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   Chapter 39 You Made the First Move

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After coughing violently, Jonathon Leng turned to look at Michelle Leng and said, "there is an emergency box behind the car, with my medicine bag in it. Go and get it for me."

After being stunned for a while, Michelle left stiffly.

"Grandpa, are you taking medicine?" Sherri Leng wondered where the hale and hearty old man had gone?

"Yes! As people get old, it's normal for them to have many diseases. If you, Sherri, really don't forgive Michelle and don't want to withdraw the lawsuit, then we won't talk about this today. I'll talk about your father's childhood. " Then he coughed again.

With some hesitation, Sherri turned her head to one side. He could understand her wish of family reunion.

If Michelle was really sent to prison, she would definitely suffer a lot. She didn't show any mercy to Michelle, but felt pity for the old man who kept mentioning her father.

Time passed quietly. The vigorous and serious grandpa in his childhood coughed so badly now, and he looked a little verbose, unlike before.

"I didn't expect that you would talk so much to me in person for Michelle. I have to consider whether to withdraw the lawsuit or not." Sherri would also be helpless. She needed to analyze it slowly, but before that, she had to leave this battlefield without any smoke. "I won't be able to attend dinner, I have an appointment tonight."

"Now that you have an appointment, don't be late. You don't have to accompany me anymore. Sherri, think it over. If you have made up your mind, Sherri, call me. Grandpa sincerely wishes our daughter happy every day."

Nodding her head, Sherri said, "well, Grandpa, I'm leaving for now then."

When Michelle came back with the medicine, Sherri had just left. She poured a glass of water for Jonathon and said, "Grandpa, take the medicine first."

Before Jonathon could take the water, he couldn't wait to ask, "how was your talk just now?"

Jonathon took the water and snorted, "your grandfather is in good health. I don't need to take any medicine. Sherri said she had to think about it, but I think she might withdraw the lawsuit, but you have to make a look of repentance! What's your look earlier! Stay at home these days! "

While complaining about his granddaughter's impatience, Jonathon answered confidently, his eyes shining with the light of a fox.

After all, Sherri was still too young, but her excellence was beyond Jonathon's imagination.

It turned out that Jonathon had been pretending just now. N

at a loss.

As a woman who attached great importance to love, Sherri could even ignore the hurt she had suffered.

She was so loyal to master Leng, Jonathon Leng, and so was to Harrison Bai. This time, she not only hurt herself, but also got Elliot hurt.

Elliot adjusted his position so that Sherri could lie on his body more comfortably.

The two of them didn't say a word or even make eye contact, but miraculously they knew what each other needed the most at that moment.

Sherri liked this kind of tacit understanding very much.

But now, Sherri had no strength to express her feelings.

Hugging the little woman in his arms, Elliot gently stroked her long hair as waterfall, transferring the power in his heart one point one, hoping to give Sherri, who was in front of him a little warmth.

Sherri felt the tenderness of Elliot. In front of her, he had always played the role of a gentleman. Even if sometimes he was a little flirtatious, but he had never really crossed her bottom line.

Tonight, Sherri wanted Elliot to act differently than usual to her.

Sherri moved faster than she thought. She stretched out her hand and went up along the waist of Elliot until her arm reached his neck.

With her hands clasped behind Elliot's head, Sherri pressed her whole body against him due to the gravity.

Feeling the softness of her body, Elliot froze for a moment, but the little woman on his body became even more fierce.

With a strong force of Sherri's hand behind the back of Elliot's head, she was dragged to the front of him. The slight friction aroused Elliot's most primitive desire.

"Sherri, you made the first move..."

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