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   Chapter 12 Disturbance At The Ball

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There was no wind or rain tonight, and the jade plate was hanging high. The moon in the sea was the moon in the sky, and the person in front of her was her sweetheart.

"I seem to have changed my mind."

"What?" The girl tilted her head, showing an almost perfect face.

Her dress was decorated with crystal, reflected with lightness under the light, as if she was in a hazy halo, mistakenly making people believe that she wore the entire starry sky.

The bottom of the dress was hollowed cut with lace, and her white and slender legs were partly hidden and partly visible through the laces, blooming in silent her temptation.

"Sherri, you are so beautiful tonight that I almost regret letting you to attend the ball." In a slightly tight black suit, Elliot Mo's perfect figure was revealed completely. The blue tie matched with the sapphire jewelry of Sherri, and there was no more decoration on the suit. Even though it was such a simple suit, but coupled with the delicate features of Elliot, his deep and bottomless eyes looked very eye-catching.

They stood together, making a perfect match.

"Thank you for giving me the dress. It fits me perfectly. Let's go." She opened her red lips slightly, looking very charming.

The ball was held inside the mansion of the Leng family in the west of the city. People who could be invited were either business elites, officials, or aristocrats. In a word, they were all famous upper class figures within city A.

The mansion was in a luxurious Optima style, and the ball was open-air. There were barbecue buffet, accompanying band, imported wine, artificial swimming pool.... they had everything that one expects to find.

"How's it going? Is Elliot here?" Michelle Leng was dressed in a golden strapless dress, with the most popular princess braiding.

She pretended to ask the person in charge of the ball lightly, but in fact, she was anxious already. After all, it was said that no ladies could get as close as within five meters to Elliot, let alone of him attending any social events.

"Miss Leng and Mr. Mo hasn't come yet." The person in charge said respectfully.

The expression on her face faded.

Michelle..." Michelle! " Melissa Leng trotted over from a distance. She was wearing the same silver dress as Michelle. She screamed excitedly, "I saw... I saw it... "

"What did you see? What startled you so easily! " Michelle frowned in disgust and said, "Melissa, you are now Miss Leng of the JJ Group. Pay attention to your manners!"

As if Melissa hadn't heard this, she blinked her eyes and said, "Michelle, it's Elliot. I saw him!"

"Where?" On the other hand, when Michelle heard this, she grabbed her arm without any dignity and was extremely excited.

"Ouch... Michelle, be gentle. It hurts!" "I saw his car on the rooftop just now. I'm afraid it's about to reach the gate now." said Michelle with pain.

Before she finished her words, they saw a golden shadow running towards the gate of the mansion.

Not long after Michelle waited at the door, she saw a Ferrari F60 America slowly driving over. This car was a limited edition launched by the Ferrari company

sident of the JJ Group. It's strange to have him calling at this time. "Sherri, I have to answer the phone. Wait for me here."

"No worries, go ahead."

"Remember, you must refuse those who invites you to dance. You are my dancing partner tonight. Only with me, Elliot."

Hearing this, Sherri felt funny. She looked down at, which stunned many people.

"Now is the time. It's easy to do things when Elliot is not here."

Not long after Elliot left, Michelle walked up towards her with a weird smile on her face!

"You are so beautiful today. You are even more beautiful than me on the dance floor." Michelle appeared in front of her with small steps and said with a bright face.

Before Sherri could say anything, Janine, who was standing next to her, continued, "yes, you are right. Look at the young talents in the field, their eyes are fixed on you."

There was obvious jealousy on her face.

Sherri looked up and down at Michelle and Janine, without saying anything, as if she was watching the two of them playing tricks.

That's right, one of them is the daughter of her uncle, who is full of bad ideas but related by blood, and the other a disgusting woman who stolen her boyfriend, which made the proud Sherri disdain to talk to her.

Seeing the cold expression on Sherri's face, Janine became anxious. She hurriedly winked at Michelle and said, "what should we do next? This woman did not react to it at all."

At a loss, Michelle couldn't help but complain to Janine, "she's just a beautiful vase on the outside. Nothing special."

Although she thought so within her heart, but Michelle still walked forward and said, "Janine, let's do this later..."

Covering her mouth, Michelle whispered in Janine's ear what would happen later.

"Great. Let's see how Sherri is going to deal with this then."

The vicious light on Janine's face suddenly cheered Michelle up.

Janine knew that once this has been played, Sherri's reputation would be ruined throughout city A.

In city A, there would only exist one leading role, and that character could only be her, Janine.

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