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   Chapter 6 Desperation

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The mansion of the Leng family, which used to be so familiar with, had been redecorated according to the preference of Sherri Leng's uncle and aunt, Claire Zhao. It's no longer that simple and elegant as it used to be, but more luxurious.

At this moment, Michelle Leng sat on the sofa lazily watching TV. Beside her was Claire, who was tidying up her newly styled hair. The figure of Elliot Mo that day constantly flashed through Michelle's mind. Her cold and unapproachable temperament had deeply engraved within her heart.

"What's wrong? You seem distracted about something? " Being satisfied about her look, Claire finally put down the mirror and looked towards her daughter.

Immersed in her own fantasy, Michelle didn't hear Claire talking to her at all. Looking at her daughter who was so absent-minded, Claire's eyes flashed with confusion, and she called out again. This time, Michelle still didn't respond, and Claire frowned even more deeply.

At the same time, her sister, Melissa Leng, came downstairs and said mysteriously: "My sister can't hear you at the moment Mum. She's got somebody else up on her mind."

Melissa was so loud that Michelle got drawn back from her illusion in a sudden. "Mom, what's wrong?" Michelle asked in confusion.

"Mum, you see that? My sister has been in a daze recently. I don't know which handsome guy she is thinking of," said Melissa, winking at Claire.

While speaking, she sat between Michelle and Claire, smiling.

Michelle rolled her eyes at her and said, "what are you talking about, bitch?"

But even so, it was hard to hide the blush on her cheeks. Looking at it, Claire also had a plan in her heart. She smiled and asked: "Who is so lucky to be remembered up on my daughter's mind?"

All of a sudden, Michelle felt her heart beating faster, and her face turned red again. She shyly stated, "Mom, you're talking nonsense!"

After saying that, Michelle rolled her eyes at Melissa again. Then she stood up and quickly went upstairs, leaving the two of them laughing. When Michelle went upstairs, she grabbed an apple on the table and took a bite. "Mom, has Sherri never returned again?"

When Claire heard Sherri's name, she snorted coldly and said with an arrogant smile in her eyes, "Here? There is no place for her and her sister to stay in the Leng family anymore. What would she find here, scolding? "

A smile flashed across Melissa's eyes. She said proudly, "that's right. She had always being in the limelight. Now it's time for us to teach her a lesson."

After changing into a comfortable posture, Melissa continued her saying with mockery: "I heard that Zion An has broken up with her, and Harrison Bai refused to help her. Sherri, she's definitely left with no choice this time."

As Claire listened to Melissa, the smile in her eyes became deeper and deeper. She thought with hatred, that one day, everything that woman had would eventually belong to her!

"When will you grow up like your sister, I'd be so happy if so. Where have you heard all these in the past days!"

Although she thought so within her heart, but on the outside, Claire also pretended to be a mother and taught her a serious lesson. Melissa was unhappy on the inside. She pouted and placed the half eaten apple on the ground heavily. She said in a strange tone, "Alright, alright. I will listen to my mum and focus on my work!"

With anger in her heart, Melissa went upstairs. Watching behind her, Claire sighed slightly. Then she stood up and prepared for the Party of the ladies she was going to attend tonight.

On the other side, as Elliot had said, he did not go back home with Sherri. Instead, he got off the car halfway and Sean Shen sent her back. It was not until they arrived at the house that she realized, the place where she woke up after her coma was Elliot's house, and not somewh

ere else.

Sean took her to the room arranged for her. As soon as Sherri opened the door, she was stunned.

"This was all arranged by Mr. Mo. If you have anything else to add, just tell me and I will do it right away."

Sean said it modestly, following behind her.

The room was covered in light blue, simple and grand. What made her most tearful was that her family photo had been enlarged and placed at the head of the bed, which was completely done according to her liking. For a moment, her heart got lightly moved. Hearing Sean's words, Sherri shook her head and turned around, "This is perfect, thank you."

Sean was slightly surprised, with a trace of confusion in his eyes. He quickly hid his emotions and said respectfully, "Mrs. Mo, you're welcome. This is just what Mr. Mo had ordered."

After thinking for a while, Sean, who didn't talk much in usual, said; "Mr. Mo hasn't had any proper meal since Mrs. Mo lost consciousness."

His seemingly unintentional words made Sherri's heart jolt. It suddenly occurred to her that when they were in the restaurant, he had been taking care of her and hadn't eaten much at all. Although she reminded him to have some more, but he only had a few bit.

"I just want to say that if you have time, Mrs. Mo, you can ask Kate Zhang to prepare some food for him. Mr. Mo has a bad stomach, so he wouldn't take much while he's outside. Only when he returns home that he can enjoy a meal."

Sean's voice came out again. It was a fair statement, neither flattering nor arrogant. There was no displeasure in his voice, thought Sherri.

"Right... I see. "

Hearing that he has a bad stomach, Sherri frowned slightly and said it while smiling at Sean.

Sean nodded politely and said, "Kate is easy to get along with. You can call her if you need anything. If you don't have anything to arrange for, I'll leave you to rest for now."

Sherri nodded her head and gave Sean a grateful look, he then turned around and left.

Looking at the decoration of the room, Sherri walked towards the family photo that has being enlarged. In the photo, her father was handsome and her mother was gentle, she and her sister were smiling happily. What kind of time has that being like? Thinking of this, Sherri felt her eyes moist, but the corners of her mouth curved up.

At this time, there was a gentle knock on the door. Sherri wiped away the tears from her eyes in a hurry. When she turned around, she saw a middle-aged woman smiling kindly at her.

It was Kate.

Kate walked over with a smile and said kindly, "Mr. Mo called me a long time ago and asked me to make some soup for you. If you'd like to have it, tell me at any time. I'll get it for you."

Seeing that Kate seemed to know her well, the embarrassment in Sherri's heart lessened. She smiled and realized that this should be the Kate that Sean had mentioned.

"Kate, no worries. Is there any noodles at home?"

Hearing that, Kate came to a halt. She quickly said, "yes, of course Mrs. Mo. Would you like some noodles? I'll make it for you right away."

Hearing that, Sherri shook her head. Her face looked a little unnatural, but she still stated: "Just now, assistant Shen mentioned that Mr. Mo has a bad stomach, so I was thinking... Making some noodles for him. "

Looking at Mrs. Mo's expression, Kate felt happiness in a sudden. She quickly said it with a smile: "Yes, of course. You can have as much as you want."

But soon, Kate frowned and looked at her hand worriedly. "But Mrs. Mo, your hand is injured at the moment. What should we do?"

"That's fine, don't worry. I'll be careful. Please work as a helper for me." Sherri said it with her lips raised.

Looking at her appearance and imagining the scene of Mrs. Mo coming back, Kate nodded.

With her face turning slightly reddish, Sherri followed Kate out of the room.

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