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   Chapter 36 Sweets For Coquettish Women

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At the beginning, Jonathon Leng founded JJ company, but the company's starting point was always full of hardships and difficulties. Later, with the help of his son Rohan Leng, they made the company run better and more powerful, which eventually made up the current JJ Group.

As a matter of fact, Rohan had always been able to get the recognition of many elder members within the company, while his second son had always been arrogant and had achieved nothing. In the end, he had no choice but to work in the family business.

Generally speaking, the master of the Leng family would have loved his eldest son very much. The position of CEO of the Leng family was also expected to be given to him, but he seemed to prefer his second son. Perhaps it was because of the disappointment or sympathy that let Jonathon gave the position of vice president to Sam Leng.

This matter was protested by other senior executives of the company. But since Jonathon was the founder and the chairman with the most shares, nothing could be done.

Sam didn't show much sadness for the sudden death of Rohan either. It was hard to judge for outsiders. Perhaps master Leng didn't want to show his fragility in the outside world. After all, the old man who started the company with his son was very strong and shrewd, and his social status in city A could not be underestimated.

"Grandpa, please help me." Sitting on her knees in front of Jonathon, Michelle Leng wiped her face gently with a silk handkerchief and said tearfully, "I really have no choice this time."

On the other side, Jonathon was sitting upright. His eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and his face was engraved with traces of time. Therefore, Michelle could not see the slight dissatisfaction of him.

Jonathon had four granddaughters in total, and his favorite one was Michelle. On the one hand, she looked like his grandmother the most. On the other hand, Michelle had always been generous and decent in front of him. Outsiders had always praised her for being a lady from an eminent family, but she had done such a dirty thing behind his back, which made him disappointed and angry.

"I heard about that. How dare you come to see me?"

"It's my fault. I was often bullied by Sherri when I was a child. Now I've grown up and even wanted to take revenge on her. I'm too narrow-minded and have always been holding grudges against what happened in my childhood." After saying that, Michelle kept sobbing. It seemed that she was not repenting but aggrieved.

Jonathon let out a long sigh. He still couldn't bear to see his granddaughter cry in front of him. In the past, Michelle often cried and complained to him. At that time, he was very soft hearted, not to mention that as time went by, he couldn't bear to see the tears of his youngsters.

"Did you really get bullied by Sherri when you were a child? Don't think that I know nothing. I just turned on a blind eye to it. "

Jonathon had always favored the Sam family. Yet, seeing this lively and playful child he would naturally help Michelle.

"Grandpa, I'm really sorry this time. Please help me. As long as you persuade Sherri to withdraw the lawsuit, I will compensate her."

Hearing that Jonathon had exposed her lie, Miche

go and beg Sherri! "

Michelle didn't expect that her sister, who had always been obedient, would shout at her so loudly this time. What surprised her more was that Melissa know her plan well throughout, that she wanted Melissa to accompany their grandfather to go and beg Sherri.

"Melissa, you don't know yet. I have asked grandpa to help me solve this matter. Grandpa said that he would go to plead with that bitch, Sherri. You can go with Grandpa as well."

Michelle tried to persuade her sister who had always been obedient to her.

But for some unknown reason, Melissa didn't take her words seriously this time.

In the end, she threw away Michelle who was talking and rushed upstairs. When she closed the door, the noise was so loud that the nanny came out of the kitchen and asked what had happened.

For the first time, Michelle felt a little confused about her sister's thoughts. What was more strange was that her sister, who had never closed the door, not only did she close the door this time, but she also heard the sound of locking up.

"That's right. Michelle is always excellent in front of their grandfather, dad and mom, and even seems to be better in front of me."

Melissa always had such a feeling lightly in her heart, but as long as this kind of thought came out, she would definitely strangle herself to death.

Now it seemed that she had been wrong all the time. Even her grandfather, who had been leisurely and gradually retired from the business world, could be used by her sister. Then what's her position in Michelle's heart.

"Cannon fodder?" It suddenly occurred to Melissa.

When master Leng was about to go out to intercede for her, Michelle had thought about asking Melissa to accompany her grandfather to see Sherri, but Melissa's resistance had completely disrupted her plan.

Since Melissa didn't want to compensate her grandfather to ask for the withdrawal of the lawsuit, Sherri had to show up in person.

"Apologize to that bitch, can she afford it?" Michelle thought angrily in her heart, but she had never thought whether it was appropriate for her grandfather to apologize to Sherri, a youngster.

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