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   Chapter 35 The Endless Road

Indulge In CEO's Love By Yue Rujing Characters: 11066

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When Sherri Leng fell into the arms of Elliot Mo, she could no longer pretend that nothing has happened: "You..."

Before Sherri could finish her words, she was already kissed deeply by Elliot.

Being not satisfied with Sherri's lips, Elliot pinched her waist gently and entered her mouth at the moment when she let out a cry.

Yet, it was cool and sweet. Silently, Elliot thought of the taste of this little woman within his hand.

At the same time, Elliot's hand fell from Sherri's waist to her legs, which were smooth and delicate.

Elliot really wanted to see Sherri's face, the woman in his hand. So he immediately left this sweet women in his arms and as he turned on the bedside lamp, he immediately went back to her.

The night was supposed to be a little cold, but the temperature in the room was rising sharply without warning.

Elliot pulled away the quilt on the bed and with a cry of surprise, Sherri hurriedly pulled the quilt aside to cover herself. Although she was wearing clothes, she felt that Elliot seemed to be able to see through her.

Elliot slowly pulled Sherri out of the quilt and whispered in her ear, which made her heart paralyzed. It was not that I love you, but that I would accompany you.

"I'll be with you."

Looking at the man who had been accompanying her all the time in disbelief, Sherri was deeply touched.

Sherri remained motionless in the quilt, looking at Elliot with her deer like clear eyes.

In the clear eyes of Sherri, Elliot could see himself.

Except from Sherri's eyes, Elliot could also see the blushing face of her, but he did not take any further actions.

After placing his body flat, Elliot lay beside Sherri and said, "I just wanted to hug you. Sherri. "

His hoarse voice was different from that of Elliot as usual. Sherri automatically moved herself to the man next to her. At the moment when the two people's bodies touched, there was a comforting smile on the corner of Elliot's mouth. Finally, Sherri had come to her senses.

Knowing that Elliot couldn't be too anxious, he just held the little girl beside him and fell asleep.

A good night's sleep, except for the physiological reaction of the CEO...

As if Sherri had known nothing, she fell asleep at ease.

The night before he left the hospital, the CEO had slept the whole night with the woman he had been longing for.

On the other hand, Harrison Bai gave full play with his fastest efficiency with the matter. Not long after, Michelle Leng and Janine Su received a summons from the court.

"What's going on?" With a snap, Michelle slammed the subpoena on the table and questioned her sister, "Melissa, didn't you hire Harrison in dealing the matter? Why is this happening? "

Melissa would have never have thought that things were not over yet. She had believed that the case had been closed, but it turns out that something wrong had to happen at the end.

"Michelle, don't worry. I'll call Harrison!"

Obviously, Harrison had promised her that he wouldn't do anything against her promise. Besides, he had no reason to change his mind. After all, it would be a big blow to Sherri.

As the saying goes, an enemy's enemy is a friend.

But as Melissa tried to call Harrison's private phone number, she found out that she has been blacklisted!


oing to go to jail this time?" Sitting on the sofa, Janine didn't bother to take a look at the good black tea brought over by the servant.

"I just went to find Harrison. I'm afraid that he won't help me with that attitude. I'll hire the best lawyer to reverse the case." Michelle clenched her fists and didn't feel her long fingernails piercing into her flesh.

"The best lawyer in city A is Harrison. We won't be able to defeat him."

"No, I don't believe that!" Michelle said it further slapping her upper legs: "There are so many lawyers out there, is there really no one as capable as Harrison?"

"But this time we are at a disadvantage. No matter how good the lawyer is! We can't think about winning the case, because we can't win it at all. But we can avoid it, Michelle"

Janine came up with a brilliant idea just now, and it would definitely work. Thinking of this, she instantly relaxed. She gently picked up the black tea cup on the tea table and took a sip. "Good tea. Do you have any extra tea at home?"

Seeing that Janine could drink tea in such a calm manner, Michelle was even more regretful. "How could you have the time to drink tea? If we don't win at the court, we will die. After we are put into prison, even your Su family won't be able to protect you!"

"The Su family can't protect me, but your family can!" A smile appeared on Janine's face, and her eyes were full of complacency.

Looking at the exasperated and anxious look on Michelle's face, she felt it was funny. "Your grandfather, Jonathon Leng, will not refuse to accept it, will he? As long as your grandfather persuade Sherri to withdraw the lawsuit, we can escape from it."

Michelle was suddenly enlightened. She almost forgot that she still had her grandfather as her trump card.

Her grandfather had favored her since she was a child. This time, he would not just watch her own granddaughter being put into prison without saving her life. Moreover, her grandfather was also the grandfather of Sherri. No matter how much she hated the Leng family, all she had was her father and herself and no others.

"You are right, Janine. As long as my grandfather comes out, Sherri will definitely let us go."

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