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   Chapter 5 Thunderclap

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"Well... In fact, I I can do it myself... "

Elliott Mo took Sherri Leng to a quiet restaurant. When all the dishes arrived at the table, he took her plate naturally, had the steak cut into small pieces without saying a word, and then forked it up feeding into her mouth.

With a flash of panic in her eyes, Sherri leaned back onto the back of the chair. Her face flushed again and said it quickly.

Elliott sighed slightly. He looked at her helplessly and finally said: "You are afraid of me."

It was not a question, nor a doubt, but a statement.

When Sherri met his eyes, they were still so deep that no one could see through them clearly. She pursed her lips and answered his question, "I just... I'm just not used to it... "

Even when she was with Zion An, the two of them had never been so close. Especially when she had been studying abroad in the past few years. The chances of them meeting up together got less and less over time, let alone any intimate gestures.

Thinking of this, a tinge of self-mockery flashed through Sherri's eyes. She seemed to understand why Zion could cheat on her without any hesitation. After all, it's all because she had never given him anything that a girlfriend should have. She would not act coquettishly, beg for mercy, or show her fragility, none of these she ever does.

"You'll have to get used to your identity as soon as possible, Mrs. Mo."

Putting down his fork, Elliott stared at Sherri and said it.

It was not until then that Sherri realized that she's no longer just Sherri Leng. She had married this man, and now a wife.

Elliott picked up the fork again and fed the beef into her mouth. This time, Sherri opened her mouth hesitantly, but both her cheeks and ears were covered in redness, selling out her emotions.

"Have some soup." Seeing Sherri eating in a hurry, Elliott stood up and sat beside her. He scooped up a bowl of soup which he held in his hand. Then he spooned a spoonful of soup and went to feed her.

Sherri felt her ears burning and her eyelids seem to be burning on fire so much that she didn't know where to put them.

"Than... Thank you... "

She said those words intermittently and drank the soup. Perhaps it was because she was nervous or because the soup was a little hot, Sherri got choked and coughed acutely.

Elliott's face changed. He quickly took the cold water and poured it into her mouth while patting her on the back with a frown. He didn't expect that this proud and decisive girl would have such a panic side, that she would be nervous and at a loss as well like others.

After coughing for a long time, Sherri finally came to her senses. Her face turned red and her tears were coughing out. With a slight sigh, Elliott wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes with his finger pulps. The sudden cold touch felt by her made her want to move away from it reflexively. However, the back side of her head was suddenly held still by Elliott. The two of them stared at each other, and Sherri's eyes dodged.

"As I said, you'll have to get used to your identity, Mrs. Mo."

Elliott frowned slightly. This time, his voice was full of helplessness that could even be sensed by Sherri.

"I'm sorry..."

After a while, Sherri said lightly, with her back straightened up and with initiation she said, "I want to have some soup."

Hearing that, Elliott's eyes froze for a moment. Soon he came to his senses and filled another bowl of soup. This time, Sherri did not refuse or panic. Instead, she drank up more than half of the soup in the bowl in his hand.

All of a sudden,

she realized that she had been eating alone all the time, but Elliott didn't take a bite. She pursed her lips and looked at him. "You should eat something as well."

"Alright," said Elliott, nodding slightly. Then he took the fork that he used to feed her and ate it naturally. Seeing that, Sherri froze again.

Somehow it started raining outside, accompanied by a burst of thunder. Although Sherri had grown up and nothing could frighten her, but she was only afraid of the sudden thunder. No one knew about it. She would always find an excuse to leave and tuck herself in the quilt tightly. But now...

The sharp burst of sound, thunder and lightning were heard all the time. She tried her best to endure it. She sat upright as if nothing had happened. At this time, Elliott stood up and said lightly, "I've finished. Let's get home."

He naturally held her wrist, and just at this moment, roared the bursting thunder. Sherri trembled slightly, and with a flash of her dark eyes, Elliott held her shoulder without her notice, letting her lean in his arms; and blocked her ears.

"Get used to your identity, and this is part of it."

Before Sherri could react, she heard Elliott's deep voice.

Although Sherri acted unnaturally, but due to the action of Elliott, she was well kept away from the thunder, which made her feel a little strange from the bottom of her heart. Just as she was thinking about it, Elliott had already taken her out. Sean Shen had already been waiting for them with an umbrella outside. He watched his boss came out and quickly opened the bigger umbrella in his hand and handed it over to him. Then he ran to open the door. Soon, the car got speed along.

"Your things have all being unpacked and you will live in my place from now on. "

After getting in the car, Elliott said lightly again.

Hearing that, Sherri froze again. Her stuff?

Since she was driven out of the Leng family, she had been taking care of Alina Leng in the hospital all the time. Even at night, she just made do with it in the corridor of the hospital, and had no spare time and money to rent a house. Now that Elliott said so, it was probably because he had known her situation. Of course, It was not difficult for him to know these things.

Nodding her head, Sherri didn't say anything more this time.

"I still have some work to do. I'll ask Sean to send you home later. I've asked Kate to clean up the room. You don't have to wait for me. I'll be back tomorrow morning."

Knowing that this woman would definitely make random thoughts, a touch of helplessness flashed through Elliott's eyes and said it.

As expected, Sherri felt relieved all of a sudden, especially when she heard him say that he had cleaned her room, which meant that they didn't need to...

Sherri had never been a sentimental person. But this time, she admitted that what this man had done was exactly what she was worried about. It seemed that he knew what she was thinking in her heart. Before she could mention it by herself, he had already solved her worries.

"Thank you, Elliott." Sherri turned to look at Elliott and said it seriously.

Seeing her change, Elliott's eyes were still as cold as before, but he said, "Mrs. Mo, I think I don't need to remind you anymore of the fact that we are already married."

Hearing that, Sherri went speechless for a while, as if she had understood something. She suddenly smiled and turned around to sit down. Through the window, there was still a burst of thunder. Yet, he had been holding her wrist all the time, which made her very grateful.

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