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   Chapter 11 Her Soft Lips

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The next day at seven o'clock, Sherri Leng appeared under the building of JJ Group. The security guards at the gate had been replaced by new faces, and the layout for the plants and flowers around had also changed. The corners of her mouth slightly curled up, she thought that things have really changed.

She arrived at the JJ Group in advance to see what was going on. Her parents were no longer here, yet everything in the company began to reform and change.

She didn't know whether it was because they felt insecure or because of the traditional thoughts of the aged board of director. In a word, all the backbone support of the group has been replaced.

Sherri preferred the first one, uncle's family was timid, coward and ambitious. They would definitely remove those who disliked them and looks for trouble, otherwise the whole company would bleed to death.

Since things had gotten into this situation, Sherri also had her own plan.

"Sherri, I do apologize that uncle I couldn't go and visit you in advance." Sam Leng said it hypocritically.

"You old fox," said Sherri in her heart, but she still stated: "You just took over the company, and too busy to look after any other things. Business is more important. Don't worry about me."

Sam didn't know what to say. After all, the new employees that came in to work didn't know the complexity of the Leng family, and it would be difficult to manage if the news got spread.

Noticing that something was wrong, Michelle Leng came out to mediate, "let's not talk about these things out on the corridor. Let's go to the meeting room first."

After glancing at Sam and Melissa Leng, Sherri walked towards the meeting room.

"Give me the box now, and there would be nothing to talk about between us." Sherri said it as soon as Sherri opened the door of the meeting room.

Both Sam, Melissa and Michelle had their faces darkened. They didn't expect that Sherri would be so straightforward. "My niece, since you have said so, we won't hold onto it any longer."

While he said it, Sam asked Michelle to hand over the share transfer agreement to Sherri.

"Sherri, after you have signed the agreement, you'll be able to take away the autopsy report of your parents."

Sherri's heart sank. Sure enough, the Leng family is like this.

Without any hesitation, she took over the agreement, glanced through it quickly and had her name signed on it.

"Your plan went on very smoothly." Then she left the JJ Group.

Holding the agreement that had just been signed by Sherri, Sam showed an unfathomable smile. He called Michelle in front of him, lowered his head and said something. At last, he said, "I'll leave it to you."

After receiving the order, Michelle smiled knowingly. "This time, you will lose your reputation! Just wait and see, Sherri"

The Leng family suddenly announced that they would hold a ball tomorrow evening.

Some people didn't know what the Leng family was doing, while others knew it clearly.

The daughters of the Leng family in city A were well-known throughout

For a moment, the city began to brighten up.

"Mr. Mo, this is the invitation sent by the Leng family." Sean Shen said it respectfully.

Staring at the red golden edge of the invitation card, Elliot's eyes were deep and unfathomable.

"The Leng family, interesting." His voice didn't change, but Sean, who had been serving Elliot Mo for many years, sensed something unusual.

However, he didn't have the right to ask more.

"Go and prepare a dress. Remember, it's for ladies." Said Elliot.

Sean was secretly surprised, but when he saw the expression on Elliot's face, he knew that he had to handle it perfectly, otherwise he will spent the time later on in hardship.

"Yes, Mr. Mo." Being respectful and without any speculation was an important reason why Sean could stay with Elliot for so long.

"By the way, how is Sherri doing recently?" Elliot asked casually.

Sean was a smart man. He knew that Elliot cared about this very much.

"Mr. Mo, Sherri has done a good job and put forward a lot of suggestions. She is a little over qualified in the marketing department." Sean said calmly, as if he didn't notice Elliot's concern.

After hearing Sean's words, Elliot raised his head and said, "you just said that Sherri's talents in the market department were a little wasted. Then arrange her to work by your side, to learn how to be an assistant."

Hearing Elliot's statement, Sean had to agree, "Sure, Mr. Mo."

After a whole day's work, Elliot rubbed his sore eyes and was about to go home.

Elliot pressed down the button for the eleventh floor, he walked out of the VIP elevator and saw that Sherri was still working. He felt a little helpless.

"Sherri, if it weren't for fear of frightening you, I would have locked you up at home."

Of course, this was only an inner play. The omnipotent CEO would never show it on the outside.

In the large office area, only Sherri was there. She was still reading the documents in serious, and a strand of hair was scattered on her ears, which had covered her eyes disobediently as usual.

Unconsciously, Sherri tucked her hair behind her ear, which made Elliot's eyes deepened.

She used to do the same to her hair...

It was not until then that Sherri noticed that someone else was beside her.

"Just a while." As if he had seen through her mind, Elliot said before Sherri could say anything.

Sherri raised her head and looked towards Elliot. Surprise was written all over her clear eyes. It was rare for Elliot to see her like this

. He smiled gently, as if a dead tree had just came alive by seeing a blooming flower. His smile made Sherri stunned for a few seconds.

As soon as she came to her senses, Sherri felt that Elliot had held her head and kissed her lips already.

Sherri was shocked by Elliot's action in a sudden, that she forgot to resist.

Elliot was delighted and deepened the kiss. He didn't let go of her until Sherri was about to lose her breath.

All of a sudden, Sherri became a little angry. She was even angrier with herself than the man in front of her.

How could she be kissed by this man so easily? Forget it. Just take it as a bite of a dog.

"It's so late. Why don't you get off work?" Elliot asked.

"I haven't finished my work yet. I think the plan can be made even more perfect." In fact, Sherri had done a good job already, but what she wanted was perfection as always.

"Why are you still here?" Sherri asked unwillingly.

"I have a wife." Elliot said it playfully.

Sherri regretted immediately of asking the question.

In the elevator, the two didn't speak. They pressed down the red button for the first floor, and the air suddenly became quiet.

Sherri quietly watched the changing floors, while Elliot quietly watched her.

The moment the red mark on the first floor disappeared, Sherri stepped out of the elevator door. Within a second, she was pulled back to the elevator, and landed exactly on the chest of Elliot.

When Sherri was about to lose her temper, she was pressed against the wall by Elliot immediately.

At this time, Sherri was quite angry. She wondered what was going on now, as they promised earlier as to "take what they need".

Looking at the sparks in Sherri's eyes, Elliot realized that he was too anxious.

He gently tucked Sherri's hair behind her forehead and let go of the woman in his hand.

Instead, it was her turn to be shocked this time. Sherri had thought...

"What? Did you think I was..." Elliot raised his eyebrows and snickered.

The feeling of ruffian was not annoying, but inexplicably attractive.

Sherri thought that she must have being out of her mind, but her face was inexplicably red.

Elliot felt lucky that he didn't do anything excessive just now, or he would frighten his little wife away.

Eason Chen's "long time no see" was played inside the car. The unique melody was comfortable, and the work intensity was so great that Sherri had fallen asleep in the car already, which amused and distressed Elliot.

"This women has not changed at all." The smile at the corners of Elliot's mouth could not be hidden. Being able to fall asleep beside him meant that she trusted him for sure, isn't it.

The car stopped at the traffic light.

Elliot looked towards Sherri lying next to him, following her eyes, to her delicate ears, to her mouth, and finally her petal colored lips. Elliot watched her helplessly and his Adam's apple rolled.

Since she is asleep, I'll just touch her once.

His action was faster than his thought, and Elliot had already covered Sherri's mouth.

The soft touch made Elliot start sucking Sherri's lips involuntarily, one, two, three...

"Done." Sherri snorted lightly.

Like a thief caught on the spot, Elliot was frightened and immediately retreated.

"Thank God, she didn't wake up." Thinking that he almost couldn't control himself just now, Elliot felt guilty within his conscious, and he couldn't help laughing.

When Sherri slowly woke up, she happened to see this scene.

"He looks like an angel under the street lamp." Thought Sherri.

After they passed the crossroad, Elliot asked what Sherri would like to eat for dinner.

"Let's go home." Sherri just wanted to return home.

"Alright, Mrs. Mo."

While they were having fun, a man beside them kept staring at them since the first traffic light they had driven passed.

Yet, he was Zion An of the HT Group, and Sherri's ex-boyfriend.

Back then, it was because of the aloof and arrogant character of Sherri that he quickly lost the passion of loving her. After that, his parents suddenly died, and all his family property fell into the hands of Sam. Therefore, Zion resolutely chosen to break up with her, and quickly fell in love with another rich and beautiful woman in City A, Janine.

"For so many years, you haven't even let me hold onto your hand, but you are so intimate with others."

Deep inside, Zion didn't deny her excellence and beauty, but his patience was worn out by Sherri's independence as time passed by.

"But you are also a little girl..." With a weird smile, Zion stepped hard on the accelerator and drove away.

As Sherri and Elliot returned home, they saw the dinner table with sumptuous food that had been prepared by Kate.

Then, Elliot started feeding into Sherri's dish as the first time, with his own dish empty.

"I can do it myself, Elliot" She was abnormally calm.

"Don't worry. I won't starve myself until I faint again. I have a revenge to take as well! Taking back the Leng family and live a good life from then on! " Said Sherri firmly.

No one noticed the trace of pity in Elliot's eyes. "Here's a good chance."

"What?" Sherri asked in disbelief. A chance? What chance?

"The Leng family is going to hold a ball tomorrow evening, there might be some clues."

"But... I won't be able to get in without an invitation. "

"As long as I'm here, there's nothing I can't do, Sherri."

All the people in city A said that Elliot is incomparably cold, but now, the tenderness in his eyes seems to melt everything in the world.

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