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   Chapter 3 Civil Affairs Bureau

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Elliot frowned. When Sherri agreed to his request, he strode forward without hesitation. Seeing her clench her fists, he grabbed her wrists with both hands. "Do you even want these hands anymore?"

His face was so cold that it would make people feel guilty at any moment, but Sherri wasn't in the mood. She weakly leaned against his arms as tears ran down her cheeks. She looked like a corpse.

"Kate! Call Theo Gu!"

he yelled out. Kate had never seen her boss so serious over a woman. She was downstairs as she rushed over to the telephone. However, before she could get through, a shadow hovered over her. The door of the house slammed open as Elliot screamed, "There's no need to call!"

Soon, Kate could hear him start the engine and speed away.

At that moment, Sherri was struggling beside him. Her eyes were dull and lifeless as if someone had sucked the soul out of her body. Tears were running down her face as she trembled. Elliot could feel his heart sinking at the sight. At the same time, he couldn't help but feel a terrible sense of rage for all the things that they had put her through.

After a while, they finally arrived at the hospital. They quickly walked into Theo Gu's office. Hearing that someone was nearing his table, Theo's eyes turned cold. His lips curled. "Why are you here?"

Elliot carried Sherri onto the sofa. "Look at her."

Although his voice was cold and emotionless, Theo could hear the sadness webbed around his voice.

Theo frowned again. Then he slowly stepped forward. Upon seeing her face, his eyes widened. "Is she...?"

All of a sudden, Elliot stared at him with narrowed eyes, as if daring the man in front of him to say something. Theo shrugged. "I just saw her at dinner a few days ago. She seemed to be acquainted with Zion An."

As checking her, Theo continued, "I didn't expect that the son of the HT Group could bully a woman so much."

He said those words as if Sherri couldn't hear him.

Elliot's eyes darkened. "What's wrong with her?"

Sensing his friend's impatience, Theo quieted down. After investigating and binding up Sherri's wound, he stood up and shot Elliot a look, as if implying the need for privacy.

Elliot glanced at Sherri and frowned. Seeing her trembling body, he took off his suit and covered her before walking out with Theo.

It was clear enough to Theo that Elliot liked that woman.

"Tell me."

Although it was a simple statement, the coldness was enough to make the entire corridor quake.

"She's fine. She's just anxious. It's probably because she didn't have anything to eat, but don't let her move her hands in the next few days. I'll send over the medicine later."


he replied ind

ifferently. Before Theo could walked in, Elliot was already on his way out of the room with Sherri in his arms.

"The collaboration with the Su family is over,"

Elliot said before he walked away. Theo blinked, stunned at his friend's words. When the two were out of sight, he quickly dialed a number.

Sherri was slowly recovering, but she still didn't know all the events that had transpired. It was as if there was a leech sucking up all the energy she had earlier. All she could feel was Elliot's warmth radiating over her body.

All of a sudden, he placed her to a bench nearby and examined her.

"What's wrong?" he questioned.

"Who are you?" Sherri stared at him.

It was then when Elliot finally understood why he hadn't found her all those years. This woman no longer recognized him.

Helplessness flashed in his eyes. "Elliot Mo."


Frowning slightly, she raised her head. "You're Elliot Mo?"

He nodded in response.

Seeing her appearance, Elliot held her hand again, making sure that the thick gauze was wrapped properly.

Before she could say anything, he quickly interrupted her, "From today onwards, you will be known as Mrs. Mo."

She followed him into the car. Sherri was in a daze this entire time, that it took her a while for her to realize that they were going somewhere. She blinked, sitting up. "Where are we going?"

"The Civil Affairs Bureau."

All of a sudden, Sherri's eyes widened momentarily. Seeing the hesitation, Elliot turned to look at her. "It's not too late to turn back."

She pursed her lips. "Let's do it."

She didn't even notice the way his eyes lit up at her words.

Soon, they finally arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau. When she got off the car, her heart was beating nervously. She had never thought that in just two days, she would walk into this place and marry someone she didn't even know.

"You nervous?" he asked softly.

Sherri blinked as she slowly shook her head. "No, let's go."


When she stopped, Elliot walked up to her and held her hand gently. "Let's go."

He led her into the room they were assigned to, and in a few minutes of signing different documents, Sherri found herself walking out with a red certificate in her hand. It was as if she was in a dream where she couldn't wake up. The man in front of her looked like he was sculpted by the gods.

"Why did you choose me?"

Although the man was standing against the light, she still forced herself to look at him. Her eyes squinted.


A light smile threaded across his lips.

"As I said, we take what we need."

What she didn't know was that Elliot didn't need anything. He needed her more than anything in the world.

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