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   Chapter 39 An Accident

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Sara was a simple and innocent girl.

But she had been spoiled since childhood, so she looked down upon Anne from the beginning. Then, of course, she felt that only people who were worthy of her identity could be her friends.

Cherry was different. Although the Ye Clan was not very rich, it was better than those who lived under others' roof! What's more, Cherry has always been liked by Kevin. Just by this alone, she was enough to become a friend of Sara.

"Ha ha, you are still so lively!" Cherry smiled naturally. She must get along well with the woman in front of her, otherwise, who would help her to deal with Anne later?

Of course, she didn't expect that God was so kind to her. In less than twenty minutes after they met, she had seen Anne walking from afar.

No one knew what medicine Kevin had taken these days. He just got up this morning and he had prepared breakfast for Anne.

It was said that he got up early and cooked by himself. Anne was confused, but she didn't think about it after saying "thank you".

Before he went out, he called Emily to accompany her and gave her a black card, asking her to go shopping and buy something casually.

She didn't know why he did that, but since he had done it, why not accept it.

Anne was quite satisfied with Kevin's performance these days.

Emily could tell that Anne was in a good mood today. "Anne, you seem to be in a good mood today!"

Emily teased, feeling happy for her.

Anne turned around and looked back, "Really? I think you are in a good mood too! "

That day, Emily was also very different from before. From the time they went out to then, the smile on her face did not decrease at all. She must have encountered something.

"Of course not!" Emily turned her face away, with two unnatural blushes on her cheeks.

Seeing her like this, Anne naturally knew the general situation in her heart. She smiled and said, "Well, you have blushed, but you still want to hide it from me! Did you meet someone you like? "

She had always treated Emily as her sister, so she had guessed what she was thinking. But this little girl had never mentioned anything to her, so it was not easy for her to guess.

"Of course not. Well, don't talk about me. Talk about you." Emily looked at Anne mischievously and asked tentatively, "Did Mr. Fu cook porridge for you last night?"

"How do you know?" Anne wore an unusual expression. She was quite embarrassed and still not used to what Kevin had done for her.

Emily stuck out her tongue and said naughtily, "Is that obvious? It was so late last night. He called me and asked me to help him find the hotel manager! "

"I see." Anne looked downward. It turned out that he really cared about her, or he wouldn't have gotten up to make breakfast for her this morning.

When she saw him busy in the kitchen in an apron, she was

she stood in front of Anne and said arrogantly, "Anne, I remember that you were not like this before. You would never hide behind others no matter what happened. What's wrong with you now?"

Anne rolled her eyes slightly, looked up and said, "Since so many years have passed, people will change finally."

With a calm tone, she did not have much reaction to Sara's ridicule. On the contrary, she acted very indifferent, as if what happened in front of her was not a big deal.

"How could you talk to me so calmly?" Sara frowned. Although Anne didn't have much reaction, she could still feel a strong aura from her.

In fact, Anne was a woman in low status, but when Anne stood there and talked to her expressionlessly, Sara would feel a kind of pressure.

Anne looked at Sara quietly, and then smiled, "Or what? What tone do you want me to talk to you, Miss Sun? "

"You..." Sara didn't expect that Anne would be so indifferent. Anne talk to her in a neither humble nor pushy way. Sara was angry, but didn't know what to do.

She clenched her fists and looked at the woman in front of her. There were one thousand or ten thousand dissatisfaction in her heart.

She hadn't seen Anne for so many years. She had thought that she could still sneer her when they met. But when she really saw Anne, she found that Anne had changed too much.

Anne had been another person totally with her appearance and temperament changed tremendously.

Sara used to say whatever she wanted, but then she couldn't do it in face of Anne's indifferent face.

"Sara, are you okay?"

Sara was pissed off by Anne. Cherry smiled and immediately returned to her usual appearance. She stood beside Sara and held her, "Don't lower yourself to the same level as Anne. She always has the temper."

What Cherry said made Anne burst into laughter. What did Cherry mean by saying that? Then what about Anne's temper?

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