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   Chapter 9 A Heavy Slap

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Elliot Mo said lightly. For a moment, Sherri Leng didn't know what she should say to respond to him.

She didn't know why she always felt flustered in front of this man. Her usual calmness was no longer there. Unexpectedly, she would be like a little girl one day who had never seen the world and often blushes with faster heart beats.

Thinking of this, Sherri blamed herself in her heart. If things goes on like this, she would never be able to do a good job. She's still a newbie in front of these people, otherwise she wouldn't have let her father's company be taken away by her uncle so easily.

Seeing the change of emotions in Sherri's eyes, Elliot's eyes flashed slightly and said lightly, "let's do it after your hands fully recovers. Are you going to go back for now?"

"I had no sleep last night."

As soon as Sherri raised her head and was about to speak, she saw that Elliot said it lightly. She happened to see a touch of stubble on his chin, which made him look more amiable than usual. Instead, he had a feeling of vicissitudes.

"Let's go back. I think that's enough." Sherri was about to pull out the needle from her arm.

Elliot quickly stopped her, followed by his slightly heavier tone, "are you going to faint again?"

Sherri stopped and looked at Elliot with a puzzled face. Her slightly red face made her look a little pink and tender, because she had slept a lot throughout these days. Her skin looked very smooth, and her little lips were naturally pink. When she didn't use any makeup, this woman looked as a neighbor next door, not like a noble, cold and gorgeous girl that he had seen before. But a girl that could not be ignored.

Elliot felt out of control, with his heart fallen on her side closely. When Sherri came to herself, her lips had already been covered with a sense cold touch.

Her body suddenly stopped, as if her heart had stopped, and then it began to skip a beat. And the kiss from Elliot seemed to have a tendency to penetrate into her body.

All of a sudden, a layer of cold sweat appeared on Sherri's back. She kept wriggling her body, trying to break away from him, but her body had been held still by the arm of Elliot, and there was no chance for her to get away with it.

Elliot placed his hand on the back side of Sherri's head, he could feel the sweetness of this woman. It was a kind of taste that he missed, and he could not stop loving her all at once.

The bossy manner made Sherri's body seem to be fixed by someone. Her face turned red, and her back was wet. It was not until she felt that she could not breathe that Elliot released her with a sense of affection. In his eyes, there was a hint of lust and affection that no one had seen before.

However, before he could react, she had already swung her fist at him, while his eyes were still fixed on the lips of Sherri.

Elliot leaned his head forward in a sudden, startled. It was not her injured fist, but Sherri's elbow that hit his face.

This time, Sherri used all her strength, and Elliot didn't dodge. His face turned red soon and seemed to be swollen.

Seeing that, Sherri stared still for a moment, but the anger in her eyes did not disappear quickly. The anger was lingering around her, which made the anger that was about to rise in the heart of Elliot dissipate a little.

"Mrs. Mo, do you want to hit me again?" Said Elliot slowly in a low voice.

For a moment, there was only the sound of Sherri's heavy breath. After a long time, she still looked at Elliot coldly and angrily.

Elliot's words brought Sherri back to earth. The word "Mrs. Mo" suddenly struck her heart. She had forgotten it again, they were already legally married. What she had done just now...

"You feel relieved now?"

Elliot added. This time, his voice was full of wonder and comfort.

Sherri didn't know how to answer. If she said "sorry, It was my mistake, I shouldn't have done that", she definitely wouldn't admit it. She also had her own pride, and she had never regretted what she had done. But now, after all, she's just a person who lives under someone else's roof, destined to sponsor.

Admitting my fault...


thought flashed through Sherri's mind, but an apology, at this moment, was such a heavy word for her.

Before she could say anything, Elliot opened his mouth first: "I'm sorry. I should have asked you first. I'll be careful next time"

Sherri raised her head and stared at Elliot in disbelief. She didn't believe that such a proud and arrogant man would say the word "sorry" in front of her.

Looking at Sherri's red and swollen lips, Elliot's eyes flashed with a glimmer of light. He tried hard to move his eyes away from that place, but soon he went blank and turned his neck unnaturally.

Following his gaze just now, Sherri blushed as a monkey's butt.

It turned out that because of her struggle just now, her clothes had already been unbuttoned due to the friction between them two. Now her shoulders were slightly exposed, and her clothes were also half unbuttoned. However, in the eyes of Elliot, this scene was not that simple. Her messy hair fell on her collarbone, and the short hair on her forehead was wet with sweat. The clothes that were opened widely made her look drunk...

All of a sudden, Elliot stood up and turned around. His Adam's apple swollen heavily. When he turned around, Sherri was also tidying herself up in a hurry, but because of her bandaged hands, she looked cute and clumsy.

Without her noticing, the corners of Elliot's mouth suddenly curled up, and his eyes seemed to be full of stars.

He walked forward, bent down slightly, and his slender fingers appeared in front of Sherri. She was frightened and leaned back unconsciously, with her eyes slightly closed.

"How can you button up like this?"

Elliot said it with a light smile. There was a sense of joy in his voice, which was unlike him.

Hearing that, Sherri went blank again. The moment he flipped his fingers, her clothes had already been tidied up. Then she heard him walking behind her and said: "Your hair is messy. I'll tidy it up for you."

Feeling his fingers skimming through her hair slowly, Sherri felt a current rushing into her body. Elliot looked serious. He combed her hair carefully with his hands, and then tied up to a fresh looking ponytail. Now, her palm sized face was shown completely.

"Done." Elliot walked over and took a look at it. Then he frowned again. After a long time, he said, "you're too skinny. I'll ask Kate Zhang to supply you with nourishment later."

Hearing that, Sherri's face turned red again. But because her face was red earlier as well due to the fever, so Elliot didn't notice it.

Just as that happened, the drop had all been gone. Although her arm had been protected earlier, but the needle was still soaked in blood because of her struggle.

However, she acted as if he didn't see it. She pulled out the needle with her head down, took a cotton swab beside him and pressed onto it. When she looked up towards Elliot's eyes full of wonder, she explained, "This often happened to my sister, so I learnt how to deal with it."

Behind him, Elliot's eyes darkened again. A sharp light flashed through his dark and deep eyes, making it hard to see what was on his mind.

Once again, she was held up by Elliot horizontally. With a cry of surprise, she reflexively placed her arms around his neck. And Elliot naturally lowered his head a little, so that Sherri could easily hook herself up.

Feeling her eyelids burning, Sherri didn't dare to look at this man.

On the other hand, a determined smile appeared at the corners of Elliot's mouth. He left quietly with Sherri in his arms.

Back home, Kate was also very anxious. As soon as she saw someone coming back, she ran over with surprise and asked about the condition of Sherri. But when she saw the red and swollen face of Mr. Mo, she was also shocked and asked, "what happened to your face, Mr. Mo?"

Following her words, Sherri saw that Elliot's face, which was red and swollen at that moment, the exact side that she had slapped. His face was burning and she didn't know what to do. Then she heard Elliot said slowly:

"It's okay. I tipped over by accident."

While he said it, he took a look at Sherri with a smile that couldn't be ignored..

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