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   Chapter 10 Work Is Settled

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"Mr. Mo, what kind of job shall we arrange for Miss Leng?" Sean Shen asked Elliot Mo with great respect.

"You can call her Mrs. Mo from now on." Elliot Mo said it without raising his head, as if this was the most ordinary thing that he ever mentioned. At the same time, he continued dealing with the documents of marketing solutions that had just come through today.

"Yes, sir."

Sean felt an invisible pressure and said: "Why don't we get a work for Miss... Mrs. Mo, in the marketing department, to fill up the gap"

"The marketing department is complicated. She might not be able to handle it." Elliot frowned and denied.

He frowned subconsciously and didn't show any dissatisfaction, but Sean was frightened to sweat already.

"Then... Shall we get her the position at personnel administration department? There's not much to do there. "

Elliot put down the documents in his hand and glanced at Sean, already he could feel the endless coldness around him. With his boss around, no single air condition is needed throughout the summer!

Having followed him for so many years, Sean know him so well that he smartly realized he had just said something wrong.

The human resources department is on the third floor, and boss's office is on the twelfth floor. There's a great distance between them. No wonder he would be unhappy.

"Mr. Mo, I've thought about it for a long time. Mrs. Mo is the most suitable assistant for you. She's the eldest daughter of the former director of JJ Group, Rohan Leng. She is intelligent and had studied business administration abroad. She would have known well about the company's affairs. I believe that she will confidently take over the job."

"Just arrange a job in the marketing department for her."


The marketing department? Sean answered Elliot obediently without daring to ask for why: "Sure, Mr. Mo."

"I can handle it myself now, you may do your own work." Elliot said lightly.

Of course, he didn't arrange Sherri Leng in the market department on a whim. He wanted to keep her by his side as well, wishing to watch her every moment and keep her under his protection.

However, as a proud woman, excessive protection would cause Sherri's aversion, so it was better to have her in the marketing department.

The work in the marketing department was neither too much nor too little, however the salary is rather low.

He had promised Sherri, that the medical fees of her sister Alina Leng would be deducted from her salaries. It would be no good if she were able to return all the debts in a short while.

He needed time to remind Sherri of the time abroad, when they were together, and the marketing department is on the eleventh floor. This was one of his selfish motives.

The next morning, Sherri went to work as arranged. She had thought that if Elliot arranged her to be an idle manager or a little secretary, she would refuse him immediately but politely. But he arranged her a middle status role in the marketing department, which she was satisfied with.

She didn't want to owe Elliot too much. After the revenge has taken place, with the company away from uncle Sam Leng's hands, and her sister recovers. She would then end this show of "taking what they needs".

In the mansion of the Leng family, a sharp female voice sounded, "what?! How could that bitch find a job? !"

A young woman wearing a delicate silk printed dress, who would have mistakenly be recognized as a very elegant lady shouted looking angrily with her gritted teeth.

"Exactly, Michelle. When I walked past the headquarter of the Leican Group today, I saw with my own eyes that Sherri were in there." Another woman answered, pouting herm mouth.

"Melissa, Are you sure?! Our family had the statement made already, and no company dares to take that woman in." Michelle Leng said it angrily.

"I've also sent someone for investigation. She's Sherri! She's working in the Leican Group for real. " Said Melissa Leng affirmatively.

"The Leican Group?" "What a familiar name... It's Elliot's company!" Michelle stated to herself. damn! She's so annoying. "

"How could Elliot have given a work for that bitch? !" Melissa looked at her sister in disbelief.

"Elliot is a men out of usual."

As Elliot is mentioned, Michelle's tone slowed down involuntarily. She didn't even realize that her tone was much softer than before. "He has always been doing his own things and would not avoid anything deliberately. He is probably the only one who dares to take Sherri in for work within city A."

"So..." "Will Elliot help that bitch become our enemy?" asked Melissa worriedly

"Ha ha," sneered Michelle, her twisted face full of sarcasm. "Just like that? Does she deserve Elliot's help? Huh! I don't think Mr. Mo will ever notice her. "

"Yes, you're right Michelle. Elliot would have helped you if it ever happened!"

Hearing her sister's compliments, Michelle could not help but feeling elated. Of course, with her current status, Miss Leng of JJ Group, and this pretty face, it was impossible for Elliot to not see her.

"Sherri, I will not only kick you out of the Leng family, but also ruin your reputation! I'll make it hard for you for your whole life! " Michelle swore to herself, and the viciousness on her face deepe


"Melissa, go and get that bitch's thing down." Michelle resumed her ladylike manner and began looking at her nails with appreciation.

The gorgeous redness looked exactly like her lips -- which Michelle accidently bitten, when she heard that Sherri had found a job. Now, she'll have more attention on Sherri to watch her every action.

Seeing Michelle calming down in a sudden, Melissa also dropped down her uneasiness.

Since she was a child, Michelle had always been someone who were able to satisfy her family. However, she certainly was not as good as Sherri.

"But, isn't Sherri driven out by her own family? Besides, most of the credit goes to her sister." Melissa kept thinking in her mind and convinced herself to rest assured.

No matter how good she was in the past, Sherri is now all alone. No one would ever help her.

Thinking of this, Melissa took down the things upstairs.

When they first saw these thing, the two of them looked at each other and decided to keep it. Sure enough, it came in handy.

But she didn't expect it to come in handy so soon.

No one knew that Sherri would come back to city A so quickly and find a job.

The two sisters knew how terrifying Sherri was. It was a power that could grow quickly as soon as it touched the soil. At the bottom of their words, the reason why they got suppressed was not due to their inefficiency of their ability, but because Sherri was so outstanding.

Therefore, Sherri must leave city A!

After dressing up, the two girls got onto the car to the Leican Group.

They didn't talk much on the way. When they got out of the car, Michelle turned around and looked at Melissa. The two exchanged thier glances and said, "we're finally going to meet up."

When the two daughters of the JJ Group appeared at the gate of the Leican Group, they wer so honored that they got a lot of attention. They were well cut, precisely made and well designed, which made Melissa and Michelle who already had good looking faces to attract those whose eyes were filled with admiration for the upper class girls.

With a graceful smile, Melissa bent down slightly and asked, "excuse me, which department is Sherri in?"

The clerk stammered: "umm... Over there." She pointed towards the direction of marketing department.

"Thank you." Melissa smiled.

The clerk felt as if the flowers in front of her had bloomed: "That lady is so pretty and her tone was so kind. As expected, the daughters of the JJ Group really had good breeding."

After sighing, the clerk went to do her own work.

"Sherri, long time no see." As soon as Michelle saw Sherri, she began speaking out.

"Well, long time no see." Replied Sherri in an official and unfriendly tone.

"You two are looking beautiful today. That's right, you guys can only behave yourself when you go out."

A mocking smile played at the corners of Sherri's mouth.

Melissa and Michelle couldn't stand it anymore when they saw the sarcastic expression on Sherri's face: "You haven't changed at all, not in any way pleasing."

"But it doesn't matter. I brought something for you today. I think you will be interested in it."

"Melissa, take it out." Michelle quickly changed to her cold tone.

Melissa took out the little box they had from her bag. When Sherri saw the box, she was confused for a moment. What is she going to do this time?

"Don't you want to see what's in it?" As she was speaking, Melissa had already opened the box. There were only a few pieces of paper.

But all the members of the Leng family knew what it meant to Sherri.

When she saw the pale face of Sherri, she felt a sense of pleasure.

"Give it back to me. It's mine."

Although she knew that Sherri and Melissa wouldn't give it to her so easily, but she still asked.

"You have two choices. The first one, give up your shares, at the same time, our Leng family will compensate you part of the price. Or, leave this city, and the Leng family will give you a considerable amount of money." Following the requirements of Melissa and Michelle, she gave Sherri two choices.

"Alright, I'll give you the shares. Now, return the box." Sherri's cold expression surprised Michelle at once.

"You can leave now if you give back the box, and I promise to give up the shares." Said Sherri again.

She didn't expect that Sherri would choose to give up her shares in such a situation.

Michelle wasn't prepared and didn't know what to say. She had never thought that Sherri would give up her shares so easily. Biting her lower lip, she said, "I can't give you the box right now. Eight o 'clock tomorrow, at JJ Group, I hope to see you there on time." Melissa and Michelle then left the Leican Group.

In fact, Sherri didn't need to be threatened. Those were just a few pieces of paper.

However, only the Leng family knew what those papers meant to Sherri.

Therefore, as a matter of course, Sherri's weakness was caught. She wanted to know the truth of her parents' death from the bottom of her heart, even if the truth had already been cleared up.

However, Sherri was so stubborn that she believed that there would always exist some evidence. Just like how the Leng family did not happen to see what those few pieces of paper could do, as they were self-righteous.

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