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   Chapter 7 Shocking News

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The sky in June was like a child's temper. When Sherri was preparing the noodles, the rain that had just stopped began to come down again.

"Mr. Mo always has a stomachache when it rains. Don't know whether or not he'll come back early tonight."

Kate Zhang said it while sighing as the rain got heavier outside.

After a pause, Sherri Leng asked, "Kate, will Mr. Mo..."

Hearing that Sherri called him Mr. Mo, Kate smiled kindly and said sincerely, "Mrs. Mo, why don't you change the way you address him? It's time to change the way you call him. "

Looking at Kate's teasing smile, Sherri blushed unconsciously. She smiled sheepishly, but said nothing.

Kate also noticed the embarrassment on Sherri's face, so she smiled and said in a long voice, "no hurry, no hurry, I would love to see him with you water out."

Sherri smiled again, and the works on her hand did not stop at all. She carefully sorted out the things in her hands. Although both of her hands were injured, but she still looked very skillful in doing it.

Kate only acted as a helper with cooking the noodles. The rest of the dishes were all done by Sherri alone. Looking at her skillful cooking, Kate's expression was full of recognition. From the first time she saw this girl, she felt a great chemistry between them. Yet, she didn't expect that Mr. Mo was so fast in doing things that he quickly turned this girl into his wife.

She didn't know what would happen to master Mo and his wife if they knew it.

At the thought of this, Kate looked even happier. But Sherri was concentrating on cooking the noodles, and she didn't notice the expression on Kate's face.

However, in the end, Elliot Mo didn't have the noodles. Sherri waited for a long time until the latter half of the night, but he didn't come back. Kate couldn't hold on any longer and went to bed. Sitting on the sofa alone, Sherri saw the noodles on the table at a short distance. Waiting for Elliot to come back to have it with soup sources that can be poured onto the noodles for a better taste, but she still didn't see him.

She stared out to the window, lost in thoughts. After a long time, Sherri fell asleep on the sofa.

Early in the morning, when Kate went downstairs, she saw that Sherri stayed up all night on the sofa, with the noodles on the table were still untouched.

A tinge of pity flashed through Kate's eyes. When she was about to go downstairs and wake Sherri up, she heard the gate of the house opening gently.

Looking at Kate, Elliot frowned slightly. But soon, he saw Sherri, who was sleeping on the sofa, following the direction pointed by Kate.

With Elliot frowning, he handed the suit to Kate while looking at her with wonders.

Kate took it and said softly, "I thought you would come back last night, so she made noodles specially for you and waited for you to have it together. But before that, she fell asleep on the sofa."

While speaking, Kate sighed deeply.

Elliot's dark eyes as jade flashed slightly, and his eyes fell deeply on Sherri.

When she fell asleep, she didn't refuse others as she did before. Instead, she was unusually quiet, as if the protective layer around her had disappeared, making people want to protect her unconsciously.

His heart softened slightly. "I see," said Elliot in a low voice

Kate nodded and walked a

side with Elliot's clothes in her hand. Elliot walked gently to the side of Sherri, bent down slightly and looked at her face. But the more he looked at her, the more he felt that something was wrong.

Seeing that her cheeks were slightly red, Elliot gently placed his hands on her forehead and frowned.

At this moment, Sherri seemed to turn ill. She felt hot all over her body, and she seemed to be in pain. At this time, a touch of coolness suddenly appeared. Like encountering an oasis in a desert, she kept trying to get close to that coolness.

Seeing that the woman in front of him kept rubbing her head against his hand, Elliot sighed deeply. He had just returned home with those rain drops over his body. This woman have got a fever.

With him frowning, Elliot gently lifted her up. Only then did he find that her whole body was burning. Her face became colder, and a hint of heartache flashed through his eyes.

"Oh no, you've got a fever."

Kate came over and saw the blush on her face. "Oh no," she said worriedly.

"Kate, prepare some porridge. Ask Sean to bring it here later. I'll take her to the hospital now," said Elliot indifferently.

Kate agreed immediately.

After that, Elliot walked out of the door with Sherri in his arms.

It was not until then that Kate realized that Mr. Mo had always left the house with grace, and since when did he start going out without wearing a jacket suit in such a hurry?

When she arrived at the gate, the car had already started and left the house.

In less than two days, seeing his brother appear in his office again with a women in his arms, Theo Gu appeared unhappily in this early morning. He said in a somewhat cold voice, "I'm not your full-time doctor, Elliot. You runs into me several times a day. I still have a business to do you know?"

With a cold expression on Elliot's face, he gently placed Sherri on the sofa and said in a calm voice, "I'll help you with getting the case of family Su."

Hearing this, a trace of surprise flashed across Theo's originally unhappy face. He asked: "Really?"

"Yes," said Elliot indifferently. Then he looked at Theo and said coldly, "now, have a look at how she's doing."

Although Theo still looked as cold as he had been, the expression in his eyes showed that he was in a good mood in that moment.

Walking to the side of Sherri, Theo narrowed his eyes slightly and turned to look at Elliot. "It's her again?"

There was still no expression on Elliot's face. He just said "yes" without saying anything else.

Theo curled his lips. Seeing that Sherri was having a fever, he asked casually while checking, "what's going on between you and her?"

He had suspected the identity of this woman since the first time she appeared in front of him with her in Elliot's arms. But when he called Ken Qin to ask him for investigation, he couldn't find anything, which made him feel that there was something fishy between the two of them.

Hearing Theo's question, Elliot's eyes flashed slightly with lightness, and there was a trace of warmth in his eyes when he looked at Sherri. Theo was shocked, thinking that it was his illusion, but what he said next made Theo almost petrified.

He heard that Elliot spoke indifferently, as if the two of them were discussing something very ordinary, "she is my wife."

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