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   Chapter 2 Taking What We Need

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In a simplistic but luxurious room, Elliot sat behind the table. He was later followed by his personal assistant, Sean Shen.

Hearing his nearing footsteps, Elliot slowly turned his chair to look at his assistant.

Sean Shen immediately placed all the documents he had on top of the table. "Miss Leng's parents died in a car accident while she was abroad. All their assets fell into her uncle Sam Leng's hands. The Leng family drove her and her sister, Alina Leng, out of the family house regardless of their past. Miss Leng's boyfriend, Zion An, also broke up with her because of this."

When Elliot heard the word 'boyfriend', his eyes darkened considerably.

"Then why is she working there?" Elliot said coldly, referring to the restaurant that he had found Sherri at. His nails dug into his palm as he thought of all the abuses that she had gone through.

"Janine Su sent out a message that no company is allowed to employ her." Although it was a hot summer day, the room felt like an ice cellar.

It was as if every corner of the room had been frozen in an ice box. Although Sean Shen had worked for his boss for many years, a part of him was still a little bit fazed by his cold stare.

Just as Elliot was about to say something, someone interrupted them, "Sir, the girl is awake."

Hearing this, Elliot stood up at once. When he walked past Sean Shen, he stopped and whispered, "Go to the old house and get the household register."

Sean Shen widened his eyes, but before he could clarify things, Elliot had already walked out of his way. Sean's shoulders sagged in relief as the room returned to its normal and peaceful state.

In another room, Sherri slowly opened her eyes. She could feel that her body was sore all over. Reflexively, she raised her hand to rub her eyes, but before she could, she found herself yelping abruptly. The pain from her hand was enough to make her choke. She gritted her teeth, staring at her bandaged arm.

Suddenly a hand came across her mouth as if trying to reach out for her. Without thinking, Sherri bit into it. Her body trembled and pulsed. It took her a few seconds before she finally recovered.

When she saw the man in front of her, she didn't know what else to say.

"I– Sorry..."

Although she didn't know him, she could tell by the way he dressed that he wasn't one to be messed with. Thinking of what she had just done, her cheeks flushed. She avoided his piercing gaze.

As if nothing had happened, Elliot pulled down his sleeve. "It doesn't matter. How are you feeling?"

His voice might be cold and indifferent, but she could hear a sense of relief embedded in his words. She blinked tiredly as she tried to get a better look of him. His face was like a gift from the heavens. She opened her mouth, but she didn't really know what to say. She found herself mesmerized by his beauty.

Glancing at the woman's nervous expression, warmth spread in his eyes. "How are you feeling?" he asked again. This time, his voice was softe


"Um... I'm doing fine. Thank you."

Sherri then was about to get out of bed. She hadn't seen Alina Leng in a long time. Was she okay? Was she scared? As the thoughts ran through her mind, Sherri became even more anxious. At the same time, Elliot said slowly, "You've slept for two days without having anything to eat. You might faint if you exert yourself too much."

All of a sudden, Sherri stopped what she was doing. "You mean I've slept for two days?"

Elliot nodded in confirmation.

'Oh, crap!'

Today was the last day for her to pay her sister's treatment fees, but she didn't get any money. Thinking of this, Sherri got even more anxious. She hurriedly slipped into her shoes. But before she could go any further, he pulled her against his chest.

"I've already paid for your sister's treatment. She'll be transferred to the best ward, and we are already contacting the best doctor to tend to her."

As he wrapped his arms around her, he could sense how thin she was. He frowned.

Sherri's eyes widened. She struggled to get out of his arms. "Who are you? How do you know of my sister? Why are you helping me?" she demanded.

All of a sudden, she acted as if she didn't need any help, as if she wasn't as harmed as she had been. Suddenly, Elliot wondered how such a proud woman could beg for help like the way Sean had just reported him.

At the thought, his heart ached even more.

"Sherri, you just came back from England after studying abroad. Your parents just died in a car accident, and your family business was taken away. Your sister is also suffering from a serious illness. Don't you need my help?"

Elliot's words were like bullets shooting through her heart.

"You've investigated me?"

Regardless of the pain in her hands, Sherri shoved him away. She had taken a few steps back due to the pain, but her stare became even more vigilant.

Pity flashed through his eyes. "I can help you, you know."

Sherri sneered. "And what do you want in exchange?"

In City A, no one would help her besides Cathy Chu. Plus, she was out of country right now. Sherri had begged everyone who she had thought could help her. A trace of sadness and vulnerability flashed in her eyes. Although it was just for a second, Elliot saw it.

Elliot took a step forward, but Sherri backed up. Seeing her so helpless, he stopped.

"Look," he started, trying to stay calm.

"The only requirement is that you marry me. Help me get rid of the pressure I've received from my elders. I'll give you a job, and I'll give you everything you need to get your revenge."

After a pause, he continued, "We take what we need, and I get something that you terribly need. What do you say?"

'Take what we need.' These four words were engraved deeper in her heart. She had absolutely nothing now, and there was nothing she could do about it. Even if she was qualified to enter any company, she couldn't because of her enemies.

Gritting her teeth, she found that she had no other choice.


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