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   Chapter 32 Those Obsessions (Part Two)

Indulge In CEO's Love By Yue Rujing Characters: 5206

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Sometimes the thieves would also be well-dressed, but temperament could not be imitated.

The old man decided to believe the young man. "Okay, don't stay too long. The wind is cold at night. Come in the daytime in the future."

After thanking the old man, he turned around and walked into the cemetery and expertly to the front of Alice's tombstone. He could even reach the position with his eyes closed.

In the past five years, he had only come to see Alice for a few times, only on the anniversary of their relationship and Valentine's day. It was not that he was too busy with his work, nor that he forgot it and unwilling to come, but that he was too afraid to come.

He was afraid to see the cold and gray tombstone, on which the two words "Alice Gu" were engraved stiffly. He was afraid to see the familiar smile in the black and white photo, and that the beauty in the past would never return.

He was also afraid of meeting someone who also came here to mourn her, perhaps her parents, or perhaps it was her mother, or Sherri.

So he chose to celebrate their love anniversary and Valentine's day, avoiding Tomb-Sweeping Day and Alice's birthday. For so many years, it was not until now that he realized that he was good at dodging.

He placed the flowers in front of Alice's tombstone. The white roses gave off a faint fragrance.

"I'm here to see you, Alice" Regardless of the dust on the ground, he sat on the ground and looked at the photo on Alice's tombstone gently.

"Sherri had told me everything today. I was so stupid to take

to let it go." Five years of obsession and five years of silent missing should come to an end.

Harrison struggled to stand up. Among them, the one who he felt most sorry to was Sherri. Now he only wanted to make up for the girl who had been treated as his sister.

Before he met Alice, in the eyes of Harrison, Sherri was a calm and beautiful girl, who was also very excellent.

Different from the pursuit of most young talents in city A, Harrison really thought that this girl was suitable to be protected. Therefore, at that time, instead of falling in love with Sherri, he fell in love with Alice, who was completely different from Sherri.

But now, what had he done in the past five years.

Harrison asked himself painfully.

How could such a reasonable person such as Sherri hurt Alice? Her death would have also been a big blow to her.

Harrison dared not to think about it anymore. He was even instigated by Melissa Leng to tamper with the matter of Sherri. Now it seemed that he had completely disappointed Sherri.

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