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   Chapter 33 Let's Go Home

Indulge In CEO's Love By Yue Rujing Characters: 9655

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Perhaps Harrison Bai was destined to spend the rest of his life to compensate Alice Gu and her best friend, Sherri Leng.

However, Harrison knew clearly that Sherri would never forgive him or accept his help anymore. Anyway, Harrison had made up his mind to protect her as his sister like he did to her five years ago.

When Elliot Mo took out the information about the truth of Alice's death five years ago, Sherri was at a loss for a moment.

Previously, in order to let Sherri walk out from the death of Alice five years ago, Elliot had spent a lot of manpower and financial resources to investigate the truth of five years ago.

When all the documents were placed in front of Sherri, she knew what kind of impact it would bring to Harrison.

Sherri had even thought about letting Harrison hate her for the rest of his life. Otherwise, according to his character, he would definitely live in pain along with self-blame and guilt for the rest of his life.

Sherri felt that this was in conflict with her original intention to hide the death of Alice from Harrison, but Elliot firmly held her hand and said, "Sherri, you can't protect Harrison this time. It's time to let him face it by himself."

The firmness in Elliot's eyes made Sherri sober all of a sudden. Perhaps telling the truth to Harrison was another relief to him.

Sherri knew very well about Harrison's insistence. For all these years, Harrison had been living in his own wishful thinking, paying no attention to others. As his best friend, in fact, Sherri understood his pain more than anyone else. It was time for him to know the truth.

Looking back at Elliot, who had been silently supporting Sherri these days, she found that this handsome and tall man had never said what he had done, but how could she not notice, she knew clearly what this man had done for her behind her back.

Elliot was not only the CEO of the Moshi Group, but also the chairman of the Leican Group. He had his own business to deal with, but he stayed by her side all day and night to accompany her and take care of her emotions.

Feeling deeply touched, Sherri hugged the man beside her without saying a word.

As far as she could remember, it was the first time that she had hugged Elliot so actively.

At the same time, Sherri felt more secure in the arms of Elliot.

Because of her height, Sherri could only hold Elliot's waist.

When Sherri suddenly hugged Elliot, he felt it.

But our smart CEO turned around when Sherri turned around, so that she could naturally get into his arms. It was not because he was not careful at all, but because of the pampering of the little woman named Sherri in front of him.

With her whole body in the arms of Elliot, Sherri felt relieved.

As time went by, Elliot found that the little girl in his arms did not make any movement. He moved his arms and lifted up Sherri in his

rri with a weak deer. She was not a simple deer creature. At least, she was a hidden lion, elegant and waiting for a fatal blow to others.

She opened her eyes for too long and felt a little bitter.

Under the gaze of Elliot, Sherri blinked her eyes and turned her body unnaturally to the other side of the bed.

Perhaps, Sherri didn't notice the temperature on her face.

Looking at the performance of Sherri alone, Elliot felt that this woman had a cute nature.

No matter how far away Sherri was, Elliot slightly stood up and waved his long arm towards Sherri and she fell into Elliot's arm.

"Sherri, you are still too skinny." Seeing that Sherri was easily held by one of his arms, Elliot sighed and said, "I'll go home tomorrow and ask Kate to make up for you."

Hearing the word "home", Sherri ignored her embarrassment.

She had been back to city A for so long. The Leng family had not only turned a blind eye to her, but also hired people to harm her. It could be said that only the Mo family, or it could be said that only Elliot had been with her all the time, like a loyal knight.

Sherri felt that she owed Elliot a lot.

Elliot noticed that when he said that he would go home and ask Kate Zhang to build up Sherri's body. she hesitated, he thought that it was because she didn't want to go back to the Mo family's private house with him.

"If you are not used to living there, we can rent an apartment outside."

Tears welled up in Sherri's eyes. "No, I like Kate very much. I like that home very much. Let's go home."

"What about me?"

Sherri didn't expect that Elliot would suddenly ask this question. She was stunned and didn't know how to answer it.

"Silly girl, let's go through the discharge procedure and go home tomorrow."

Elliot didn't want to force her. He still couldn't figure out what was on her mind, but if the time comes he will definitely let Sherri say it out.

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