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   Chapter 37 A Wily Old Fox

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In the early morning, Michelle Leng got up to dress up. She had made up her mind that she must be flawless in appearance, no matter how hard things had been made difficult for her by Sherri Leng, she would not retort. For people like her, there was no need to worry about anything.

In the mansion of the Leng family, master Leng had been sitting in the living room waiting for Michelle for a long time, but she didn't seem to appear just yet which made him a little angry.

When Michelle finished dressing up and appeared at the stairway, Jonathon Leng saw that his granddaughter, who used to be a little rash, had restrained a part of her arrogance today. As if she walked with lotus flowers in her steps, master Leng seemed to see her wife when she was still young, the woman who had been living in his heart but had already left him in this world.

Edgar temporarily hid the anger he had accumulated in order to wait for Madeline, and said, "today I have an appointment with ximena to meet in seagull coffee. Although there is no member of the Mo clan present, we can't be late."

Among these unimportant words, Michelle understood her grandfather's teachings. She'd better not be late for a date. You are also a member of a big family, and don't lose the most basic etiquette.

Even though she was a little dissatisfied with Jonathon, but Michelle didn't show it immediately. Instead, she put on a more obedient expression and said, "Grandpa, just let our cousin Sherri wait a little longer. Is you, grandfather, who is turning up to see her today!"

In Michelle's words, the relationship between Sherri and the Leng family was completely severed. The word "cousin" made Jonathon feel a little uncomfortable.

But on second thought, Sherri as the younger generation of the Leng family, it was not a big deal for her to wait for him. What disappointed Jonathon most was that the child beside him, whom he had doted on too much, had become so unreasonable.

No matter what, Sherri is also one of her granddaughters. Although he didn't love her as much as he did to Michelle and Melissa Leng, perhaps it was because he was too partial to Sam Leng's daughters, which made the two sisters had an illusion that Sherri was not from the Leng family.

To be honest, Jonathon didn't have any dissatisfaction with Sherri. However, since she came back from abroad, she hadn't visited him, which made him a little unhappy. On the other hand, he appreciated this child left by Rohan Leng.

After all, Sherri was not the kind of person who would only act coquettishly and make others happy.

Of course, Jonathon didn't know what Sam and his daughters had done to her after Sherri came back from abroad. If Jonathon had known that, Sherri wouldn't have been treated like that when she just came back from abroad.

Looking at Michelle with disappointment, Jonathon sighed.

Sam was also his own son, but he was lazy and lazy all his life. He had achieved nothing, but he had a lot of evil thoughts. After being completely disappointed in his son, Jonathon had spent all his energy on training his granddaughter, Michelle.

But now it seemed that he hadn't cultivated

ong the fence beside, the whole city was in sight.

There were hustle and bustle on the road, heavy traffic in the big city, and small vendors selling flowers and cloth. Around this kind of coffee shop full of artistic atmosphere, there were often small vendors struggling in the line of food and clothing to sell insignificant flowers over and over again.

It occurred to Sherri that when she was most helpless, she had also sold flowers in the most prosperous block of the city.

At that time, Alina was seriously ill, and there was no other source of income for Sherri. At that time, Sam, Michelle and Melissa had completely cut off their emergency source. In order to raise the medical expenses of Alina, Sherri had also been a peddler which was the most difficult to do for a period of time.

Seeing that Sherri's face was not as calm as it had been at the beginning, and even a little depressed, Jonathon began to know Sherri. He had ignored what his granddaughter had experienced for so long, making her look like a century.

On the rooftop of the seagull coffee, Sherri didn't tell anyone about the bitterness in her heart.

In order to raise medical fees for Alina, Sherri had asked the saleswoman about the roses in her hands in a low voice once near the seagull. Most of the reason why she had been looked down upon was because of Michelle in front of her.

Sherri knew why Jonathon came here this time. To be honest, she always respected the elders, and she did the same to Jonathon.

As the granddaughter of the old man in front of her, Sherri respected him more than her family.

At the first sight of Sherri, Jonathon was sure that there would be a turning point in the matter of Michelle.

When Jonathon treated Sherri unwell, if he wanted to play the card of love, he could only talk about the death of Rohan.

"Sherri, you see, Michelle is still young and it's normal for her to do something wrong. As her elder sister, you should forgive her generously. Don't you think so?"

Jonathon used Michelle's age, but he completely ignored Sherri's age and the hurt she had suffered.

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