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   Chapter 73 Anne! Kiss Me!

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Anne didn't understand why Kevin was angry. She was the one who should be angry now, wasn't she?

With a cold face, Anne didn't want to talk to the man in front of her at all.

"I'm tired. I'm going back to have a rest!"

After saying that, Anne turned around and was about to leave. The panic she felt when the two of them did that just now didn't disappear.


Kevin's cold and angry voice came through. He strode to her, with coldness in his black eyes.

"Listen, Anne, even if I hate you, you are still my woman. You can only love me!"

Kevin couldn't stand this woman's cold attitude. He looked down at her and said in a domineering tone.

Anne looked at him speechlessly. She really doubted if there was something wrong with his brain. Was he kidding with her by ordering her to love him?

"Kevin, don't you think you are really selfish? Since you hate me, why should I love you? What right do you have to order me like this? It seems that this is not in our contract, right? "

This man hated her very much, but he ordered her like this. Anne really thought he had gone too far.

"Then we'll have it from now on! Anne! Don't forget that I'm in charge of our affairs! "

Kevin was even more dissatisfied with her attitude. He could give her a chance to love him, but she showed that kind of attitude.

"Kevin, can you be reasonable! Why are you so domineering? Can you force me to love you? "

Anne roared at Kevin with dissatisfaction. Anne couldn't stand the arrogance of this man. He wouldn't like her, but he still made such an excessive request to her. What did he take her as? Was she a woman that he could play with at will?

"I will get whatever I want."

"Kevin, you are the most shameless man I have ever seen!" After uttering these words coldly, Anne pushed Kevin away and strode back.

There was an extra force in her hand. Kevin held her tightly in his arms the next second.

His surprisingly strong strength made Anne unable to resist. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't break free.

"You have no right to refuse what I said. You are my woman, so your heart must belong to me!"

Kevin got closed to Anne's ear and whispered in a low and charming voice with sheer toughness.

Her heart changed slightly, and Anne's face was burning. But when she thought of the man's disgust with her, her anger burned even more.

"Kevin, let go of me!"

Anne pushed Kevin away with all her strength, and there was coldness in her beautiful eyes. What did this man think of her!

"What if I say no?" Kevin didn't get angry. He raised his eyebrows and said in a strong tone.

This woman, even if he didn't like her, he would get her heart!

"Can you stop being so shameless! Do you want to betray your Cherry? "

Completely infuriated, Anne's bea

a long time. Naturally, she knew what he was thinking about now. She couldn't help but feel a little nervous.

A gust of breeze blew over, and Anne felt a little cold in her thin clothes.

Seeing her like this, Kevin took off his coat and put it on her.

"You are still pregnant. Aren't you afraid of getting sick wearing such thin clothes when you went out?"

He looked at Anne discontentedly and said in an imperceptible caring tone. In fact, even Kevin himself didn't know that his feelings for Anne had changed greatly.

What Kevin did surprised Anne more, but after hearing his words, Anne became disappointed in an instant. He did it just for the sake of the child.

"It's getting cold. I'm going back. It's you coat."

She didn't want to accept the coat that Kevin put on her because he cared about her child. Without hesitation, Anne took it off and handed it to him. Then she turned around and was about to leave.

"I ask you to put it on!"

Kevin put on his coat for Anne forcefully, with dissatisfaction in his eyes. What did this woman mean just now? Was she rejecting his care?

"No, it's not necessary. Your coat costs at least a million dollars. It's a pity if you throw it into the trash can later."

Anne remembered clearly that Kevin gave her his coat when she was kidnapped, and then he threw it directly into the trash can. This matter was like a thorn in her heart.

It was also because of this that Anne said it in a fit of pique.

Kevin knew what Anne meant. He was furious, but he couldn't vent it. It seemed that sometimes he had gone too far towards this woman.

"I have so many coats that I can throw them away at will. So I don't think it's a pity."

After a long silence, Kevin finally opened his mouth. Although he wanted to say that he wouldn't throw it away, he changed his mind when the words came to his mouth.

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