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   Chapter 41 The Secret Of The Leng Family

Indulge In CEO's Love By Yue Rujing Characters: 10473

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"I still need to discuss with my lawyer." Replied Sherri Leng politely.

Seeing the hesitation within Sherri, Jonathon Leng thought that it was better for her to make a decision as soon as possible, and it would be more disadvantageous to him if she delayed it. Perhaps she would immediately change her mind and refuse to let go of Michelle Leng and Janine Su.

Jonathon had to see Sherri right away and make it clear face to face.

"There is a new Cantonese restaurant in the east of the city. Grandpa has booked a table there tonight. You can come alone! Let's have a good discussion. It's alright you don't agree with the idea, but still good to have dinner with Grandpa. "

Jonathon as a smiling tiger, Sherri could not find any strong reason to refuse, so she had to agree.

When Sherri entered the ward again, Elliot Mo noticed her uneasiness. He guessed that the call must have be very important to her and it did not bring good news to her.

"Sherri, I left something in the car just now. Can you go with me to get it?" Said Elliot.

"What?" Hearing that, Sherri came to herself and asked, "what is it?"

"You can go with me to get it." Elliot stood up first, walked to the door of the ward and signaled with his eyes to let Sherri follow him.

Although Sherri was confused, she still trusted him. She trotted towards him and said, "can't you take everything by yourself?"

"Ha ha!" Alina Leng covered her mouth and snickered.

"It's not funny at all!" Theo Gu raised his eyebrows and found it funny to see Alina who was holding back her laughter on the bed.

"Don't you think my sister and brother-in-law love each other very much? How was it said it again? Oh yeah! The husband to sing and the wife to follow! Woo... " Alina frowned and thought for a while. "It doesn't seem to work! How shall I describe it... Ah! " It turned out that Theo flicked Alina's forehead and asked, "what are you thinking about every day?"

"Humph! Uncle Gu, you are about the same age as my brother-in-law, aren't you! You don't even have a girlfriend. You can't feel the harmony between a husband and his wife. Aren't you worried about your marriage? " Alina rubbed her forehead and frowned.

Theo didn't expect that he would be urged to marry by a little girl one day!

As a matter of fact, he didn't worry about his marriage at all. Theo devoted himself to his career just like Elliot was before he got married.

Family Gu had its own family business. As the only son of the Gu family, Theo would definitely inherit his father's business in the future. On the other hand, he was very obsessed with medicine. Even if he was in business, he would not give up studying medicine.

The dual work of business and medical work was not something that everyone could take care of at the same time. Theo was already outstanding enough to be an elite in this field, so he naturally did not have time to talk about love.

As the saying goes, the emperor is not in a hurry, while the eunuch is anxious.

Theo loved to work and believed in fate. He didn't deliberately communicate with any girl, but the Gu family was very anx

ss in Elliot's eyes was so frightening just like when he saw Sherri for the first time. "What are you talking about, Elliot?"

"Sherri, I didn't mean to tell you! But it's a fact. You need to know that Jonathon is not your biological grandfather. He is the stepfather of your father. " Looking at the surprised expression on Sherri's face, Elliot knew that this news was hard for anyone to digest. "The investigation material is in my computer, and the computer is in the car. You can go with me to have a look."

There were two aspects to Sherri's surprise.

First of all, anyone who knew that their grandfather was not his biological family would be surprised. No wonder her grandfather favored her uncle since she was a child. Even if she had the best performance, she couldn't compete with the coquetry of Michelle and Melissa Leng. No wonder her grandfather handed over the position of deputy CEO to her uncle Sam Leng without hesitation, and her father's position of CEO was built on his strength step by step.

It was ridiculous that even though she had tried so hard for so long, she still couldn't compare with the person born with a golden key.

On the other hand, Elliot was the first one to know the secret. It was not the Leng family, but the Mo family!

Isn't it surprising.

However, there was no time for Sherri to think about the reason. She just wanted to see the real investigation results with Elliot.

In fact, it was not until recently that Elliot had knew this secret. He had planned to keep it from Sherri, afraid that it would hurt her for the second time.

But he didn't expect that Jonathon would force Sherri to do something against her will regardless of being her grandfather. Therefore, he must tell her to make a decision as to that she should never forgive Michelle and Janine.

In the past, Sherri had scruples because he was her grandfather. Now that she knew that she is not his biological granddaughter, she no longer needs to care about him. In this world, Elliot would never want to see Sherri being wronged due to moral kidnapping.

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