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   Chapter 171 The Truth Of The Car Accident

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Kevin didn't know what to say when he heard Selma's question. He spoke with a slight irritation in his tone. "Mom, I didn't ask you to come here to quarrel. What if you scare the baby?"

Selma realized what he meant. She nodded and said, "Well, you know what kind of person Cherry is. She mistreated the child. It's not easy for our family to have the baby."

She just shook her head in dismay and walked to the baby's room.

Cherry was embarrassed to witness the scene in front of her. She regretted what she had done. Selma seemed to have lost all the good impressions she had on her.

Her slender hands were crossed and her expression was pitiful. Anne just walked over coldly and completely ignored her.

Anne didn't want to see nor hear from Kevin today, so she also walked past him and disregarded his presence.

Kevin felt frustrated when he saw the coldness in her face. He had no choice but to wait for Sam to bring the materials to him.

It was about three o' clock in the afternoon. Kevin seemed to have lost his status at home and almost no one paid attention to him. Cherry was there who always wanted to talk to him, but she was afraid to come forward because of his imposing manner.

"Kevin, are you isolated?" Sam saw that Kevin was sitting alone at the sofa and reading some documents, as soon as he arrived. When Selma came over, she treated Kevin like a mere decoration in the house.

His arrival saved the presence of Kevin from being completely disregarded. "Did you find anything?"

He was worried the most about Anne. He didn't want her to be unhappy but things always went against his wishes.

"Of course. You wouldn't believe what I found. You didn't really know the true colors of Cherry. You even have no idea on how many bad things she has done!" Sam said with a hint of disgust towards Cherry. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists in anger.

He took out a thick pile of documents and a USB flash disk and put them on the table.

"Cherry definitely set all of these according to plan. You see, from framing Anne, to bribing others to embarrass her, we can say that she is really a scheming and vicious woman!"

Kevin frowned. He got furious when he looked over the documents that Sam gave him.

He felt pity towards Anne. And at the same time he was so pissed off with the fact that she always remained silent and let others treat her like a doormat.

"But what we got is far from enough. Cherry is shameless and I'm very sure that she will never admit that she's wrong," Kevin said and sighed heavily.

Cherry was good at bewitching people with words. She was a total hypocrite who always wanted to fool people and manipulate them to whatever extent. Finally, Kevin had a deep understanding of the tricks she always had.

"It doesn't matter. More importantly, just play the video in the USB flash disk," Sam said with full courage to take Cherry down.

Just as Kevin was about to play it, he stopped him and said, "Wait a minute."

He couldn't help but feel irritated, but he felt the need to obey him. He was sure that this was the time when he felt himself the most obedient.

"What else?" Kevin asked in a discontented tone.

He never expected that Sam was so annoying. He was just as overcautious and indecisive as a woman.

"It's such an important scene. Let everyone see it, and discuss what decision to come up with right after," Sam said with a gloomy face.

He thought that somehow, smart people could also tend to be stupid sometimes.

Kevin nodded. The maid already knew what he meant and immediately called the attention of everyo

He felt a little guilty with the thought.

"Yes, you better put her in jail. I can't stand to see that shameless, deplorable woman in my house any longer." Selma spoke with hatred.


Kevin had made up his mind, but Cherry tried to plead once more.

"Kevin, I'll change. I'll definitely change. Please don't put me in jail, okay?" Cherry knelt on the ground and begged him, but no one dared to sympathize.

A moment later, the police came. They took the strong evidences with them and arrested Cherry.

After that, everyone in the room was relieved.

"It's so scary, isn't it? How could the Ye Clan's daughter be that murderous?" Selma said with a hint of fear in her eyes.

Selma still held a grudge against the Ye Clan's daughter. Suddenly, Anne spoke up. "She is not the true Ye Clan's daughter. She was just the child of Wendy with another man. The true Yes wouldn't do such a shameless thing."

It was all clear to Selma now. The one who really had bad intentions since then was Cherry. She used to hate Anne, but now that she had proved that she was a good person, the hatred in her heart subsided.

"Well, it seems that you haven't done anything bad. I am now allowing you to stay with Kevin. After all, you two have a child. It's good for the baby to have a complete family," Selma said considerately and then left.

Anne never expected that Selma would accept her in their family. It was never in her mind at all.

Although the misunderstandings between her and Kevin were already settled, she still felt a little pain in her heart. However, she tried her best to hold back her temper.

"Thank you, Sam. If it weren't for you, no one would have known Cherry's true colors," Anne said. She appreciated everything that Sam had done for her. He was truly a good friend.

"It was nothing. Remember to invite me to a meal. I'll go back first." Sam simply smiled at her and looked at Kevin. Afterwards, he already left the house.

Anne and Kevin were the only ones that were left in the villa.

"I didn't expect that it was you who saved me." Kevin was about to hug her, but she took a step back and completely refused.

"Kevin, don't change the way you are to me too much. I can't accept it. I know you want to thank me, but you can just do it in your heart. Don't touch me. I will feel awkward," she said in an indifferent tone and went back to her room to have a rest.

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