is definitely your husband. No wonder you are his wife. You knows his character and preferences very well."

"I'm flattered, sir" In fact, Sherri didn't know how to dress. She just followed her heart. That was the impression that Elliot gave her!

On the other h

t in this world, there were only eight Crystal Swan necklace, which made her change her understanding of Elliot. Maybe, Elliot was much more unfathomable than she had imagined.

Although this Crystal Swan necklace was placed on the counter, it was not something that could be bought with money. Since Elliot had brought her to Crystal Swan, it meant that the man in front of her was very confident that he could get it.

Sherri couldn't tell how she felt. As a member of the Leng family, she didn't have any other feelings. The only thing that could make her heart beat faster was that the degree of Elliot's attention to her was far beyond her expectation.

Perhaps, the true love was to get the best things in the world to each other. Looking at the perfect side face of Elliot, a stream of warmth flowed through her heart.

The shopping guide saw that Elliot was approaching the Crystal Swan necklace. Although she was still a little afraid of the deterrence of this man, she braced herself and walked in front of him. "I'm sorry, sir. This Crystal Swan necklace was booked by a gentleman whose surname is Mo a few days ago. If this lady needs it, we can provide better service. In order to make up for the inconvenience we caused to you, we will give you a thirty percent off discount for all the goods you choose in this shop. What do you think? "

The shopping guide repeated her professional words when she saw that she couldn't solve the problem. She knew that the man in front of her, who was like a king, wouldn't care about the discount in her shop, but because the Crystal Swan necklace of the legendary past was reserved in advance. Moreover, when she booked it, she knew that the man was a person she couldn't offend.

The saleswoman's series of words made Elliot feel noisy. The expression on his face indicated that he was unwilling to talk to the flattering saleswoman, and the saleswoman also had no idea what to do.

Hearing that it was a man whose surname is Mo who made the reservation, Sherri understood everything.

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