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   Chapter 31 Those Obsessions (Part One)

Indulge In CEO's Love By Yue Rujing Characters: 5729

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Harrison Bai hurriedly looked through the documents that were thrown to him by Elliot. The evidence was conclusive, but he still refused to believe it. He made the last struggle and said, "no way! Sherri had admitted it herself! Even Alice's parents believed so, didn't they? "

"Harrison," Sherri Leng was disappointed at him. "I thought you had walked out from the shadow of that year after so many years, but you were still so stubborn. It was because of your paranoia that Alice asked me to hide her illness from you, fearing that you would do something stupid. You can also ask master Gu and his wife of the Gu family. 5 years have passed now, and there is no need for them to help me hide anything. "

No one had expected that a powerful and invincible lawyer in the court would end up in such a mess today.

A bitter smile appeared on his face, it turned out that he was so coward. He wanted to escape from the death of Alice and didn't dare to face her illness.

He transferred this fear to his hatred and anger for Sherri, where he could at least get a little comfort in his midnight dream.

"I'm sorry, Sherri. I'm begging for your forgiveness. I've hated you and blamed you for all these years, and even..."

It was hard for a man to apologize to a woman, but he knew clearly that what he had done was far from enough.

"I've even helped Michelle Leng and Janine Su to go against you. Now I understand everything. Don't worry, I will interrogate the case again when I go back and give you justice."

"I won't forgive you." With an expressionless face, Sherri said in a cold tone, "I have always respected you as my brother, but you haven't treated me as a sister since the death of Alice.

s voice in the room.

"I'm here to visit my family."

"This late at night? Are you a ghost or a human?"

Although he said so, the old man fumbled for the key and opened the door.

Even if the person is really a ghost, he would not be afraid.

He was almost half step into the coffin and had a clear view of everything. Moreover, when he was guarding the tomb, a homeless man sneaked in at midnight to take some mourning goods; a thief at midnight just wanted to steal the tomb owner's grave; he heard strange noises coming out from the tomb at midnight. He had met all kinds of situations, but it's the first time seeing someone come to visit the tomb at night.

"Where exactly does your family live?" The old man used to use the word "live", "I'll take you there."

"I know where she is. You don't have to lead me. Just open the door."

The old man looked suspiciously at the man in front of him. He was in a straight suit, shiny leather shoes, and there was no cowardice in his eyes. He looked like a successful man all over his body. Presumably, he was a young man from the upper class. He would not do anything stealthily.

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