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   Chapter 45 It's Not About Money

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Alan looked up with hatred. "What? You don't want to accept this commission?"

The man raised his head slightly. The brim of his hat was a little higher, so Alan could see half of his face clearly. What kind of face it was? The crisscross scars on his dark face could only be described in terrible words.

Even though he saw this face, Alan couldn't help but take a step back.

The expression on his face changed slightly. He plucked up his courage and continued, "Well, I'll give you fifty million after it's done."

"Mr. Sun, it's not about money." Perhaps this man was satisfied how his appearance frightened Alan. Then, he immediately lowered his head and his voice was full of gloom. "You should know that we can't afford to offend Kevin."

Alan certainly knew their reason. He couldn't afford to offend Kevin, but he understood that money could make the mare go.

"How about eighty million?" Alan impatiently took out a check from his pocket and handed it to the man, "Here is fifty million. After it is done, I will give you another thirty million."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Sun. We can't take this business. You can ask someone else for help." The man lowered the brim of his hat and returned the documents in his hand to Alan, preparing to leave.

As soon as he lifted her foot, he heard Alan's words.

"Well, if you leave now, I will expose what you have done before to the public."

A sinister smile appeared on Alan's face. Looking at the man's back, which was a little stiff, he continued, "You don't want your family to know that, do you?"

The man didn't expect that Alan would do this. He was stunned. He turned his back to Alan and asked with a gloomy face, "What do you want?"

In the past, Alan wouldn't threaten others with such a dirty three trick, but then he actually threatened him. It seemed that Alan was really pissed off by Anne.

"I just want you to make a car accident for me."

It would be best if he could kill Anne. If he couldn't, she deserved to be disabled. As long as he could get justice for Sara, Alan was willing to pay no matter how much money he had.

"A car accident?" The man's body trembled. "Do you want her to die?"

"It's not that serious." Alan narrowed her eyes and said viciously, "I will be satisfied as long as your car hits her and cripples her."

The man lowered his head and kept silent for a long time.

"What? As long as you nod, the check of fifty million will belong to you. "

Alan approached the man and put the check into his pocket. "I know you are always efficient. I'll wait for your news."

After saying that, Alan tidied up his clothes and left the rooftop.

It took the man a long time to raise his head and look at the direction Alan left. He took out the check in his pocket, looked at the number on the check and finally made up his mind.

In the Fu Family's Villa

When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the familiar ceiling. Then he looked around and fou

Anne shook her head, "I'm fine. Don't worry about me. It's a nice day today. You should go shopping. "

It was not a good idea for Emily to always be with her. Emily should have a personal life. But because of her, Emily had been with her almost all the time these days, and even stayed in the hospital at night.

This made Anne feel a little guilty.

"How could I go shopping alone?" Speaking of this, Emily felt a little sad. She shook her head and threw these negative thoughts out of her mind. "By the way, I heard that there was a cold rain in the South Pole yesterday. The arctic bear is so pitiful."

As soon as Emily finished her words, Anne burst into laughter.

"What are you laughing at?"

Emily wanted to change the topic, but she didn't expect that Anne would suddenly laugh? But when Anne smiled, Emily felt that the whole world was sunny.

It took a long time for Anne to hold back her smile. She raised her hand and pointed at Emily's forehead with her slender finger. "Are you talking nonsense again?"

"Of course not!" Emily blinked her eyes and said, "It's true. I just watched the news yesterday!"

"Really?" "Arctic bears are in the North Pole, and there are only penguins in the South Pole." Anne laughed.

This girl even made up a wrong news, and it was tens of thousands miles away.

"How could it be?" Emily frowned and said in disbelief, "Oh my God! Is there only penguins in the South Pole? But I remember that arctic bears have always been with the penguin!"

"Well, you can go back and check it yourself!"

She was in a better mood inexplicably. She really wanted to thank Emily for her good sense of humor. Anne looked into the distance and saw many children in hospital clothes kicking on the green grass. They seemed to be very happy.

She walked towards that direction involuntarily. By the time Emily realized what had happened, Anne had already walked far away.

Emily rushed over and shouted, "Wait for me, Anne-"

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