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   Chapter 173 Maldives

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Anne already checked on every room to look for her baby. She went to her child's room, the balcony, the living room, and even to Kevin's room, but she still couldn't find him.

When she heard the sound of running water in the kitchen, she thought that the nanny was there.

"Maybe the nanny saw that I didn't come out, so she took the baby to the kitchen," she murmured to herself and let out a sigh of relief.

However, when she arrived at the kitchen, she didn't see the baby. The only one who was in the kitchen was the nanny.

"Where is the baby?" Anne asked with a hint of anxiety in her tone.

At this time, she had caught the nanny's attention. When the nanny saw her, she was a little surprised. "The baby was taken away by Mr. Kevin. Didn't he tell you?"

The nanny was flustered when she knew that Anne didn't know where her baby was. She thought that Kevin had already told her about taking the baby with him so she felt just fine with it.

"No. Wait a minute. I'll call him." Anne felt the urge to confront Kevin through a phone call to ask why he took the baby away.

"You don't have to call me. I'm back." Just when she was about to dial his number, a familiar voice was heard in the kitchen. She immediately turned around when she recognized that it was Kevin who just came. However, to her surprise, there was no baby in his arms.

"Kevin, where have you taken the baby? Why didn't you tell me about it?" she frowned and asked in a reproachful tone.

"His grandmother just misses him, so I took him away with me. I will let him stay there for a few days and fetch him after." Kevin smiled lightly trying to calm Anne down.

But, his words only made her more worried.

"Then, you should have discussed it with me. As the mother of the baby, don't I have the right to know where my baby is going?" She vented all her anger on Kevin. He was a bit stunned to hear her like this. She sounded so much worried that she couldn't help but feel irritated.

"I'm sorry, but the baby will be fine. My mom likes him so much." Kevin patted her shoulder and comforted her.

However, Anne seemed not in the mood to appreciate his comfort. She turned her body away from him and he missed her shoulder when he was about to pat on it again.

"Okay, I'm going to bed," she said shortly and averted her eyes coldly. She just wanted to go back and have a rest.

All of a sudden, the nanny spoke. "But the dinner is almost ready."

"No, thanks. I'm not hungry. I'll be fine after a rest." After saying that, Anne quickly went back to her room.

"Don't mind her." Kevin turned his eyes to the nanny and spoke indifferently.

The nanny thought that he was angry with how Anne treated him earlier, but in fact, he was not. He had a plan up his sleeve and he knew that she would feel sick if she flew by air. He noticed it when he traveled with her by plane last time.

He took out a small bottle of perfume from his pocket. It was purple with many patterns carved on the delicate glass lid. He bought it for her.

At first, he hesitated to open the door of her room. After a moment, he went straight in without knocking at the door. Anne shouted in surprise, "Kevin, can you knock the door before you come in?"

She was obviously upset, especially now that she was disturbed when she was about to fall asleep. It made her feel worse.

If this happened before, Kevin would surely get angry towards her. He

sed her earlier, she felt so good. Her mind seemed to have always contradicted with her heart. No matter how many times he had hurt her, she still couldn't help but like him. It was actually difficult for her to control.

Due to the mess she had been into, she looked somehow untidy. Kevin, on the other side, felt relieved, because at last there was really no turning back for Anne.

It was already in the middle of the night. Some of the passengers had fallen asleep. Anne shifted her eyes from the window and caught Kevin looking at her.

"Where are we going?" she asked with a hint of uneasiness in his tone.

"Maldives," Kevin turned his head to him and said unnaturally.

In fact, he was usually busy with work and he had never been to Maldives. He just heard that it was a perfect place to visit and most girls wanted to go there, so he thought that Anne wouldn't hate it at least.

Anne felt restless when she knew the place where they were going. She didn't expect that Kevin would take her there. It was actually true that every girl wanted to go there. She also dreamt of it when she was a child. Well, it was ultimately a beautiful place to visit, and to find oneself. How she had hoped that she could go there with her Mr. Right then!

But now, she didn't want to go there at all. She felt that it carried the hope of her youth. She felt nothing but sadness in their entire trip.

She was pleased with the fact that Kevin was really good to her now. It softened her heart a bit receiving the kindness he had shown, regardless whether he did it to make up to her or merely for the sake of the kid.

Anne had mastered to adapt to other people's indifference towards her. Now that she had another person by her side, she felt a little afraid that she might be used to his presence and forget how strong she had been in dealing with vicious people. She didn't want to be so dependent on others.

'Anne, you're so ridiculous!'

she said to herself and shook his head slightly.

She couldn't look into Kevin's eyes, so she just pretended to be sleepy, but later on, she really fell asleep.

Kevin stared at her angelic face. His eyes swept across the dark sky. He realized how much he loved her. He was lost in thought as the affection in his eyes deepened.

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