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   Chapter 8 It Depends On Her Mood

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Half an hour later.

In the huge office, Sherri Leng had been sent to the lounge. Theo Gu's assistant gave her an injection and hung up the drip. She was still asleep.

Outside the lounge, Elliot Mo sat behind Theo's desk. In front of him were Theo and another man.

This man was also very handsome and looked very lively. He looked at Elliot with teasing and questioning in his eyes. He's Ken Qin, the other brother of Elliot.

Elliot's face was cold, unaffected at all by the gazes of those two.

"Elliot, you got married in secret? How could that be? What about me?"

With a frown, Ken looked at Elliot with an unemotional look, and his eyes were full of excitement to hear the gossip.

Theo continued, "That's right, you've only seen this woman for a few times, let alone a woman abandoned by her family. Why did you marry her?"

Hearing Theo's words, Elliot suddenly raised his eyes, with a gleam shining in them. He said coldly, "what? Can't I marry her after she got abandoned by her family?"

Theo went blank for a moment and said, "that's not what I meant. The thing is that you should have prevented against this woman getting close to you."

Elliot's eyes paused slightly, as if he was thinking about something. After a long time, he said lightly, "I approached her first."


His words were like a loud thunder, which stirred up a huge storm in the hearts of Ken and Theo. The two of them looked at Elliot in disbelief, at the men who got all the women in city A to love him as to lose their minds.

In this one day, he told them that it was him who took the initiative to approach a woman, and a woman who had lost everything.

"Bro, are you out of your mind?"

Ken still couldn't believe that it was a saying from his brother. He frowned and moved closer to him with his mouth slightly open and his eyes opened widely.

Theo, on the other hand, was not as shocked as Ken. He stood still, looked towards Elliot, and after a long time he said slowly: "Does master Mo know about this?"

"Not yet." said Elliot lightly.

Ken stood up and sighed. He looked at his brother sympathetically and said, "bro, you're screwed. Once master Mo discovers that you married a woman so casually, he will break your legs."

Thinking of master Mo with his grave and dignified bearing, Ken unnoticeably felt a chill on his neck and back.

Theo continued to ask, "when are you going to announce to the public?"

Elliot had already stood up. Hearing Theo's words, he thought for a second and quickly replied, "I'm not planning for that to happen just now, It won't be too late to announce it when she can fully accepts it."

No way.

With a scream in his heart, Ken turned around and looked at Theo. He didn't know what was this women had that attracted him so much. After all these years, no girls could have approached him, let alone his brother being so considerate for a woman.

Thinking of this, Ken became more and more curious about Sherri. He looked at his brother and said with a smile, "Elliot, so you mean that I have a sister-in-law now?"

When Elliot was about to turn around and walk towards the lounge, he stopped and didn't turn around. Instead, he turned his back towards Ken and said softly and slowly, "that depends on whether she accepts you."

Elliot turned around and went to the lounge. At the same time, he closed the door, shutting the two of them outside.

With both his mouth and eyes widely open, Ken pointed at Theo with his finger and asked, "Theo, did he just say that it depends on her."

Theo moved his eyes from the door that had been closed of the lounge to Ken. After a while, he said sympathetically, "good luck."

Then The

o picked up his clothes and went out. He didn't expect that Elliot would give up his cooperation with the Su family so easily for this woman. It was conceivable that this woman meant everything to him.

However, he still couldn't figure out what had happened between them. This had never happened to Elliot before.

No matter what, Theo didn't slow down at all. He had wanted to get the cooperation case with the Su family a long time ago, and it has been a pity that he couldn't see it happen.

The main reason was that the land of the Su family was really popular. Secondly, as long as Elliot came out, he could only watch and see it happen. He didn't expect that Elliot would give it to him so easily this time. Before he regrets it, he must sign the contract.

Although no matter who signed it, the money earned by them would be evenly shared anyway.

Ken stood there in a daze for a long time. He really didn't want to believe that he had no sense of existence in his brother's eyes. How could he valued a lover more than a friend? After all these time, he sighed deeply and said, "a lover is more important than a friend!"

Then she left Theo's office.

Elliot walked into the lounge. Sherri was still asleep, and there was only half a bottle left in the infusion bottle. With a slight change of his expression, he walked forward and lowered his head to look at her arm.

Because her hands were injured, they couldn't be injected with needles on the back of her hands, so she had to choose on her arms. At this moment, looking at the [微微] cyan needle, Aaron looked around and walked out with a cold face. Soon, he came in again with a hot towel in his hand.

He gently placed the towel on the area where the needle is, Elliot fixed his eyes on Sherri's face. Suddenly, he remembered that Kate had said that she waited for him there last night with the noodles made especially for him. That was why she had a fever?

Thinking of this, Elliot's eyes were filled with warmth unconsciously. He raised his arm and was about to turn the hair on her face away. When he was about to touch her face, he heard a groan from Sherri. In a sudden, he withdrawn his arm and looked serious.

Soon, Sherri opened her eyes slowly. She frowned and didn't know where she was for a moment. When she saw the face of Elliot, she was suddenly shocked and was about to stand up.

"Don't move!"

Elliot said seriously to Sherri and held her still.

It was not until then that Sherri realized that she was actually taking a drop. From what she can remember, she was still waiting for Elliot on the sofa. Why is she in a completely unfamiliar place now?


As soon as she opened her mouth to say the words, she got interrupted by the voice of Elliot. "So you got yourself a fever just to wait for me to have the noodles?"

It was not until then that Sherri came to her senses. She got a... Fever?

Her face turned red. She looked at Elliot in a panic, and then said calmly said: "was just goanna wait for a few more minutes, I didn't know how but I fell asleep thereafter."

Although she tried her best to show her calmness and indifference, but the heavy nasal sound indicated her emotion just now. Her heart jolted, and Sherri felt extremely embarrassed.

Hearing that, Elliot's eyes turned warm, but he still said coldly, "yet, I'm afraid I can't have the noodles within these days."


Hearing that, Sherri was shocked for a moment. She raised her head to look at Elliot. Soon she came to her senses and said, "nothing... You can have it anytime, Kate will make it for you. "

Unexpectedly, without thinking, Elliot said lightly, "Kate doesn't know how to cook noodles."

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