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   Chapter 58 Showing Off

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Since Kevin ordered her to stay, Anne had no other choice but to obey.

Anne seemed a little irritable while sitting in the bed. If she stayed, she would have to face the two of them showing off their love every day.

Her heart was not made of stone. It hurt to see the man she loved holding another woman in his arms.

He had never chosen to believe her. She was his legitimate wife, but she was the redundant person here.

It was almost a sleepless night. When she woke up on the second day, Anne found that there were a pair of big dark puffiness under her eyes.

The wound on her ankle was almost swollen, and it was not as painful as before.

When she came downstairs to have breakfast, Anne thought she would see these two showing off their love, but this time she only saw Cherry. Kevin was not here.

Anne frowned and walked towards the table step by step, without looking at Cherry.

In fact, when she went downstairs, Cherry had already noticed her. At the moment, there was a disdainful sneer in the beautiful eyes of Cherry.

"Anne? Didn't you sleep well last night? Why are there two dark puffiness under your eyes? Aren't you used to living here?"

Cherry acted as if she was the hostess here.

While looking at her indifferently, Anne said coldly.

"This is also my home. How can I not get used to living here? But cousin, since I am here, did you sleep well last night?"

Anne knew that Cherry tried to create a conflict between her and Kevin, and that Cherry was afraid that Kevin would keep her around.

She must be very unhappy when she lived here last night.

"How could it be? You're my cousin who is still pregnant with a child of Kevin. It's convenient for me to take care of you if you live here."

With a fake smile on her face, Cherry took it for granted and spoke in a tone that Anne seemed to be a completely outsider.

"Thank you so much, cousin. I'd like to express my gratitude in advance for that."

With a snort of disdain, Anne ignored her and continued to eat her breakfast.

Cherry frowned, and the hatred in her beautiful eyes flashed, but in an instant, a smile appeared on her face again.

"Anne, look at my bracelet. Is it beautiful? This is a gift from Kevin. Its name is Lifetime Love. I didn't expect him to care about me so much. "

Cherry looked at the diamond bracelet on her wrist and sneered complacently.

She knew that Anne liked Kevin. That was why she wanted to see the sad face of her cousin.

While taking a cold glance at the diamond bracelet on Cherry's wrist, Anne felt like her heart was stabbed again.

That bracelet was really beautiful, and its name was also beautiful, Lifetime Love. Cherry must be the love of Kevin for his whole life, while she was nothing.

"It's fine as long as you think it's beautiful!"

Even though

Kevin ordered.

She vomited after seeing the braised pork. She couldn't stand too greasy things.

"Okay, I'll tell the servants in the kitchen later." Cherry responded in a low voice, clenching her fists.

But why Kevin suddenly became so concerned about Anne that day, which made her panic and hate her more.

Since Anne had his baby, Kevin had changed his attitude towards her a lot. Cherry was afraid that if things went on like this, Kevin would be taken away.


While lying on the toilet, Anne almost vomited her stomach up. She felt terrible.

Anne stood up, rinsed her mouth with cold water, smoothed her messy hair and walked out.

When she was back at the table, Anne didn't want to see the braised pork in her bowl. She didn't know why she couldn't help vomiting when she saw such greasy food.

As if he had seen through her emotion, Kevin picked up the braised pork in her bowl and threw it directly into the trash can beside him.

After seeing that the braised pork thrown into the trash can, Cherry's face froze and her heart seemed to be stung by something.

He actually threw the food she picked up directly into the trash can, not caring about her feelings at all.

"Since you can't eat greasy food, then eat something light." Anne raised her eyes in surprise and looked into his calm eyes. Then she lowered her head again.

Although she knew that he did all these for the sake of her child, she still couldn't help but expect that he would care about her a little bit.

Cherry stared at Anne coldly with her vicious eyes. If eyes could kill people, Anne didn't know how many times she had died.

Anne looked up indifferently and didn't want to argue with her, so she focused on eating again.

Although she still felt uncomfortable in her stomach, fortunately, Anne only ate some plain dishes and didn't vomit as much as before.

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