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   Chapter 40 Sweet Breakfast

Indulge In CEO's Love By Yue Rujing Characters: 10968

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They went crazy and indulged themselves all night.

The second day, when Sherri Leng woke up, the first person she saw was Elliot Mo beside her.

Thinking of her crazy behavior last night, Sherri felt a little embarrassed and covered herself with the quilt.

Seeing the cute look on Sherri's face, Elliot couldn't help but started biting her ear. "Get up. Let's have breakfast."

This time, it was Elliot who cooked himself. With a fried pot in his left hand, he wore an apron, looking full of fireworks. It was not in line with the usual cold image of the CEO, but he was also handsome and charming.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth in a hurry, Sherri sat at the table. Elliot had already prepared a rich breakfast.

A bowl of minced pork congee with preserved egg, a few omelets with Scallion flavor, a fried bun and a cup of freshly squeezed hot soybean milk. The simple and classical Chinese breakfast was very suitable for the taste of Sherri.

"How do you know I like Chinese breakfast?" Sherri was a little surprised. She thought that a domineering CEO like Elliot would prefer European style.

Elliot picked up the biggest Fried Bun into Sherri's plate and said, "it's very hot. Be careful when you eat it later." Elliot picked up another one for himself and began to answer the question asked by Sherri just now. "Before I founded the Leican Group, I had been living abroad. You know, there is no hot food abroad. Every morning, there will be sandwiches and milk, so I missed the Chinese breakfast very much."

"Yes, I used to prepare Chinese breakfast for myself when I was in America. I seldom ate bread." Sherri took a bite of the fried bread, but she didn't expect the meat juice to splash all over. Elliot quickly took out a napkin and wiped the corner of her mouth. "Didn't I tell you to be careful when eating?" It sounded like he was blaming her, but also a little spoiled.

Sherri was a little embarrassed. She was not sure about their relationship yet. What happened last night really happened, but in this impetuous and prosperous society where there's no need to be responsible for each other after having sex, she's now a little confused. Last night, she was more like a person who got lost by intimate contact and warmth, wasn't she? And it was Elliot who took the initiative. He was a normal man. Even if something like that happened, it was reasonable. Was that also the "take what we need" as agreed before?

"I didn't like to go to Western restaurants when I was in the United States, and the Chinese restaurants there were not authentic either. So most of the time, I cooked myself. I didn't cook so well at the beginning, but now I've become familiar with cooking." Sherri tried to change the topic.

Yes, I know." Elliot took a sip of the hot porridge unhurriedly.

Of course he knew that he had stayed in her apartment for a whole week when he had been rescued by Sherri by accident abroad.

A week was actually very short, but for an inheritor like Elliot who had a great family background, it was an exception for him to stay in a strange woman's house for a whole week. If it wasn't his family who looked for him everywhere, he would have stayed there longer.

He didn't know whether Sherri had been looking for

s even more furious. He walked quickly to Alina and said, "I told you to eat light food. How can you eat something with heavy salt and sugar?" Then he turned to look at Sherri and said, "you can't buy these for Alina anymore!"

Seeing that Theo was teaching his sister a lesson, Alina immediately retorted, "I asked the nurse a few days ago and she praised me for my recovery. I can have some snacks now!"

"Am I your attending doctor or that nurse?" Theo picked up a full bag of snacks and shook it in front of Alina. The food in the bag rubbed against each other, "is this only a little bit?" Alina knew that it would be her on the wrong side this time. She lowered her head and whispered, "I won't eat all of them today. I will eat a little every day for several months."

"All right, all right. I won't buy it for her next time!" "Don't be angry, calm down guys" Said Sherri beside them.

"I paid for it. Theo, you should blame me first." Elliot, who had been silently watching the drama aside, opened his mouth. It would be better if he didn't say anything, but if he did start talking, he would continue to talk endlessly.

Theo didn't dare to blame his brother. He put the snacks on the table, wiped his nose and glared at Alina, who was gloating, and said reluctantly, "then you can only eat a lemon cheese cake today. Not too much!"

"Yes, doctor Gu!" With a smile on her face, Alina showed her two cute canine teeth and began to eat. The four of them were talking and laughing in the ward. It was a very harmonious picture, but the ringtone of Sherri broke the harmony.

It was a call from Jonathon Leng, and Sherri walked out of the ward to answered the phone.

"Sherri, have you made up your mind? You cousin Michelle, has been staying at home for the past few days. I even didn't dare to sleep. Yesterday, I dreamed of your father. Alas... You always like to have unrealistic dreams when you get old. "

Jonathon stressed on purpose. As a cunning old fox who had lived for decades, he knew clearly what kind of card was the most suitable for dealing with such a young generation as Sherri. And family affection was undoubtedly the most effective card for her.

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