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   Chapter 34 The Last Night In The Hospital

Indulge In CEO's Love By Yue Rujing Characters: 9882

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Sherri Leng didn't say anything more. She knew that Elliot Mo was very important in her heart, but she didn't know how important he was.

From childhood to adulthood, the education that Sherri received was a thousand contributions with one return.

However, when Sherri thought of what had happened to her after she came back, she still couldn't figure out the reason why Elliot had helped her unconditionally like this.

Sherri objectively analyzed her own advantages, but someone as powerful as Elliot did not need to get anything from her, so she was once confused.

When Elliot blurted out that sensitive topic, Sherri panicked.

If she couldn't even give the most basic response to this overlord of city A infront of her, would Elliot keep a distance from her in the future.

Perhaps, Elliot at the moment is just on a whim for her. If she no longer had anything that attracted him, would he turn around and leave, leaving her at will.

Sherri began to feel scared.

At the beginning of a loving relationship, people were always afraid of losing something, and Sherri was no exception.

In fact, Sherri was very grateful to Elliot for changing the topic. He should still like her since he took care of her feelings.

On a second thought, Sherri didn't even notice the smile on her face.

Elliot hadn't seen such a smile on Sherri's face since she was hospitalized. He sighed deeply and didn't know what the little girl in front of him was thinking.

The overbearing CEO even thought about it, "is she thinking of herself?"

After thinking it over, Elliot felt that he was really crazy after accompany Sherri to stay in the hospital.

How could Sherri smile like this just because she thought of herself? She must have thought of solving the misunderstanding with Harrison Bai.

But this time, the CEO really misunderstood the truth.

"Sherri, let's pack up and go home tomorrow." Elliot looked at the woman beside him and said.

All of a sudden, Sherri felt as if Elliot had become her husband, urging her to go home.

Sherri couldn't believe that Elliot would become her real husband.

But it was not bad to think about it.

Sherri looked at Elliot seriously.

It was obvious that there was nothing wrong with Elliot in terms of appearance, inner quality and any other aspects.

The little woman in front of him looked him up and down again, thinking that only you, Sherri Leng, dared to look at me like this. If it were someone else, he would have been thrown out for hundreds of times.

It seemed that Sherri would not stop looking at Elliot. He felt that the woman in front of him had become a little abnormal since she heard the news that she was going home.

"But I like this abnormal look." The CEO thought proudly in his heart.

It was rare for Sherri to show her expression on her face. Perhaps it was because of Elliot's care and consideration that gave her a great sense of security, and now she was

CEO went to bed without hesitation.

Sherri slowly opened her eyes, deliberately with a little bit of drowsiness. Only she knew that she had not been asleep. Maybe it was because of her intuition, or maybe God had his own arrangement.

Nothing made Sherri feel more uncomfortable than now. When she was banished abroad, she was framed by people like Melissa Leng after she came back. Facing the misunderstanding of Harrison a few years ago, and even the death of Alice Gu, who she had been holding grudge against, all of these she was not as flustered as now.

Gradually, the breathing of Sherri began to be irregular, which was not like the breathing of a person who was asleep. Elliot calmly analyzed in his mind. Seeing that Elliot closed her eyes and tried to pretend to be asleep, he began to be confident.

If he irritated Sherri without her knowing it, she would certainly hide far away from him. However, her breath had indicated that she had already known that he had walked from the sofa to her bed.

Therefore, the CEO unscrupulously lifted the quilt and placed his stiff limbs casually.

Sherri didn't dare to move because she was afraid that she would betray herself.

It was no exaggeration to say that Elliot was a smart man.

Of course, she was a famous strong woman in city A, but in the eyes of Elliot, Sherri was still a simple woman, such as now.

Elliot raised his hand on purpose and placed it lightly on Sherri's waist.

As long as Sherri didn't respond at this time, it meant that it was time for Elliot to do so.

Smart as Elliot was, he had always been a gentleman. But in front of the woman he had loved for so many years, he had no reason to be a gentleman anymore. What's more, Elliot felt that Sherri began to slowly accept him, so he became more unscrupulous. With a wave of his hand, he pulled her into his arms.

Except from his disdain of Sherri's slender body, Elliot could completely feel her curvaceous figure.

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