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   Chapter 172 His Enthusiasm

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Although Kevin was melancholic, he was merry deep down in his heart.

It took a lot of ups and downs for him to understand how worthwhile Anne was.

Today, even though Anne refused him, he was determined because he wanted to win the woman he loved. If all else failed, his last resort would be to overindulge her until she agreed.

As the night fell into darkness, Kevin couldn't help but smile,

because he couldn't get a hold of his enthusiasm when he envisioned the peaceful and happy life with Anne in the future.

However, the person that went running in his mind had already fallen asleep.

The next morning, the clock ticked eight. Anne was awakened by the glaring sunshine. The sun had risen very high outside, illuminating the room with silhouettes and making it as warm as a cup of coffee.

She looked at her watch and felt a sense of peculiarity. The baby didn't cry today, and the nanny didn't knock at the door.

She put on her slippers and went out. In the living room, she saw Kevin holding the baby and feeding him with a milk bottle. His gentle expression looked like a loving father at first sight.

As she saw this, a sudden smile appeared on her face. Did Kevin really change? But that didn't matter to her. She only cared about the baby's contentment and welfare in the future.

"Come and have breakfast," Kevin invited.

It was not until then that Anne noticed the prepared breakfast on the table, which were toasted slices of bread, hot milk, and rice porridge warming up in the electric rice cooker.

But they all looked unappetizing.

"Did you cook these?" pointing at the bread, Anne asked.

"Yes, how did you know?" Kevin was delighted. Did Anne pay attention to him all the time and that was why she could distinguish what he cooked?

However, Kevin's happiness only lasted until Anne spoke. "That's because what you have done looks awful."

She was right. The nanny couldn't have made such an unappetizing breakfast.

Kevin's face suddenly became red as he felt embarrassed. The nanny beside him tittered and said, "When I was cooking today, Mr. Kevin said that he wanted to cook by himself. It was very thoughtful of him to take the initiative to cook, so I let him be."

With some realization, it suddenly occurred to Anne that when Kevin cooked for her for the first time, she was exhilarated by the romantic experience. She thought that Kevin had feelings for her, but later she found it was not the case at all.

"I’m sure looks can be deceiving." Anne nodded and picked one up.

She took a bite and frowned. Sure enough, it tasted as bad as she thought. It was clear that cooking wasn’t Kevin’s forte. He even burnt the toast like a plank of wood.

"Why are you here anyway? Aren’t you needed at work?" Anne asked curiously.

However, Kevin was calm and said, "It's getting cold recently, so I postponed the work for half an hour. There's no need to be in a hurry."

Anne looked at the clock and said, "It’s already eight twenty. You still have forty minutes left, but I think you should go as soon as possible."

"Actually, it's no big deal if I skip the day," Kevin hinted in a gentle voice.

However, Anne had already taken the baby to the nursery, where the sound of her lullaby and the baby’s adorable cooing could be heard from time to time.

After finishing his words, Kevin s

re, please cooperate with us." Trey Mu smiled from the bottom of his heart.

"Yes, it's for sure. Thank you, Mr. Trey," said Anne.

"You don't need to thank me. You are recognized by me on your own prowess. Miss Anne, nice to meet you," said Trey Mu.

The two of them had a common view on this, so their conversation went very well.

After the meeting, the smile at the corners of Anne's mouth was dazzling. Her efforts had finally gained something. Even without Kevin in the future, she could manage to support the baby by herself.

It was already three o'clock in the afternoon when Anne came back home.

It was a nice warm, sunny day. The temperature was not scorching. Anne got out of the taxi and walked briskly on the path to the door, but the gleam on her face did not decrease.

She pushed the door open and walked in. She saw the babysitter pushing the stroller and lowering the gauze in front of the baby's stroller to block the sunshine, and the baby was giggling in the stroller.

Anne was in a better mood.

"Is my baby behaving well today?" asked Anne.

Seeing her baby growing up day by day, she was very proud as a mother. Who wouldn't be pleased to see their child be healthy?

"The baby is very obedient today. He has eaten a little more than before. It seems that he is getting taller." The nanny also loved this cute child.

"Well, take good care of him. I have something to do. I'll take care of him for you when you are going to prepare supper," Anne touched the rosy cheek of the baby and said with a smile.

"Okay," the nanny said.

After getting the nanny's reply, Anne went straight to her bedroom and continued to modify her ring design.

She refashioned the design deliberately and forgot to keep track of the time. It was indeed very difficult to decide alterations to a design. After she finished it, she felt worn out and sore all over her body. When she looked at the watch, she realized it was half past six.

"Oh, no! The nanny must have been waiting for a long time." Anne immediately put on her slippers and walked out. She went downstairs and couldn't seem to reckon their whereabouts. She looked everywhere, but it had been quite a while and they were nowhere to be found.

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