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   Chapter 170 Taking Cherry Home

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"Kevin, thank you. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't know what to do." This time, Cherry was actually being sincere.

She often acted weak and frail to win over Kevin's attention especially when Anne was around. However, this time around, she genuinely appreciated Kevin. Without him, she wouldn't know what would happen to her.

"Now you can go back by yourself," Kevin said plainly.

In response, Cherry shook her head and refused, "No, I don't want to. Kevin, he already knows where I live. Considering what I said to him today, he definitely won't let me go!"

She shivered in fear at the mere thought of Devin.

It was true that she hated her mother with a burning passion. That was also what drove her to push her mother which caused her death.

It was her mother who had been unfaithful to her father. When she gave birth to Cherry, she did it in secret. She should have been the daughter of the Ye Clan. Why did her mother have to tell her the truth and let her live in

randmother who loved her grandson.

"Auntie," Cherry greeted, seemingly embarrassed.

She wanted to avoid Selma especially that Selma had already kicked her out last time.

However, Cherry didn't want to be impolite lest Selma get even angrier with her.

With a straight face, Selma asked Kevin, "What is she doing here? She might hurt my grandson."

As much as she didn't like Anne, she loved her grandson too much. As a result, she hated Cherry eve more.

"Mom, I'll explain it to you later tonight," Kevin said plainly.

That night, everything about Cherry and all the evil things she had done was going to be divulged.

He was going to find out everything that Cherry had done and expose her for who she truly was. Consequently, he would be able to portray Anne in a better light.

"I don't care. I just want you to stop messing around with Cherry. You should be treating my grandson well. You haven't even given him a name. How could you call yourself a father?"

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