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   Chapter 42 The Cold-blooded Woman

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Especially when Cherry knelt down and cried. Emily was afraid and irritable.

"Miss, we don't blame you. It's not your fault. You don't have to kneel down to us!"

Linda Sun was a reasonable woman. After hearing Cherry's words and seeing that the lady sincerely apologized and knelt down, she naturally couldn't blame her.

But when her eyes fell on Anne, it was not that simple.

"Is she your cousin?"

With the help of Craig Sun, Linda Sun walked to the front of Anne. They looked old but energetic.

What happened that day was a heavy blow to them, and there were a few vicissitudes on their faces.

"What did our daughter do to you? How could you do this to her?"

In the face of the questioning of the old couple, Anne was no longer so calm. She stood up and looked straight into the eyes of them.

Then, she said in a deep voice, "Mrs. Sun, I didn't touch Sara. I swear!"

She looked so calm and powerful when she spoke. However, Linda Sun was on the verge of collapse and couldn't care whether what Anne said was true or not.

But Craig Sun was still a sensible man. He nodded, looked at Anne and said, "Miss, I believe you won't do that. When the operation is over, everything will be clear."

"Thank you." Anne moved her feet and made room for the two elders.

At first, Linda Sun was also very agitated, but after comforted by Craig Sun, she finally calmed down. She sat on the chair with dull eyes, waiting for the end of the operation.

Cherry didn't expect that Anne could solve this problem in a few words. She looked at Anne in shock. It was incredible.

Emily was finally relieved. She patted her chest and said, "Oh my God, I was so scared. I thought they would hit you!"

"How could it be?" Anne shook her head, "Don't think too much. Does Kevin know we are here?"

"Yes." Emily nodded. "I called Sam when I came here. They should be arriving soon."

At this critical moment, the first person that came to Emily's mind was Sam. She was really afraid that something bad would happen, so she couldn't help crying when she called Sam.

Hearing Emily crying so sadly, Sam knew the seriousness of the matter and called Kevin immediately.

"Okay." Anne nodded. She leaned against the wall, staring at the operation lamp that was always on. She couldn't help but put her hands together. She hoped that Sara would be fine.

Emily was right. Although she didn't push Sara down, it had something to do with them. In particular, if she hadn't moved aside at that time, perhaps it wouldn't have been Sara who fell down.

But in that case, she would fall down.

Anne touched her abdomen and smiled bitterly. If it weren't for the baby, she would rather be the one who had rolled down.

"Humph, don't be complacent." Anne didn't notice when Cherry had already stood beside her. "If something really happens t

d and anger in his eyes!

But all these were out of her consideration. All she could think about then was Sara's domineering face.

She couldn't imagine such an arrogant girl lying in the bed forever.

"Kevin, what should we do? It's all my fault!"

After hearing the news, Cherry cried even harder. She held Kevin tightly and trembled.

"I shouldn't have gone shopping with her. If I hadn't gone shopping with her, I wouldn't have met Anne and an accident wouldn't have happened. It's all my fault!"

Cherry cried as she spoke out her guilt. Kevin, on the other hand, just looked at Anne without saying a word.

Anne knew that Cherry's words had made Kevin believe her lie totally.

Needless to say, Kevin must think that Sara was pushed down by Anne. When she was quarreling with Sara, her beastliness was triggered, so she pushed Sara down and made her in a vegetative state.

And after all this happened, she could still be like nothing had happened, even without any tears shed.

Her expressionless face made everyone feel that she was very cold-blooded.

"Anne." Sam knew that Anne wasn't that kind of person. She was a person who didn't even want to kill an ant. How could she do such a thing?

And judging from the indifferent look on Anne's face, he had a rough idea about what was going on.

While raising her eyes, Anne asked, "What?"

"Don't worry. With the current medical technology, the vegetable will wake up one day."

Sam was comforting Anne, but it seemed that Anne didn't need any comfort at all. "I know."

She was very calm, terribly calm. What happened in the hospital didn't affect her mood at all.

"Really? Will she really wake up? "

The moment she heard the doctor's words, Emily was choked with sobs. She really didn't want Sara to become like that, though she hated Sara very much, who shouldn't have been thrown into a vegetative state!

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