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   Chapter 38 The Conspiracy Of The Old Fox

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Strictly speaking, Sherri Leng was actually a few months younger than Michelle Leng. As Rohan Leng was older than her uncle, Sam Leng. Therefore, no matter whether Sherri landed on the ground first or not, she was the sister of Michelle.

Michelle's father, Sam, got married before her father, so he had a child first. Therefore, Michelle was a few months older than Sherri.

However, due to the experiences Sherri had gone through, many had ignored her young age. When she heard such a lame reason from Jonathon, Sherri only felt ironic.

It was not a big deal that Sherri's grandfather couldn't remember her birthday. When she learned the news of her parents' death abroad, she knew that no one in the world would love her so selflessly.

The appearance of Elliot was an accident.

Unexpectedly, Sherri could think of that excellent man, Elliot, at this awkward moment. Her mood was miraculously relieved.

In Michelle's heart, she was secretly pleased that her grandfather had suppressed the arrogant Sherri.

"Grandpa, I call you Grandpa because I respect you. But it's our younger generation's business about Michelle. I hope you'd better not interfere." Sherri's answer was unexpected.

Jonathon didn't expect that he had made a mistake. Sherri turned a blind eye to his prestige and refused him without missing a single word.

Jonathon couldn't find any flaw in Sherri's words, because he knew that it was not that easy to solve the problem of Michelle today.

In the car earlier, the harsh words Jonathon said to his granddaughter was just to teach her a lesson. He had never thought that his beloved granddaughter, Michelle, would need to apologize to Sherri. But now, it seemed that the only way was Michelle's apology.

He winked at Michelle, indicating her to apologize to Sherri.

Seeing clearly the hint of Michelle, although Michelle was not reconciled, but she walked up to her sister and said, "Sherri, it's my fault this time. I shouldn't have lost my mind because of a few words of others and found someone to frame you. But it was really Janine Su who instigated me to do it together. I was also bewitched! "

Michelle looked so pitiful as if she had really suffered a great grievance. Even Sherri was almost fooled by her.

Unfortunately, Sherri knew that no matter how pure and impeccable the surface of Michelle was, she was dirty inside. Perhaps Sherri would be tortured to death in Michelle's heart.

Moreover, she had been deceiving everyone with her hypocritical posture since childhood. Perhaps she would let her go in the past, but now it was different from the past. Tolerance to the enemy was cruelty to herself. Moreover, if it was Sherrie who apologized today, Michelle would not easily forgive her anyway.

"Whether this matter has anything to do with you or not, Elliot Mo will investigate it. If it really doesn't matter, then why are you, Michelle, here today? "

Her words rendered Michelle speechless. She didn't expect that Sherri would refuse her

Jonathon took out a yellow photo from the pocket of his shirt and said, "I took your father and uncle to take the photo when they were young. I have been taking it with me all the time. Have a look at it, Sherri."

Sherri took over the photo and looked at it closely, two boys about eight years old were hugging each other with a silly smile. The boy on the left was a little taller and had some shadow of her.

The expression in Sherri's eyes softened gradually. Others couldn't see it, but it couldn't escape Jonathon's shrewd eyes.

"In fact, your father and your uncle loved each other very much when they were young. They were not like Michelle and Melissa at all. Alas... God made fools of people!

I'm old and I just want to live a peaceful life in my old age. However, you guys of the younger generation can't always get along well with each other. But as a grandfather, how can you ignore it? I still remember that you were so obedient when you begged for candy in my arms when you were a child. "

"Grandpa, I don't want to disturb you, but this time, Michelle has gone too far!"

Jonathon nodded. Seeing this scene, Michelle called him Grandpa in surprise, but he just waved at her.

Hearing that, Michelle's face turned pale. She consciously closed her mouth, but she was restless next to Sherri. Her hands were nervously stirring the hemline of her dress, fearing that even her grandfather, who loved her the most, would betray her.

"Indeed, Michelle should be in jail."

Hearing this, Michelle looked at her grandfather in disbelief.

Sherri also raised her head and looked at this unusual old man.

However, Jonathon said unhurriedly, "as an elder, especially at my age, I have seen through a lot. I don't care much about fame, wealth, love and hatred. I just want the family to live together happily. If Michelle is not here, your uncle will also be very sad. She should be punished for doing something wrong, but if you insist on sending her to prison, what can I do?"

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