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   Chapter 62 Going To The Company Together

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"Don't cry. It's not a serious injury. It will be healed soon."

Cherry cried bitterly. Kevin should have felt sorry for her, but somehow he was extremely upset.

He wanted to lose his temper, but he fail to find a reason.

"Is your hand made by Anne?" Cherry wiped her tears and took a glance at Anne who was sitting on the bed.

Kevin appeared in her room for no reason, and his hand was injured. It must have something to do with her.

At the thought of that, Cherry looked towards Anne with coldness, and the viciousness in her eyes were as sharp as a knife.

Anne had already been used to that look from Cherry, so she looked her back calmly.

"It has nothing to do with her. I hurt my hand by myself." While casting a cold glance at Anne, Kevin denied.

Cherry was a little surprised that Kevin spoke for Anne. She became more dissatisfied and looked at Anne with a more vicious look.

God knew what Anne had done to make Kevin change his attitude. It seemed that she had underestimated her cousin.

"Kevin, I'll bind up your wound first. Look at your hand. It's bleeding." Cherry didn't want Anne to appear in front of Kevin, so she pulled him and was about to leave.

The two of them walked out hand in hand. Hearing that, Anne withdrew her gaze and felt a sharp pain in her heart.

Just then, when she couldn't control her emotions, she almost showed concern for him.

If she really showed it, he would think that she was pretending. It was better to keep indifferent.

When he arrived at the door, Kevin stopped and looked back at Anne with a complicated look in his eyes.

Noticing the change in Kevin's attitude towards Anne, Cherry became anxious and wanted to know what had happened just then.


Cherry called his name in a low voice, with grievance in her beautiful eyes.

Kevin frowned irritably, but still showed a spoiled look. He smiled at her, took her hand and left.

Silence returned to the room, but Anne's heart was still unable to calm down. All she could think about was the moment when Kevin hit the wall with his hand.

He had used a lot of strength in that punch. How angry was he to vent his anger like that.

After a sleepless night, Anne got up again with two dark puffiness under her eyes.

After a few days of rest, she was almost recovered and decided to go to work.

It was better to work than to face Cherry's plotting every day in the villa.

As soon as she walked out of the villa, Kevin's red Ferrari stopped in front of her, just blocking her way.

While frowning slightly, Anne didn't want to argue with him, so she decided to bypass him.

"Get in the car!" Kevin's domineering voice came from behind.

Anne stopped and turned around to look at him with some dissatisfaction.

"Why sho

ed many people's attention.

"What's going on? How did she get out of the CEO's car? The sun is rising from the west?"

"Yes, Mr. Fu hates her, doesn't he? How could he let her take his car? Is the relationship between the two going to change? "

The employees in the company whispered and kept guessing what had happened, because it was a scoop that Anne could take the car of Kevin.

Anne had been used to being discussed by others, so she could still keep calm on her face.

When she turned around and was about to enter the company building, Anne heard Kevin's deep and magnetic voice again.

"Wait for me here after work. I'll wait for you to go back together." He couldn't stand the fact that she had to take subway during her pregnancy anymore.

Although he knew that this woman didn't deserve to be cared, he still couldn't control himself.

"No, thanks. I'll go back by myself. And your Cherry will be very unhappy if she knows it."

Anne didn't want to cause any more trouble for herself.

Cherry was a person who would definitely took revenge for the smallest grievance. If she saw her take Kevin' car back, Anne didn't know what vicious method her cousin would come up with to deal with herself.

She was still pregnant and didn't have much energy to deal with her. She just wanted to live a quiet life for a few days.

"There are so many people on the subway. If something happens to the baby, can you be responsible for it? You have no right to refuse, "

Kevin, who had never been rejected, was rejected two times in the morning, which made him very unhappy.

Anne looked at him with dissatisfaction. It seemed that he was becoming more and more overbearing. Didn't he consider Cherry's feelings? Didn't he care about his sweetheart the most?

"I see." Anne replied lightly. It was useless no matter what she said.

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