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   Chapter 40 Fight Storm

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"What are you laughing at?"

Hearing Anne's smile, Sara stared at Anne and seemed to be a little annoyed.

She hated this kind of smile the most, not to mention that it appeared on the face of the person she looked down upon. How could she not be angry?

The angrier Sara was, the happier Cherry became, which proved that her goal had been achieved. As long as Sara hated Anne, Anne wouldn't live a good life later. Cherry finally didn't have to fight alone!

Anne shook her head and put on an indifferent face again.

"Nothing. I suddenly thought of something funny, so I laughed!"

"You are so annoying!" Pissed off by Anne, Sara was so angry that she gritted her teeth and wanted to slap her.

Fortunately, Emily was sharp-sighted and agile. She immediately stepped forward and stood in front of Anne to protect her from the coming slap.

"Emily!" Anne was stunned at the crisp sound of a slap resounded through her ears. Looking at the thin body in front of her, Anne tightened her eyes, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Emily reached out and touched her face. She had never been slapped in her face since her childhood. Sara had gone too far.

"Are you insane?"

Finally, Emily couldn't stand it anymore. She had been in a good mood, and then it was all ruined. Well, since this woman wanted to make trouble, she was willing to play as well.

When she was about to fight back, the shop assistants around her couldn't stand it anymore and hurried to stop Sara.

"I'm sorry, ladies. Could you please talk things over?"

"Fuck off!" Ruth glared at the shop assistant. Then who else dared to speak. Sara turned around and looked at Anne with her sharp eyes. "If I don't give you a hard lesson today, I won't follow the family name Sun!"

As soon as she finished speaking, she had pulled up her arm and was about to slap Anne.

Anne frowned, but she didn't resist Ruth's action.

Seeing this scene, Cherry was very happy, but she still had to pretend. If something really happened to Anne, Kevin would definitely come to ask the shop assistant for the details.

At that time, she was not afraid that no one would speak for her.

"What are you doing? Let go of Anne! "

Seeing that Sara wanted to take action against Anne, Emily was frightened. If something really happened to Anne, she would blame herself for the rest of her life.

"Sara, don't be so impulsive! Let go! " Cherry pulled Sara's hand and tried to stop her.

But seeing saw Cherry's reaction, Sara got angrier.

"Cherry, don't worry about me. I know you have suffered a lot these years. Today I will help you teach this bitch a lesson!"

Sara gripped Anne's wrist with all her strength, and her other arm was grasped by Emily. She couldn't take any action, so she could only cur

love Kevin, I don't have a position in his heart."

Sara gritted her teeth and said, "Why do you still put up with her? I just can't stand her arrogance. She has always been like this since childhood. No matter how we bully her, she is expressionless, as if she is very lofty! "

Cherry sneered in her heart. Well, then Sara must hate Anne very much. So she just needed be an audience of the show.

To be honest, she was also very angry with what Anne had said to her today. 'Anne, how dare you threaten me with Kevin? It's really annoying, ' she thought.

"Then what can we do? She has a special identity now. We can't do anything about it! "

"No way!" Sara said angrily, "I must give her a hard time today! I'll help you vent your anger! "

After saying that, Sara walked back in her sharp high-heeled shoes. Cherry didn't know what she was going to do and followed her.

"What are you up to, Sara? No, we can't beat her. What if Kevin knows about it? "

The more Cherry said like that, the angrier Sara became. She walked forward aggressively like a wind, "Let me tell you, if I don't give that bitch a hard lesson today, I won't be called Sara Sun. I've already disliked her for a long time!"

She walked very fast to the shop. The shop assistant shivered with fear when she saw Sara came back.

"Miss Sun, why are you back?"

"What? I can't come back? " She looked around arrogantly and didn't see Anne.

"Of course you can." The shop assistant lowered her head and trembled. Who knew what was wrong with the rich lady?

"Where is Anne Luo?"

Sara was so angry that she couldn't find Anne.

The shop assistant didn't dare to answer, but she subconsciously glanced at the direction where Anne had just left. Sara was so smart that she followed her gaze and looked into the distance. As expected, she saw Anne's figure.

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