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   Chapter 61 Sarcasm

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He carefully examined Anne and told her that the baby was in good condition. Then he left after giving her a few suggestions.

When Sam came downstairs, Kevin was still in the living room.

Sam went downstairs, nodded at him and left.

Kevin ignored him and stared at him coldly.

In this villa, as long as she went out, Anne could see the two people who kept showing off their love. Her mood would become worse, so she could only stay in the room.

The sound of door opening came. With a slight smile on her face, Anne looked at the door.

"Why are you back? Have you forgotten something?"

The smile on Anne's face froze as soon as she finished her words, because the person who came in was not Sam, but Kevin.

Anne pulled a long face and asked coldly, "What are you doing here?"

"Why are you so disappointed to see me?" With a gloomy face, Kevin looked at Anne coldly and said in a sarcastic and jealous tone.

Damn it! She was smiling just then. She pulled a long face as soon as she saw him. She didn't want to see him so much!

"You know it, don't you? Why do you come to my room? Or did your sweetheart pretend to be pitiful in front of you again? "

Anne fought back coldly, and her tone was full of sarcasm.

She felt sick at the thought that Cherry deliberately framed her up that day and pretended to be pitiful.

What was wrong with Kevin's mind that he believed a double-faced woman like Cherry?

"Do you think all women are as scheming as you? You will never be as kind as 1/10000 of Cherry! " He stared at Anne coldly and said something hurtful.

Hearing Anne sarcastic words towards Cherry, Kevin was really annoyed. She was still trying to sow dissension between them.

Anne had heard such hurtful words for countless times, and she could keep her countenance.

She had been devastated for a long time and didn't care about his compensation. Anyway, she had no hope for him anymore.

"Since you are not here to settle accounts with me, please go out. I don't want to see you!" There was no expression on her face, and her tone was unprecedentedly cold.

"If you don't want to see me, who do you want to see? Sam? !"

His long and narrow eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a chill in his black eyes. Anne could clearly feel that the temperature around him had dropped several degrees.

"It's none of your business! Please get out! "

Anne felt a little confused. What was wrong with this man? Who she wanted to see had nothing to do with him.

"None of my business? Anne Luo, don't forget that you are still my wife! "

It had nothing to do with him? How dare she talk to him in such a tone!

"After I give birth to the baby, we will have nothing to do with each other

ightening his teeth. If this woman was not pregnant then, he would definitely beat her up.

"If you are not afraid of hurting my baby, do as you like!"

Anne shrugged her shoulders and looked calm.

She knew that even for the sake of the baby, Kevin would not do anything to her.

After all, he was the last person that wanted any accident happened to this child. As long as the child was safely born, he could completely get rid of herself.

With a loud bang, Kevin swept the table lamp at hand to the ground.

He hit the wall and the glass shattered to the ground, and the back of his hand also became bruised.

His anger shocked Anne. When she saw the back of his injured hand, her heart twitched slightly.

Kevin stared at Anne coldly as if he was going to kill her.

Hearing the noise, Cherry opened the door and came in. She thought there was something wrong with Anne and wanted to be an audience, but she didn't expect that Kevin was in her room.

"Kevin, why are you here? What happened just now?" Cherry walked over quickly and pretended to be anxious.

Kevin still kept a straight face and didn't say anything. He just stared at Anne.

Seeing that Kevin had been looking at Anne, Cherry glared at her with her vicious eyes, and then looked at Kevin again.

She couldn't help exclaiming when she saw his injured hand.

"Kevin, why did you get hurt? What happened? " When holding up his hand, Cherry felt sorry for Kevin and shed tears.

Hot tears fell on the back of his hand, and Kevin came to his senses.

"Don't cry. It's just a minor wound." Gently wiping Cherry's tears, Kevin felt sorry for her.

"I really feel sorry for you when I see you get hurt..." Tears streamed down her cheeks.

Kevin was moved by Cherry's distressed look. Only Anne knew that she was pretending.

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