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   Chapter 1 Intentional Mischief

Indulge In CEO's Love By Yue Rujing Characters: 6687

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At night, outside the gate of the JJ Group in City A.

Standing in the shadows, Sherri Leng stared at the signage of the JJ Group. The once prideful woman stood shaking. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Her cold and lifeless features held a sense of vulnerability that had never been seen before.

It was not until it began to drizzle that Sherri Leng came to her senses. Glancing at the building she had once been familiar with, she turned around and left.

As soon as she walked into her sister's ward, she saw the head nurse walking over. Sherri Leng was exhausted, but she still plastered a smile on her face as she waited for updates. "Miss Leng, if you don't pay the treatment fees for your sister, I'm afraid the hospital may not be able to work with you anymore. They might stop all treatments."

"I'll pay them soon, ma'am," Sherri Leng said. Her heart jerked. "Please don't stop my sister's treatment."

The head nurse examined the once healthy woman in front of her. It was obvious that she had lost a lot of weight. Her beautiful face was now pale and rugged. The head nurse hesitated before saying, "The hospital can give you up to three days."

Sherri Leng nodded. Gratitude shone in her eyes, and the nurse finally left.

Glancing at the long and cold corridor, Sherri Leng slid down the wall. Her hands trembled even more.

Zion An wouldn't help her. Even when she had gone to him and begged for him to help her, he broke up with her on the spot and said that he already belonged to Janine Su. Along with that, Harrison Bai betrayed her and said that he wouldn't even look at her even if she died on the spot. The former man was her boyfriend while the latter was the friend whom she used to see as a brother. They all abandoned her.

She didn't know how long she had been sitting on the cold tiles. It was not until her stomach growled that she finally returned to her senses. A mocking smile slipped into her lips. She was a pitiful sight indeed.

Without another word, Sherri Leng pushed the ward door and walked in. Her sister was soundly asleep, holding the bear that Sherri had given her. Gazing at her sister's innocent face, she swore that she would protect her no matter what.

After closing the door, Sherri sat alone on the bench near the door, eating a piece of dry bread. One of her arms hugged her stomach as she cringed at her helpless sight. She didn't know that someone was watching her from afar, whose eyes flashed with an unreadable emotion before leaving.

On the second day, as Sherri was delivering food for the restaurant she was working in, she tripped over someone's foot. The hot soup she had been holding spilled all over her hands. She shrieked as blisters erupted from her skin. When she raised her head, she finally knew who the culprit was.

"No. 12! What are you doing here?" the manager demanded.

He ran towards Sherri in a hurry before she could get up from the ground. He didn't even bother to check on her wounds.

"Oh, it's Miss Leng."

The woman stood up from her seat in faux innocence as she placed a hand over her lips. "I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there."

Enduring the burning pain in her hands, Sherri stood up. The anger in her eyes slowly dissipated as she turned to her manager. "I'm sorry, Manager Zhao. This is all my fault."

The manager

shot Sherri a glare before offering Janine Su a flattering smile. "Miss Su, we're incredibly sorry. Our waitress is very clumsy."

Janine Su glanced at Sherri, snorting. "If she's very clumsy, you shouldn't keep her in the first place. Could you get me a glass of water?"

Sherri could see the defiant smile threaded across the woman's face. The manager quickly said, "No. 12! What are you standing there for? Go and change Miss Su's glass!"

Sherri was stunned. She pursed her lips and the coldness in her eyes slowly disappeared. 'This is all for my sister,' she told herself as she reached out her hand to grab the cup. Suddenly, Janine Su let go of her hold. Once again, the burning water splashed across her lower arm. Sherri hissed in pain as she struggled to keep her composure.

The manager's eyes changed slightly, but he still didn't say a thing. Instead, he stared at Janine Su with a smile as if nothing had happened.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't hold it tightly enough."

Janine Su covered her mouth with her hand, hiding her snicker. Sherri winced. The pain in her hand caused her legs to quake. Her stomach pounded in pain as the hot liquid trickled onto the ground. She stumbled over, but to her surprise, she didn't smash against the cold pavements.

Instead, she fell into a warm embrace.

For a moment, Sherri thought that she was stuck in a dream. 'No matter who this is, I'll lean on him a bit more. I couldn't take it any longer.'

Nevertheless, it wasn't a dream.

The man stared at the woman in his arms. His dark eyes flashed heavily as she glanced up at Janine. The room's temperature dropped considerably. It was as if someone had opened the doors of death. Janine's heart sank.

The man in front of her was incredibly handsome. In fact, his entire features looked as if they were carved by God Himself! However, there was something about the atmosphere that surrounded him that could intimidate just anyone.

Janine suddenly realized that this was the man she had seen in her father's phone.

He was the most mysterious and ruthless man in City A, and he was the only inheritor of the Moshi Group. He was none other than Elliot Mo, the founder of the Leican Group.

Elliot Mo pressed his lips tightly as he stared at Janine. Her legs felt weak.

Just when Janine was about to lose her balance, Elliot Mo picked Sherri up and walked towards the exit. His tall and muscled figure was enough to keep everyone away.

"Fix it."

With these two words, the man that had been standing behind Elliot Mo turned around and walked towards Janine and the manager.

The manager's legs were already quaking under Elliot Mo's gaze. Before he could walk further away, the manager had already collapsed onto the ground.

The man who had walked over sneered.

He was cruel and horrible!

On the table nearby, a woman gazed at Elliot Mo's leaving figure with so much admiration and obsession. This was Sherri's cousin, Michelle Leng. From the moment she had seen Elliot, it felt as if Cupid had struck the corners of her heart.

However, her eyes glazed with anger when Elliot walked out with Sherri in his arms. There was no way he should've helped that woman!

Viciousness flashed in Michelle Leng's eyes. Clenching her fists tightly, she picked up her bag and walked out of the restaurant.

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