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   Chapter 65 I Ignore You

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Ignoring Anne's presence, Kevin walked up to Cherry and held her soft hand. His tone was unusually gentle.

His eyes were soft, but there was no warmth in them, as if he was heartless.

Somehow, when he first saw Cherry, he didn't feel excited as before. Instead, he felt a little disappointed.

"I didn't tell you in advance because I didn't want to delay your work. You are so busy with your work every day, and you have to spare time to accompany me. I'm already very satisfied."

With tenderness on her face, Cherry said in a more coquettish tone.

It sounded so comfortable that people had an impulse to hold her in their arms.

"My Cherry has always been so considerate." Kevin held her in his arms and said in a doting tone.

Hearing his praise, a smile flashed across Cherry's eyes, but when she thought of Anne, her eyes turned cold again.

"Kevin, don't you hate Anne as much as before? I feel that you care about her very much recently."

After a moment of silence in his arms, Cherry raised her head and asked cautiously.

Sensing the jealousy in her words, Kevin rubbed her hair dotingly and explained.

"I care about her only for the baby's sake. There is nothing else. Don't think too much." Thinking of what Anne said that day, Kevin felt unhappy.

"Kevin, I didn't mean that. You should care about Anne as she is pregnant with your child."

Cherry was worried that her good image in Kevin's heart would be affected, so she explained anxiously.

Most of the reason why Kevin liked her was that she pretended to be kind and considerate. If it affected her image in his heart, he might not like her as he did then.

"I know you don't mean that. I just want to make you feel at ease. In my heart, you are the only woman who deserves my care."

Holding her in his arms, Kevin seemed to make a promise.

Thinking of the cold face of Anne, he felt a little depressed. Since the little woman was so ungrateful, he would not have any relationship with her in the future.

He wanted to see how long she could hold on.

After getting the promise of Kevin, Cherry felt relieved. As an assurance, she would never allow Anne to have so many chances to contact with Kevin.

They spent a long time together in Kevin's office. When she was about to leave, Cherry walked past Anne's office. Her eyes turned cold and then she strode in.

"Emily, bring me the documents about real estates." Anne thought it was Emily who pushed the door open, so she ordered without raising her head.

"Wow, you are so arrogant. How dare you order me?" She said in a sharp voice with sarcasm.

Cherry's vicious eye

tended to care about her every day, Anne would feel more hypocritical. She would rather see her true face.

"Anne, don't take what she said to heart. She did it on purpose to piss you off. You are pregnant now. Don't be angry."

Taking a look at Anne's flat belly, Emily asked with concern.

"Well, I'm fine. It's not worth getting angry for such a person."

Looking at Emily, who seemed to be angrier, Anne was the one who was in trouble with Cherry.

"By the way, how are you doing with Sam recently?" As if remembering something, Anne looked up at Emily and asked gently.

Hearing the name of Sam, Emily's heart ached and her eyes became disappointed, but she quickly hid her emotions.

"What do you mean? What can happen between me and him?" With a guilty conscience, Emily looked away and said in an unnatural tone.

"Do you think I can't figure out what you are thinking about? You like Sam, don't you?"

A long time ago, Anne had found that Emily liked Sam, and she also felt that the two of them were a good match.

Emily's face became more unnatural and there was a trace of sadness in her beautiful eyes.

"Even if I like him, so what? He doesn't like me."

A bitter smile appeared on Emily's face. Anne had never seen her so depressed. It seemed that she really liked Sam.

"Who says he doesn't like you? I think he loves you."

Emily didn't want Anne to see her sad face, so she patted her on the shoulder and said affirmatively.

But for Emily, it was just a comfort.

"Anne, please don't comfort me. If Sam really likes me, how can I not feel it? We have known each other for many years. He has always been indifferent to me. "

Emily felt disappointment, and lowered her head. So she said in a muffled tone.

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