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   Chapter 44 I Won't Help Her

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"What do I mean? I just want to ask you. " In fact, Roy knew a little about the inside story, but he also knew Kevin's temper. As long as he didn't believe it, nothing else mattered.

Kevin looked at him coldly, "Yes, I believe that."

He believed that Anne was capable of anything. He had planned to give her a chance to turn over a new leaf, but she exposed her tail so soon. He really thought highly of her.

Roy raised his eyebrows and nodded.

Well, he really didn't need to say anything. Kevin was stubborn. It was useless to say anything more.

"Would you like to have a drink?"

Kevin said calmly, "Whatever. Where?"

"'Saints' Bar? Are you going?" Roy stood up, "See you at eight o'clock tonight."

Kevin appeared in the bar on time. Roy knew that Roy didn't like noisy and crowded places, so he booked a private room.

At the same time, Roy also invited some of their buddies to have a good time.

When Kevin entered the room, it was quiet suddenly, and everyone's eyes fell on Kevin.

They had no choice. He was the protagonist. If he didn't come, no one dared to become the focus.

"Kevin is here!"

Cheers and screams, as if all the depression before was for that moment.

Kevin sat down next to Roy. Roy opened a bottle of beer and pushed it to Kevin. "Wanna a drink?"

"I don't want to drink beer today. Give me champagne."

In fact, Kevin didn't drink beer all the time. He only drank champagne by occasions.

Roy nodded and snapped his fingers. A waiter immediately came forward and served champagne.

The golden liquid slowly rose in transparent goblets. The golden bubbles exploded one by one until Kevin drank all the champagne.

"Do you want to drink with such a rush?"

Unlike other bars, "Saints" Bar was exclusive to high-end people. And the atmosphere here was also very good. The air was filled with the fragrance of all kinds of alcohol, and the music add on a soft ambience.

The light was always so soft that people could dance on the spot at any time.

The room was big enough to hold dozens of celebrities' party there. But that night, only five people were invited, including Roy himself and Kevin, five in total.

"Aren't we here for drinking?"

Kevin didn't want to talk too much. He just wanted to drink. Only by drinking could he calm down his restless emotions.

"Are you worried about my sister-in-law?"

Roy knew that Kevin must be worried about this matter, or this calm man wouldn't have drunk so much. It had been so many years since they knew each other, but Roy had never seen Kevin drink so hard.

"Don't mention her to me." He was not worried about her, but hating her. He hated her for letting him down again and again. He had accepted her little by little, but she was so impatient and disappointed him

Sara grew up abroad, and Alan seldom met her. But Alan loved Sara very much.

Normally, as long as Alan had time, he would go abroad to see Sara. The relationship between them was very deep.

Then when Sara finally came back, such a thing happened. Moreover, this matter had something to do with Anne.

Therefore, Alan would not let go of Anne!

Clenching his fists, Alan turned around and said, "Mom, don't worry. I won't let that woman live a good life!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he took out his phone and began to make a phone call.

On the top floor of Sun Group, Alan stood against the wind. He had been standing on the rooftop for a long time. Looking down at the buildings of the whole city, a bloodthirsty smile appeared on his face.

"Boss, the person you are looking for has arrived."

The Secretary's voice came from behind. Alan didn't turn around, but said softly, "Okay, I know. Let him come up."

"Mr. Sun."

It was a dull man's voice. Alan finally turned around and looked at him, "You are here."

"Yes, is the information about the person you want to get rid of ready?"

The man's face was hidden under the hat. He had a face of medium size and wore a huge hat. From the point of view of Alan, only the tightly pursed lips were seen.

"Yes, all the information is here." Alan took out a kraft file bag from behind and threw it to the man.

The man raised his hand and took the document.

Casting a sidelong glance at Alan, the man opened the material in his hand and took out a photo from it. He frowned at the first sight of the photo.

"This woman looks familiar."

Yes, Anne was very famous. She was the wife of Kevin. Although she was not loved by Kevin, she was still a member of the Fu Family. No one would dare to make trouble for her without a good reason.

"Yes, she is Kevin's wife, Anne Luo."

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