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   Chapter 41 Falling Into A Vegetative State

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"Anne Luo, stop!"

Sara's voice came from behind again. Anne frowned and stopped in front of the elevator.

Emily hadn't vented her anger yet. While seeing that Sara turned back to look for them again, she said angrily, "Well, she dares to come back!"

Anne subtly turned sideways and said in a low voice, "Emily, don't worry about her!"

After saying that, she walked forward again, ignoring Sara behind her.

Seeing that Anne ignored her, how could Sara not be angry? She trotted to the back of Anne, grabbed Emily's hand and directly slapped Emily.

"Are you crazy?"

Emily didn't expect that Sara would slap her so quickly. Before she could react, Sara had already took action.

Moreover, Sara shouted louder and her strength was naturally greater than moments ago!


When Sara was about to slap Emily for the second time, Anne stepped forward and pulled Emily behind herself.

Emily seemed to be stunned. She stood still and didn't know how to react.

Anne raised her hand and slapped back on Sara's face.

Cherry, who followed behind, was stunned when she heard the sound. What did she see? She saw Anne raise her hand to hit Sara?

"Ah! ! !" With a series of screams, being beaten by Emily previously had been the last thing Sara could bear. Then she was beaten by Anne again, which was a shame for her.

She clenched her fists and stamped her feet. Without thinking too much, she stretched out her hands and tried to push Anne to the ground.

But she didn't get the chance. Anne dodged her attack easily. However, Sara didn't expect that because of her great strength, she rushed forward out of inertia and directly into the elevator.


With a scream, Sara disappeared in front of everyone.

Seeing that, Anne's heart missed a beat, and Emily gasped for a breath, either. No one knew what had happened, and Cherry was the first to react. She quickly ran to the elevator and saw Sara rolling to the bottom of the elevator.

At the end of the elevator, there was already blood red.

Anne forgot how to breathe. Emily also became nervous unconsciously, and she pulled the corner of Anne's clothes, with her hands and feet cold.

"Oh my God! Sara! Sara! Anne, you pushed Sara down the elevator! "

Cherry rushed down, surrounded by a group of people, who were discussing heatedly, but no one called an ambulance.

No, it wasn't her! Anne shook her head. How could it be her? She didn't touch Sara at all!

"Anne, what should we do?"

Emily didn't know what to do. She knew they would fight that day, but she didn't know such an accident would happen!

Staring at the blood red pool not far away, Anne said in a trembling voice, "Emily, call him!"

Of course, Emily knew what Anne meant. She didn't have time to feel afraid then. S

. How could she say that she was pushed down by Anne?

At this critical moment, even if she was afraid, Emily couldn't help but stand up. She wanted to confront Cherry, but her body was pulled by Anne.

"Emily, let her."

"But Anne, she was framing you!"

Anne had already been used to Cherry's plots, hadn't she? At this time, Cherry would definitely pour all the dirty water on her.

"Do you think this woman pushed down our Sara?"

After listening to Cherry's words, Linda Sun immediately looked at Anne, who was sitting next to her. When she saw Anne, she was really anxious and angry.

Her daughter had gone too far, but the culprit was still sitting here calmly.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Sun. Anne didn't mean to do that. I apologize to you on behalf of her!"

Cherry shouted, grabbed Linda Sun's hand and knelt down. The loud noise shocked Emily.

What was Cherry doing? She was really good at performing!

Unable to hold back her anger, Emily pulled away Anne's hand, ran to Linda Sun and explained, "Mrs. Sun, it's not like that. Your daughter, Sara rolled down by herself, instead of being pushed by Anne!"

Cherry knew that Emily would definitely come out to talk at that time. Without hesitation, she cried out again.

"Emily, I know you want to speak for Anne, but it has happened. Anne can't deny it! Mrs. Sun, I beg you to forgive Anne. She really didn't expect such a thing to happen! "

"Cherry, how can you lie like that?" Emily was so anxious that she was about to cry. "I know you hate Anne, but can you talk nonsense about this kind of thing?"

She was so anxious. When she turned around, she saw Anne sitting there as if it was none of her business.

Emily was so anxious that she didn't know what to do. Seeing that Linda Sun seemed to believe Cherry's words, she couldn't say a word, even though she wanted to explain.

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